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Hwoarang’s gameplan is centered on constant flurry of strings which chips at the opponent’s lifebar; robbing them of their turn as they are forced to react to the next mixup over and over again. DF3+4 = 60 DMG (Medium), 4.) 1.) 97 damages Backturn Left Flamingo Stance (BT LFS), Backturn Left Flamingo Stance can only be accessed via FoxStep and is the best option to go to for running away from your opponent.

Being left in a null situation (0 on block) is something you should learn to live as it is not that bad for Hwoarang. RFF 21 is to keep your opponent in place at 0 on block creating a null situation.

Hwoarang can remain in Right Flamingo Stance by holding/pressing up,down,left,& right. l  1+2 Disrespect is what it is as Hwoarang turns his back to his opponent.

This might as well be the best Power Crush in the game because it is a high move that tailspins an opponent on hit for a minimum of 70+ combo damage, is +4 on block, and has absurd recovery on whiff as Hwoarang transitions back to Left Foot Forward. If you don’t input forward or back Hwoarang will remain in Right Foot Forward with different frames (-7 on lock and +1 on hit). For this case RFS 1 will keep them in place in exchange for being slightly minus on frames. Losing the +8~10 on block frame advantage really hurts Hwoarang as this is one of the fastest get off me tools Hwoarang has in his small defensive arsenal. The added buff powercrush is huge in intimidating the opponent into not pressing buttons as you close the distance at them and bring their backs closer to the wall.

Copyright © 1996-2020 GamerID Network LLC. l  LFS+3,4 is one of the essential strings in the Left Flamingo Stance as it transitions to Right Flamingo Stance.

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There really isn’t much the opponent can do on block if they fail to duck the 2nd hit and much more on hit as Hwoarang transitions to Right Flamingo Stance. It is a mid homing move that has a guaranteed follow up in FF+3 and B+3.

The main purpose of this move is to check the opponent’s reactions mainly to see if they are ducking. There are over 100 different movements in the Hwoarang movelist.

Just 3,3,3 it has a guaranteed follow up in F+3~N+3. UF+343 = 59 DMG (Easy), 3.)

Hwoarang will be left in Left Foot Forward after this move connects creating opportunities to bait your opponent or continue pressuring with jabs to let them know it is plus on block. It is also starts up faster at 19 frames although the recovery on hit has been decreased by 5 frames meaning no more backlash combos. l  LFS B+1 is also accessible in Left Flamingo Stance giving Hwoarang the option to evade an opponent’s attack and occasionally dodge Rage Arts when in Left Flamingo Stance. Hwoarang transitions to Right Flamingo Stance from this move.


This move is best suited for extending combos to get the wall, get close enough to the wall to do UF3+4 to wall splat the opponent to the wall, or high wall splat opponents into the wall for massive damage. You can even punish strings that end in highs like Devil Jin’s WS+2,4. Once they start side stepping again RFF DF+3 will come back into play. This is because Hwoarang does not just have access to Right Foot Forward moves but a few Left Foot Forward moves as well (DF+2 | DF+1 | DF1+2 | DB+4 | U3+4 | UF3+4 | D+3,4 | JFSR to name a few). If you would still like to press buttons I suggest RFF B+4 as it crushes highs or Backlash if your opponent uses a slower move. This move is completely safe on block (-9) and nets +13kg on hit but due to pushback on block and on hit, the opponent is out of range to make use of such beautiful plus frames. These fifteen moves should be used in rotation and it should be enough to control space, approach, and pressure the opposing player. #1614

Backlash S! LFS 3,4 is duckable | LFS 3,3 -14 on block | LFS 3,F is only +3 on block which means a down jab will interrupt most options and once you show that you’ll make use of the low crushing options a simple DF+1 will freeze you. UF+34 2F4 S!

This simply means you’ll be hit out of Left Flamingo Stance.

–      F+4 RFS2 RFF F+3 LFS F+3 LFS 3F+4.

, 3+4 RFF , 2 4 3, Requires #SEASON PASS 3 UPDATE

This is what makes Hwoarang a pseudo mishima in disguise as he was given his own hell sweep in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution.

This manually transitions Hwoarang to Backturn Right Foot Forward.

l  DF+2 is Hwoarang’s 15 frame launcher that is safe on block and has a funky hitbox. Defense is a major problem for Hwoarang and that’s what these move attempt to remedy but they don’t do a great job.

Now if they will duck doesn’t that make this move completely useless once I get in their face as I am in Right Foot Forward?

