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When Robert, his son, was born, a grown-up Donny vowed to be the best father ever and let his son have anything he wants — including Ted (which may have contributed to Robert's nature). Bad Moon (1996) - Clip 1 Let's Go Home (HD), Bad Moon 1996 - thor protect scene - werewolf fight HD.

Kidnap Ted for his son (first film; succeeded, but Ted was later rescued).Kidnap Ted for the Hasbro CEO in order to create more teddy bears like him (sequel; failed). Finally, Donny and Robert kidnap Ted and take him to their old house, which is also their secret hideout.

She does not find Ted but instead finds his werewolf book, gruesome pictures of Marjorie's body and some of Ted's victims and a journal in which Ted details his pain and his turmoil with not finding a cure for his "disease" and his hopes of finding peace by his family's side. Type of Villain Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account?

Even Rex himself could admit he was a jerk, but he felt it had worked for him his whole life, so he was not about to stop. Voici la version française du " Villains Wiki ".

He repeatedly visits the The Once-Ler and has to plant the last seed ever. His mother had presumably left him with his father, who had one-night stands in front of him.

https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Ted_Maltin?oldid=3908541, Phil Hartman later portrayed another annoying neighbor named Phil Fimple in. He disguises himself as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and asks Ted for a picture, but when he reveals himself, Ted runs away.

At the end of the film, the narrator revealed that Rex gave up his pursuit of Lori and died of Lou Gehrig's disease (which John had previously wished on him) after becoming severely depressed. Howard getting angry after Ted tastes the family cookies.

He is Donny 's son.

At dawn, Thor finally finds a-now-human Ted, all bloodied and wounded. A bloodied Ted after being shot multiple times by his sister Janet.

Janet flees back to the house in panic while Brett breaks into the pound and frees Thor, who goes back to the house to find and stop Ted, with Brett following right behind him.

The CEO then abandons Donny out of fear for being sued or charged for potential crimes.

He remembers Ted telling him that he got a Turbo Man for Johnny that was nestled safely under their tree and decides to teach him a lesson.

He was a dark gray rat wearing a black business suit whose distinctive feature was that he was missing his nose. Most visited articles.

He then invites his neighbors to see the reindeer and take pictures with Johnny naming the reindeer after his dad while giving them hot chocolate.

The werewolf bites Ted and kills Marjorie while a wounded Ted grabs a rifle and blows the werewolf's head off as a result, killing it.

Type of Villain While he and Liz are outside listening to the carol singers, Howard breaks into Ted's house to steal the toy, but then has a change of heart when he reads the gift tag, realizing that he is stealing from a child and decides to put it back, but he runs afoul of Ted's reindeer and accidentally burns one of the three kings that are displayed in Ted's living room.

High intelligencePhysical strengthSpeedStealthEvasion


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