taylormade m5 driver settings

David had also done my first fitting back in 2009 and once again it was a fun filled and enjoyable session.

Foregolf session yesterday was great fun and really professional. From Christine's friendly smile and offer of a cuppa upon arrival, to Don sitting down to chat before the fitting and Derek taking the time to do likewise afterwards and through to the actual fitting with David, I had a brilliant time. Everything is covered.For any golfer thinking of getting new clubs this is the way to go and the lads will find what suits you.

Couldn't recommend this place enough. I could see on Trackman the improvements that all the suggested clubs would make to my game. Dave also adjusted my driver which will hopefully result in more consistent shots. They cater for all your needs when getting custom fitted and make it a very enjoyable process.

Using Trackman, Dave reviewed my clubs with me and through trialling differing combinations of shafts and heads, we identified a solution for me that matches my swing and tempo while at the same time giving me much improved distances and gapping. Can't recommend ForeGolf highly enough. Fantastic visit recently to Foregolf, Incredible staff, both friendly & ultra professional.

They create a very relaxed environment for the fitting and inform you why they’re making changes to any of the models being tested.

The smaller 435cc head is a good bit lower spinning and can be difficult to launch depending on how well you dial in your settings. I really enjoyed the experience.

I spent a very enjoyable hour with your courteous and helpful staff. Highly recommend to anyone. 1st fitting I've had and ill definetly be back. You can see features like this on woods at many OEMs; it’s designed to improve ball speed on off-center strikes. If you’re planning on keeping the weights in a neutral position, the M6 may well perform just as well for £50 less. Big thanks to the lads at Foregolf for all the help over the years. I had been there briefly a couple of years ago to have them replace the shaft on a damaged iron (another great reason to have custom clubs made, you can replace or add to the set). Again they couldn't have been more helpful and despite their issues with a burst water pipe they still delivered. Even in these strange covid-19 times the guys did everything in their power to make you feel at home. Having fitted clubs changed my game completely.

Seriously, if you love golf, get yourself here.

If you've any interest in lowering your scores quickly you owe it to yourself to visit ForeGolf Custom. Overall im looking so forward to the season ahead for a few reasons.Confidence in clubs eventually.More room in the shed & utility room.A less nagging wife because ive less clubs lying around everywhere��If you’re interested in improving, book in.

Fantastic service. Really really enjoyed every minute of my time in Foregolf this morning. PXG new driver? Club and shaft combinations fly into your hands and Dave explains the changes as we go, you do hit a lot of shots!

Very happy with the service.

It was not a wedge I would have picked (Mizuno) but have been very happy with them so far. Very respectable, but not what a pro would swing. It's a bit cliché but once you experience what I'm talking about you will definitely agree.The fact that this is an Irish company is a bonus too, the staff are available, friendly and very good at what they do.

What has remained constant is the matte black carbon fiber that covers most of the crown. I had a wonderful experience and will be recommending this place to everyone I know. Through trial and error, we figured out what was best for my game. Derek and David don’t just measure you up and do a calculation, they look at your swing, your ability, and make a judgement call that, for me, was the right one.

It was something i was not expecting but such a small, easy to do piece of detail is just classy. (1) All golf clubs are different. if golf is your thing then foregolf clubs are a must !!!!! We worked a lot on the driver ( this is an art)!!

Gathered up a decent bit of gear that i liked and sometimes worked but eventually decided to go to Foregolf to get properlyfit/looked at and see what they thought.

I was fitted for the full bag. Derek was very professional and personal. I strongly recommend ForeGolf to anyone who is serious about their golf and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed by the choice of equipment and by the whole experience the team provide from start to finish.

There's an old saying "you can't buy a golf game" what you can buy are woods, irons, wedges & a putter that suit you, that give you the best results out on the course ! Their goal is to fit you to the best clubs for you. The proposed fitting time was suppose to be 30mins, however David (club fitter) was not satisfied that we had found the right setup for me that the fitting actually ending up being nearly 45mins with no pressure being put on me what so ever to hurry up.

The attention to detail and service is exceptional.

