tay roc battle rap
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Fuck you two, I get at him, for this dickhead I keep a Magnum, But this shit platinum, I’m the tooth fairy, But he didn’t know if I’m a good one or a bad one, Cause imma place this nickel under his pillow and then I’ll clap him, That’s light, gun bar king, I catch this nigga here alone, I’m robbin’ him, My Basic Instinct like Sharon Stone, face shots when I air the chrome, They gotta identify him by his hair and bone, Tell him like I tell the others, I don’t feel niggas rhymes. You wanna make this a fight? Now if I sacrifice a round for some people, one of you niggas gon' be dead later

You fuckin’ with me?

save. Literally The gun butt him, his legs wobbly I ask, "Who nice as Tay?" Why would I play though (Plato) Cave been turned into skeptics (sketches)

Roc, you knew I could rock (croc) before the abyss my exist came in (Caiman)

That's some black, red and lime candles

Two .40's, one .9, ten .38's Who he foolin' with these steel grippin’ lines? Tay Roc and Daylyt spoke to Hip Hop Is Real right after their battle to give their thoughts on this classic. Well I’m with that, see I got big straps that will get his six pack packed in six packs and gift wrapped, Merry Christmas, this a scary business, but we mismatch, So that nigga ya’ll think is off the leash, You could of did more if ya life was wrong, but tonight you gone, He don’t mean that shit, but ya’ll believe that shit so his pride is strong, When Cavemen get caved in, they feel right at home, We got robbed, then got Roc, it’s a fast life, They tried to save him, ask Christ, it’s gon’ be a fast night, And the only way to get a spot when they open, Get the fuck off my stage, nigga this my shit. There's literally nothing you can do to help him Smack I know that you hearin' me Welcome Smack Intersections, cross roads This ain't something that any nigga should test My clique, Oxy morons (oxymorons), we'll catch Day' at night Tuned (Neptune) up with assigned work DM mods if you have content to contribute.

But I ain’t losin' tonight, you wanna promote this fight? If I gotta wait for Day' I guess we gon' be all night

You feel comfortable with Crips behind you, you best bring 'em This is facts

Why you took the picture with your legs hangin' out, tongue all down, in the background, man pants was hangin' up If you do not know how to enable Javascript, It's delightful Cairo physics It's just, y'all knew he was cooked soon as I saw Tay (sauté)

Still spittin' their 3rd round. Without his niggas, Davonoe shier (Devonshire) that's southwest England You gon’ pop lock then pop Roc? Cryin' when ya mama see the (mamacita) scene she need a handkerchief Like...how you come at me with tranny "rumors" and there's footage of you sayin' you'll fuck a man I ain’t even give a fuck about who you were til the coin tossed, They all know me, right? How you bettin' 2 racks while sleepin’ on another nigga couch? Knock ya head off of your shoulders, I'll sit Day' by Day' It might sound like everything I'm sayin' scripted And it's either Day' light it or they light it And I'm not sparin' You asked for high smoke until you get vaporized Daylyt said in his interview with 15 Minutes Of Fame before the battle that once the event was changed from a big stage to no crowd it was “the best thing that could’ve happened for me” and that he then re-wrote all three of his rounds. Top Tier Battlers. 'Lyt what's up? How a child outrovert can be so intricate, I demand space Then I [?] Kings vs. Queens is the first official clash between URL and the all-female MC league, Queen of the Ring. They wanna know what I'ma do (Imadu), what I'ma say (Amazay), what I'ma wear

You aright in't never drawn no blood; lobotomy

You wanna know what's ironic? Then go outside with the rest and protest, show ya pride, Day' They said, "Yo you got 'Lyt in L.A.! I'm in disbelief how Pistol Geek has become the folklore Battle. Smack, put the bat in ya hands, watch him strike out I know, mad (nomad), ain't it? Then these (Denny's) niggas come in here dyin' (dine) You forgot who I am?!

We all evolved in the midst flamin' Roc(k) will always be under light ('Lyt) Run in the spot while I give bae the Mac (betamax) better than Steve Jobs It was the prophet or the profit, either way Roc get the outta space Day'

You said you had a yacht to show

Smack! Just know it's straight without a chase People stick wit' me

Y'all should fear me Who in here wanna be a nigga the triggers take out?

Only way y'all savin' Daylyt (day light) is if the season change Hillary, you feelin' me?

That might be for beginners The leagues we are currently covering are DON'T FLOP, KOTD & URL. If you have any unreleased footage just PM to a moderator. Shit

Real shit 'Lyt (light) inside a bag; luminaries You can't violate the violator Lift the toast, here's to Day' (today) you'll be gone tomor- Fuck me? I must remind him of everything they still (steal) or bit (orbit) from me Get put in Hell dirty, you heard me, bite the dust I am Groot, I wish you would (wood) boy I MAKE SHIT HELLA SPOOKY!

Screamin' should I keep it goin'? "Hollow Da Don vs. Tay Roc" Track Info You one of them goofy ass clown niggas You said while all the celebrities watch you wanna be the bitch Diddy fuckin' If I hear cops come to 'Lyt for some information Do you know what'll happen if I chase a nigga? See stars groovin', I'm serious (Sirius) Revolver, disease in ya mouth; gingivitis There's some things I just can't understand Oh fuck, that explains why they amp you Tay (amputee) TEC or Uzi, point blank, hit this Grape in his apple and left a smoothie I say it right? Inf' beam, Jupiter, red dot plant it (planet) on him Good with the Clippers I bet he fade when I line him up, The 9 is tucked and this iron buck if you try your luck like you’re drunk, Take a shot to the head, that’s bottoms up, I’m being blunt, but you ain’t high enough, I’m the type to kick it with you then kick in your door and tie you up, I caught him with his bitch, I had time enough, I whipped out my blade and laid my mack down, With a hockey stick I’m treatin' his head like a hockey puck, His head would’ve had enough knots, but that’s not enough, I beat this nigga like the soda machine when my dollar’s stuck, We take change like a Spade’s game, get ya diamonds cut, We strapped with them ladders in the whip, that’s a fire truck, Docs ain’t seen no body with this many bucks on him since Donald Trump, Time is up, let me catch you with ya soft squad, I take every shot with no assist, I’m a ball hog, I don’t leave a witness to call log, like I’ll get you hit with a sawed-off, That’s wordplay, I got plenty more though, Life if it’s war and they send me all, you’ll get hit with a semi-auto, This nigga act up tonight, he won’t see tomorrow, Money should’ve left me alone like I need to borrow, Dig me? Why you bring the square a-round us? Have him runnin' up the steps from Roc he (Rocky) try fightin' me You know the motto, the prophet the one Extendo, with this amount (a mount), let's see if the doc can make Roc(k) heal (hill) shirts, iron on it, and embroidery Niggas got a lot for me All I need is a hard stretch

By the third round we gon' kill all that hood noise Hop out a Jetta hooptie, skkkkrt

If you in here actin' like you a nigga that got me raw Every bar, need to be tailormade The tripod, turns into a standup; comedy I will black on 'Lyt (light), nothin' like discrimination I'm so loc And yet you the Cave man Bleed Grape, I just need space to create this You bet' not even come play!" Alienated, sons (suns) you never saw, sir (saucer) be humble I respect it, man listen On the ground man, pound sprayin', right where the man standin' Before Fame. I got a Spanish gun plug, named "Sinual"

Ya family cryin', cause in that box, you wasn't lookin' natural 'Lyt (Natural Light) I make shit hella spooky


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