te perdi casper lyrics english
Now I don't even know how and when it was (eh), But I know (but I know) that I kicked you out (that I kicked you out), I kicked you out of my life, and I kicked you out (yeah), I sacked you and let you go (and let you go), I let you go (oh-oh), I kicked you out of my life (I let you go), I kicked you out, And what doesn't serve me, I don't recycle it (no), If I gave it to you, that's to remember TBT, yeah, Now there's a hotter one that hits on me (yeah), Everything has it's end, everything expires (yeah), You are the past and the past never comes back, Go to hell (whoa! Kendo Kaponi. “Te di banda y te solté, yo te solté— Nio Garcia feat. Enjoyed everywhere, Aquí en mi cama extrañándote (Ay, ay, ay, ay), I'm in my bed, missing you (ay, ay, ay, ay), And where I go, everything reminds me of you, Baby I threw you out, and I threw you out, I gave you a band and let you go, I let you go, And I took you out of my life, I took you out, (Esta es la verdadera vuelta, ¿Oíste baby? The author of translation requested proofreading. Without you, I feel good (ah) Pages were merged. Esta es la verdadera vuelta, ¿Oíste baby. Now, this song's a pain in the neck ... Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace (OST) - ミカヅキ (Mikazuki). To tell her I love her and tell her how I feel Enjoyed everywhere, But it hurts more not being able to follow you, No sabes cuánto amor me costará dejarte ir, You don't know how much love it cost me to let you go, And more because I knew that everything was for Me, No detenerme solamente segundos e intentar remendar, Porque sé que mereces algo mucho mejor que yo, Because I knew that you deserve something much better than me, Because I knew that you were tired of believing me, Que yo era esa persona por la que esperaste toda tu vida, Porque te vi sufrir tanto que me costaba mirar, Because I saw you suffer so much that it's cost me to see, Cómo te autodestruías buscando si venía de ti la falla, Por la que nuestro amor no estaba funcionando, Porque la vida es una, porque el tiempo no regresa, Porque vi cómo desperdiciaste toda tu juventud, Because I saw how you destroyed your youth, Porque yo no pudiera soportar ver que mueras a mi lado, That you deserve something better than me, And thank you for believing all these uearsyears, Taking care of you as I should (As I should), I tried to find you and you were not there anymore, Me mata la culpa, yo sé que te tuve, que te traté mal, No puedo dormir, te abracé pero me tengo que percocea, Con drogas que encontraste en el pantalón, Yo fui yo un hijo de puta y tuve que aprender, That I was a son of a bitch and I had to learn, That one plus one does not always give two, I can't stop crying, I can't stop suffering, That I do not know about love I warned you, Casper, Los Mágicos, Kendo Kaponi, Super Yei, Movie, Frente a personas que son superiores a todas, nosotros somos dioses, Nosotros no respiramos el aire que ustedes respiran, We Do not Breathe the air that you Breathe, Nosotros nacimos siendo mejores que ustedes, Inclinen su cabeza frente a nuestra presencia. I promise you that I will always love you, I will love you. I removed you from my life, eh, eh (this is a real return, we are the Magicians, baby, Real G4 Life, Casper, hey!) Anuel AA, 140,781 Shazams, featuring on Anuel AA Essentials Apple Music playlist. And you saw how the world went backwards to you? Listen to No Te Veo (Remix) by Casper Mágico Feat. The Early Bird Specials - Happy Graduation, Đội ca Đội Thiếu niên Tiền phong Hồ Chí Minh - Cùng nhau ta đi lên. “Yo sé que no vas a volver— Casper Magico feat. Darell & Casper Magico. Nio García, Casper Mágico, and Bad Bunny’s “Te Boté (Remix)” is one of the biggest hits of the summer despite not having any English lyrics. Baby, are you understanding what we're trying to say to you? ¿Y vis'te como el mundo se te fue al revé'? Baby, ¿Tú me estás entendiendo lo que te estamos queriendo decir? You will leave and erase your memories with a simple goodbye. Pusho, Writer(s): Alejandro Mosqueda, Emmanuel Pusho, Jose Ramin Jimenez, You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial, Made with love & passion in Italy. Enjoyed everywhere, Sé que ha pasado tiempo y no quiero molestarte, I know it's been a while and I do not want to bother you, Pero te confieso que me alegra ver que vives bien, But I confess that I'm glad to see you live well, Yo no sé si te han dicho que ahora estoy preso y aparte, I do not know if they told you that I am now a prisoner and apart, No quiero envolverme de nuevo a perder ese tiempo que un día perdí ma', I do not want to wrap myself up again to lose that time that one day I lost, No te lo vo' a negar yo siempre estoy pensando en ti, I'm not going to deny it, I'm always thinking of you, Pero en mi mente me aplico que tú tienes otro y que ya te perdí ma', But in my mind I apply that you have another and that I've already lost you, Que la vida esta llena de brillos y no puedes pelear cuando algo se te pierda, That life is full of glitter and you can not fight when something is lost, But there is something that does not agree with me, Es que contigo la vida era dulce y desde que te fuiste ahora me sabe a mierda, Is that with you life was sweet and since you left now you know me shit, Me imagino que eres la mujer más feliz de planeta, I imagine you're the happiest woman on the planet, Sigue con tu futuro y tus metas yo voy a cumplir mi sentencia completa, Keep up with your future and your goals I am going to complete my complete sentence, And even if you have someone who gives it to you, Cuídame el guacamayo y los betas y no dejes salir a las nenas en chancleta, Take care of the macaw and the betas and do not let the girls go out in flip flops, Dios mío te pido que el sol se mantenga pa' abrir la ventana y ver lo amanecer, My God, I ask you to keep the sun to open the window and see the sunrise, Waiting for a signal as if you were a cel, I do not know if one day I can see you again, I bet everything together and I have to lose, Cada vez que aparezca en camisa como las de Tupac, Every time he appears in shirt like those of Tupac, A mí no me gustaba marcarme y ahora estoy forrao' de las piernas a los brazos, I do not like to be marked and now I'm lined 'from legs to arms, Pensaba que la vida era un chiste y ahora lloro solo vestido de payaso, I thought life was a joke and now I cry only dressed as a clown, But I'm going to make a covenant with God, I recover it or I kill myself or I bury myself, Ahora estoy haciendo mi tiempo porque no soy sapo, Now I'm doing my time because I'm not a toad, Y te lo juro que nunca vo' a perder la fe de escaparme de aquí como El Chapo baby (Pusho), And I swear to you that I'm never going to lose the faith of escaping from here like El Chapo baby (Pusho), Muchos de los errores y de las fallas que cometemos, Many of the mistakes and failures we make.


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