My 3rd time with ForeGolf,great service as always,highly recommend these guys ,no pressure to buy clubs but hard to leave without them,thanks guys. Highly recommended. He changed the setting n the 3-wood for me. Very welcoming and helpful in my fitting. Last year I was fit for irons and I was very happy with the results. They were able to find me an extra 45 yards off the tee.

They never make you feel like they just want to make a sale (which is always my worry with your regular golf shop) or that your level of golf is beneath them, even though they could easily be fitting a top pro on tour next week. It’s hard to describe the customer service you get here.

I really enjoyed the complete experience & have a much better understanding of a custom fit . It draws weight up to 50 percent towards the heel so for the purpose for giving the ball a slice, it is one of the best in the business.

You should read what our Customers say about their clubs built by ForeGolf.

You mentioned this is not the best choice for high handicappers.

This was my second trip to Foregolf and I felt welcomed back by the team there. I had read many times over about Don’s dedication and knowledge in this industry but to meet the man and have a good humoured chin wag with him was just brilliant!As they say however behind every good man there is a wonderful woman and that’s certainly true of Christine.

If you love golf from your heart, you most probably have used TaylorMade drivers in your golf journey. This was an informative and valuable experience and one which I thoroughly enjoyed.

New irons on the way, and I might not stop there.

These red screws identify the locations where TaylorMade inserts the “tuning resin” to bring the face down to the USGA limits for COR.

It may appear to be the same but is it really? Cannot wait for my clubs to be built.Cant thank Derek and all the team Enough, unforgettable experienceWill be 100% returning and recommending to family and friends . As soon as I walked through the door, there was a great vibe. I've dreamt of a trip to ForeGolf with a few years now.

The best fun you can have not under the duvet! and everything is much straighter...all in all a great experience form day one with foregolf.

From the detail that goes into matching club heads, shafts and even the grips to suit you and your golf swing. I have been miles more accurate and straighter and that has transitioned to my scorecard too!I would highly recommend Fore Golf to anyone looking for a custom set of clubs or looking to improve their game. Hard to believe the difference that the correct equipment can make to your ball striking and flight. From start to finish the entire experience was a pleasure andTotal price for my new set of irons - custom fit for me - was only €250 more than the same set off the rack in the McGuirks/Halpenny, with no customisation etc - so money well spent in my opinion.I cannot recommend Foregolf enough.From the people running it to the experience itself -What a pleasure! The first ball I hit went right where I aimed it, and so did the next 5.

It was amazing listening to Dave identify the problems he could see with my game (which were in line with my concerns) and recommend clubs suited to get me further and straighter off the tee and along the fairway. We looked at the rest of my bag & Dave felt that I was ok with the 3 wood & rescue. We found the M5 just as easy to control, and this was without moving the weights into the draw or fade settings, which should raise MOI because they are positioned deeper in the head. Tested so many shafts!! Getting this club fully dialed in is going to translate to longer, straighter drives. His theory and knowledge is simplistic yet masterful in thought.

All round just great service from lovely people who know their onions. As usual Dave gave me an excellent fitting for my clubs. I have had fittings done in a lot of places but the attention to detail here was second to none. "The Darkness" spotted on PGA Tour. On top of that, the lie angle and face angle can be adjusted as well.

Thank you David . Can’t wait for the Don to make my new clubs.

Dave gave me a low flighted Cobra hybrid that achieved exactly what i was looking for and easier to hit.On my AP2 irons, he identified that my existing shafts were too spinny and gave me shafts more suited to reducing spin. Very highly recommended. Right from the off, with your very own designated parking space, you are treated like you belong there. Good golf technique can be complexed having THE RIGHT equipment shouldn’t be. The atmosphere is relaxed, focused and sincere.As I hit golf balls, everything Dave suggested was done to evaluate how I hit the golf ball.

Now I can focus on the game and play better very soon once I receive the woods and the irons, no doubt. I got a voucher for a full bag fitting and didn't really know what to expect when I booked in.

Anyone serious about improving their game, a visit to ForeGolf is a must.

Was made very welcome on arrival and the fitting was extremely beneficial! A truly world class service from a team who are obviously the very best at what they do.

Its top notch. Gains over M3 are marginal.

Well done! A wonderful setup & so glad we have it .


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