It is definitely a low risk high reward type of move and something you should throw out a  couple of times to see if your opponent is too concerned with RFS D+3,4. 85 damages, b 3 , f 4 , RFS , b 4 , dash , f 2 , RFF , 3 , LFF , u/f 3+4, Requires #SEASON PASS 3 UPDATE l  RFF 3~4 or better known as Backlash is in contention for the best Power Crush in the game and rightfully so as it a high move that tailspins an opponent on hit for a minimum of 70+ combo damage, is +4 on block, has absurd recovery on whiff as Hwoarang transitions back to Left Foot Forward, and can be used a cheese strat when you are at really low minus frames such pulling the trigger after F+2 (-2 on block, transitions to Right Foot Forward) gets blocked.

FF+4 RFF34 RFS B+4 = 62 DMG (Easy), 3.)

Only good for when you know your opponent will use a low move to retaliate against your strings or during okizeme. The fact that this move slightly crushes highs is all you need to know. #1801 On hit it simply leaves you at a big frame advantage and on counter hit knocks down the opponent. One is mostly used to break through attacks, while the other one can mitigate even the strongest combos.

Hwoarang’s moves don’t really track well so do sidestep to his weak side and make him pay for attempting to string you to death. FF+4 RFF34 RFS B+4 = 68 DMG (Easy), JFSR Backlash S! Overall, Hwoarang will definitely kill players who have little to zero matchup knowledge, but will need to work hard against players who have a firm understanding of the holes in his strings and his overall gameplan. A justifiable nerf in exchange for the powercrush ability. Hwoarang Premier Guide – Written by: KND.Frontier. l  SS+3,3 Eruption to Left Flamingo is a Mid-High String that transitions Hwoarang to Left Flamingo Stance at +14g on block. Now if this move gets blocked remember it is +4 so basically you are given free rein over your opponent. When being pressured, generally your best bet in terms of risk and reward is to simply backdash and look for a whiff.

Tekken 7 Hwoarang combos: Learning the ins and outs of Jin's rival will take some time If you're looking to improve your play with Hwoarang, you really just need to practice with him.

RFF F+3 UF+343 = 63 DMG (Easy), 2.) l  RFS D+3 is the snake edge in Right Flamingo Stance; similar to LFS D+4 it high crushes and is a reminder to players not to contest Right Flamingo Stance with highs. This does the same amount of damage as B+4 without rage but this keeps you in a straight axis afterwards. l  DB+4,F or B is one of Hwoarang’s standing lows that transitions him to Right Flamingo Stance at -1 on block and +3 on hit.

Just so you know if it wasn’t for the powercrush buff in Season 2 this move would have been placed under Situational Moves. Backlash S! (n.d.). The following are moves that transition/keep Hwoarang in Right Foot Forward: ***Keep in mind that any move that transitions to RFS also puts Hwoarang in RFF should you not press a button. FF+4 RFF34 RFS B+4 = 66 DMG (Easy), B+3 F4 RFS2 RFF34 RFS B+4 S!

The number of hits is heavily concerned and positioning is key as well. Street Fighter 5: Sagat Guide - Combos and Move List, Smash Ultimate: Link Guide - Combos and Move List, Street Fighter Akuma - Master of the Fist, Street Fighter 5: E Honda Guide - Combos and Move List. RFF F+3 UF+343 = 59 DMG (Easy), 2.) l  iWR+3 the only move Hwoarang has that isn’t reversible as it is a heel.

One of Hwoarang’s ground hitting moves and despite it’s look it can be reversed as it is a leg. Snake Edge U+4 RFS 4 = 39 DMG (Easy), 2.)

4444 isn’t that useful a string not unless your combo involves breaking a wall with it.

9 hits

This is a character whose feature is the confusion of opponents. RFF F+3 UF343 = 68 DMG (Medium), 5.) It’s the fact that Hwoarang can’t guard in either Flamingo Stance.

You have seen it before or it may have happened to you already when a Hwoarang player would do LFF D+3,4 LFS 3+4 LFS D+3,4 LFS 3+4 LFS D+3,4. These moves are highly situational and are there to help turn the tide to your favor. DF+3,4 = 30 DMG (Easy), 2.) Same properties as before on hit and on block (-9) but no more counter hit launch capabilities. This move shines the most at the wall as the opponent will have major difficulties running away from the onslaught.

Only make use of this transition in neutral if you have conditioned your opponent not to attack and slightly respect Flamingo Transitions.

Similar to RFF F+[4,4] it is mainly to catch opponents ducking or retaliating since they believe a free hit is in place while Hwoarang is in this stance. Hwoarang has virtually zero knees and elbow with majority of the move set being punches and kicks making him highly susceptible to parries and reversals. RFF4,4 is a popular option right after LFS+2,2 and BT RFF+4 for launching right after the 3rd hit of the ten hit string. The main concern with this move is that it is linear so making use of this move as a follow up right after WS+4,4 can mean certain death to a Sidestep Electric Wind God Fist.


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