tanning snake skin borax

Scrape the salt and any dried pieces of flesh from the skin. You have front and back pictures of the skin… His work has appeared in "The New York Times," "USA Today" and the U.K.'s biggest paper—"The Guardian," amongst other, smaller publications. Leave it in a cool, dry place for a couple of days.

Maaan, I wish I would have worn gloves. We hate to kill snakes, but occasionally it is necessary. Let the snakeskin sit for 2-3 days stirring once a day. 2 of 3 Photo by Thomas Tabor Snake Skin Tanning-02 To apply the Snaketan formula an artist style paint brush can used. In a jar, mix an equal portion of glycerin and rubbing alcohol. ). In operation since 1998, BladeForums.com has led the industry since Day 1. peel the skin off and once its off you need to flesh it out, I use a sharp knife and kinda scrape the inside of the skin to get all the little muscle and such off. The plan was to make something out of it like jewlery. After the snake skin soaks for awhile, the "scales" just loosen and rub off.

Tanning Snakeskin If you have to kill a snake for any reason, you might as well preserve its skin into something soft and beautiful. To dry a snakeskin, start by laying the snakeskin scale-side down on a flat surface in a cool, dry place that's away from direct sunlight. Discussion in 'Wilderness & Survival Skills' started by dipbait, May 22, 2010. Fill the container with 1 gallon of water and 1 oz. Slow pouring prevents the resulting foam from overflowing. Soak the hide in the tanning solution without adding any flour to the mixture, if the hide does not have fur on the other side. I've had good luck using "20 Mule Team Borax" on both snake skins and beaver tails. Tack it to a board and cover it with a good helping of borax.Let it sit for a couple of weeks then brush it off.

The drying process will also help neutralize the odor that’s present when the skin is fresh. In other words, it is like rawhide, if you get a borax dried snake skin soaking wet, you will have a raw skin that will break down. If the hide is fleshed already, let it sit in the solution anywhere from 3 - 7 days. If it's mounted on a board, you can use spray polyurethane. For a more flexible skin, trying tanning in a mixture of denatured alcohol and glycerin instead. Calm, intelligent, and his dog is pretty smart too.

Then scrape off old salt after a day or two, resalt and air dry.

leaving a very pliable skin. "Knowing that wanted to keep the rattler portion, your tip to cut it off and put it fleshy-side-down in salt (for a. Back to How Tos Next Post Previous Post.

If you’re using push pins or similar fasteners, you may have to put the screen in position before tacking it down over the snakeskin.

I plan to do some research on tannng it but thought I would ask for tips and pointers here. Nice skin there. The vertebraes are from the snake and were cleaned in order.

However, this will leave behind small holes that may affect the appearance of the finished skin. Once you have it fleshed out you will need a mason jar or some type of glass jar that seals tight, you will need rubbing alcohol and glycerin (you can get this at most pharmacies) mix equal parts of both, loosely roll the skin up and put it in the jar with the mixed liquid making sure to fully cover the skin. When curing a rattlesnake skin, it may be a good idea to remove the rattle and reattach it later after the skin has been dried or tanned. Follow these easy steps and you will soon be finished. With a very sharp knife, cut the skin down the length of its belly, making sure you don’t rupture the innards.

You can now use your snakeskin for a hatband, belt or anything else where you want a little extra decoration. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling the snakeskin.

Also pour in 8 oz.

Back to How Tos Next Post Previous Post. It’s creepy, but no more than that.

Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. I usually soak a skin after it's fleshed in heavy salt water for two days before I take it out to put it into a tanning solution.

I went to the pharmacy and they only had glycerin suppositories. By using our site, you agree to our. Hang the dead snake on a nail from a tree, so that it is at eye level. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. I am guessing it is about 3-4 foor long. That rednecky area between B'more and Philly. Rinse the hide once again in the water. The first step to tanning a ratlesnake is to cut off the head. 1. As an ancient art used for thousands of years by Native Americans, among others, there are many techniques. http://www.hidetanning.net/SnakeSkinningIllustrated.html, http://modern-hunters.com/tanning-rattlesnake-skin/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_7KAdHO6K8, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. of washing soda -- otherwise known as crystallized sodium carbonate, and available in the laundry aisle of most stores. Don’t forget to staple the head and tail segments, as well.

Remove any excess oil with a paper towel. of salt. Repeat this process until you have applied three coats over as many days. If you're working with a particularly large skin, it may help to insert a few staples or pins through the center of the skin to help keep it flat. http://crotalus.kittycrack.net/tanning.htm, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. I tanned the snake with 50/50 glycerine and denatured alcohol. JavaScript is disabled. it also depends what you plan to do with it. After removing any remaining tissue from the snakeskin, tack it to a flat surface and flatten with a screen, then allow it to dry naturally for up to three days. Skin out the snake and make sure that all the meat and fat are removed from the flesh side of the skin. If you want the skin to be pliable for use as a hat band or something I would use either the glycerin/alcohol or Rittels snake tan kit.

I like most of this guys videos. whatever you use it for, pics please!

When making homemade crafts, it's best to start preparing the snakeskin while it's still fresh. The little bit that’s left can be peeled off with ease once the snakeskin has been dried. The skins are very flexible, and you can do about anything with them. Mix a solution of equal parts pure glycerin and rubbing alcohol in a sealable container. I have a snake skin that was mounted down on felt in 1955. This will keep it from sticking to you. Wipe dry. To learn how to remove and prepare snakeskin before drying it, keep reading! 3. Skin the fish, scrape off all flesh and scales, then give it a rinse in cold, soapy water. Is there a way to rehydrate it and remount it flat? I dont remember for sure but the one I did came out great. Soak the snake skin in water first, this will help moisten it to a malleable form.

After the hide receives the tanning solution or flour paste treatment, place the hide in the water and Borax mixture to rinse it off.

How can I flatten a folded, dry snake skin?

When we kept our rabbits in a colony, non-venomous snakes would frequently get in and eat whole litters of babies. Leave the final coat to sit for 3 or 4 days. You should be able to find the formula by doing a search. Pour the salt, washing soda and water mixture into the larger container that has the water and alum in it. I remember once I petted a goat in heat and got it's oils on my hand and couldn't get it off. I will post some pics when I get home. Keep drying snakeskins away from inquisitive pets, which have been known to try to eat them. The applications of the formula should continue until the hide will no longer absorb it.

There are lots of ways to preserve a snake skin. Hang up on the clothesline overnight to dry it out.

A pair of rugged work gloves will keep your hands clean and protect you from mishaps. 1 lb. Tanning the hides of animals, which is their true skin and fur that covers the inner flesh, transforms the raw hide into leather. The skin, or at least mine, will remain supple for many years. 2. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. A little mineral oil 50/50 with denatured alcohol if you want it flexible. I have a small rattlesnake skin that was cleaned, mounted and dried. Leather is a valuable material with uses as clothing, bedding, saddlery, footwear, and more. When we kept our rabbits in a colony, non-venomous snakes would frequently get in and eat whole litters of babies. Make enough to fully submerge the skin.


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