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During the time of his audition, Azaria was doing a play in which he had the part of a drug dealer, basing his voice on actor Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon. He has long been infatuated with Homer's wife Marge (whom he often refers to as Midge) and has on occasion professed his love for her and tried to win her away from Homer.

In NeverQuest, the Orc-Moes resemble Moe.

It is implied in "Eeny Teeny Maya, Moe" that he changed his name to Moe so he could keep the sign and the bar's name. Later plastic surgery nailed him the role before his face was damaged to its original appearance. See also: First names by country of origin Last Names by Origin He is sometimes shown in a love pyramid with Homer, Marge, Ned, and himself. On Wednesday nights, he reads to the homeless in a local soup kitchen and he also reads to sick children at the hospital.

While dating Renee (and previously Edna), he wholeheartedly spoiled them with whatever they wanted and vowed to give up his bar and take them away from Springfield forever, even if it means losing his own money and doing illegal acts to make more money. [citation needed], He also is, however, occasionally shown to have a sentimental and caring side to his personality, such as reading to sick children and the homeless, although he is secretive about such behavior. Moe is the owner and, except for a few instances where temporary help is hired, the only employee of Moe's Tavern. We have collected some of the best resources from across the web to do research on Szyslak history, Szyslak ancestory, and Szyslak family connections. Previous to that appearance of Moe's family, the show had given many wildly inconsistent backstories regarding Moe's past, in "Moe Goes from Rags to Riches" (2012), an infant Moe is even depicted living on Mount Everest as the son of a Yeti. Muntz. After Nelson's father returns, blaming his absence on having been stolen away by the circus due to a peanut allergy disfiguring his face. Mommar Morris "Moe" Szyslak /ˈsɪzlæk/ is a recurring character from the animated television series The Simpsons.

Your last name gives you a sense of identity and helps you discover who you are and where you come from. Moe has been implied to be an illegal immigrant at least twice in the series.

Moe is especially bitter, keeping an enemies list nearly identical to that of Richard Nixon, with the addition of Barney (the latter simply because he pointed out that it was plagiarized by Nixon's list). When Morty asks a young Moe to infest a rival business, Moe refuses, then the family of the business Moe refused to infest, infests one of the mattress stores of Moe's father, and as a consequence Moe's dad stops speaking to him.

He claims to have done this to get out of court and so he pretended to be crazy. As Homer's boxing coach in "The Homer They Fall" (1996), he shows photographs from throughout his own boxing career, stating that his ugly appearance was the result of competing in the sport.

His most loyal customer is Barney Gumble, with other regulars including Homer Simpson, Lenny Leonard, Carl Carlson, Sam and Larry.

Aside from this he was a former Movementarian but left the cult when their religion was exposed as a fake and once claimed to worship a dog's bad dreams to his bowling team. He used to have an Italian accent [2], hinting at Italian heritage, though a police background check run by Homer reveals his real first name to be Moammar[3]. He has an annual Christmas tradition of attempted suicide, but his attempts are comically unsuccessful (landing on a hot-air balloon after jumping out of a plane, for example). Moammar Morris "Moe" Szyslak (pronounced "siz-lack"), also known as Moe the Bartender (born November 24, 1927) is the proprietor and bartender of "Moe's Tavern", a Springfield bar frequented by Homer and his friends. Moe is an NPC in the game who appears in his Bar in the Downtown levels, he has several spoken roles both as part of quests and player interactivity.

We hope you will participate on the Szyslak forums, it is a great place to find or post information on Szyslak genealogy and is completely free to participate. Moe is implied to have a murderous hatred of the Salvation Army, as when Homer, who was on the run from an unnamed Army Colonel's army unit after he went AWOL during a training session (that nearly killed him), Moe misinterpreted Homer's claims about the Army being after him as meaning the Salvation Army and immediately cocks his shotgun, telling him to take cover. Teenage Moe is shown again in "She Used to Be My Girl" (2004), where he is depicted working in the school cafeteria, given as his first job "since prison"; Marge is responsible for having him sent back there.

At one point, he is seen on his way to a "V.D. This includes saving marooned school children, giving food to a famished village, and saving people from a rampaging flood. Een perfecte dagbesteding volgens ons. Hair [22] Moe was designed by animator Dan Haskett and his facial appearance was modelled after a gorilla. Before he had even seen a script, Azaria recorded several lines of dialogue as Moe for the episode "Some Enchanted Evening". [6] He also has a relationship and proposed to a dwarf named Maya, but Moe could not adjust to the difference in height, to the point where his ultimate plan to have his own leg bones shortened led Maya to leave him. Moe's romantic attractions have resulted in criminal behavior and run-ins with the law; he has stalked Maude Flanders and other townspeople, he must register as a sex offender,[10] and has had a restraining order placed upon him. An angry Moe hangs up, turns to the camera and says, "And, uh, that's the origin of that". The strain resulted when he was asked to put bed bugs on the rival's mattress' but refused to go through with it after seeing a picture of the rival chain owners family, only for the rival to go through with putting bedbugs on his father's mattress store, thus closing a series of stores and creating the distant strained relationship with his father and siblings.

[citation needed], In "Flaming Moe's" (1991), he is called Morris by his lover, and while in "The Springfield Connection" (1995), (Homer refers to Moe by the Arabic "Moammar", and in "Eeny Teeny Maya Moe" (2009), he suggests that he only changed his name to Moe when he purchased Moe's Tavern. As an aside, it was revealed that Moe started a cult.

Writers Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein found the name in a phone-book and gave it to Moe so that he would have the initials M.S., and hence be a suspect in the Burns shooting. Everest. He was unsure which one, but liked to think it was a little of all of them. "[3], Moe has an almost non-existent love life due to his vulgarity towards women and his ugly appearance. He used the same voice in the audition, and was told by Matt Groening and Sam Simon, who were directing him, to make it more gravelly like Deutsch's voice. Learn the origin of your name: English, Hebrew, Spanish, German, or another origin. Bartender and Owner of Moe's Fancy Resturant With Fast Food Unlicensed SurgeonVolunteer FirefighterEmperor of Springfield (formerly)Former TV actorOwner of Moe's Express In "Flaming Moe's", his hired waitress Colette calls him "Morris". To get access to all Origin features, please go online. At some unspecified time during his childhood, his parents dropped him off at summer camp, never to return, leaving Camp See-a-Tree as the closest he could call a home. He enthusiastically abandons his bar, its regular customers, and his friends when a better opportunity comes along, such as the drink "The Flaming Moe", the opening of his postmodern bar "M"[28], and the conversion of his bar into a family-themed restaurant called "Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag".[29]. Other running jokes featuring him include being prank called by Bart Simpson, running illegal activities from his bar, and an ambiguous ethnic origin. Sex In "The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase", Moe has his own spin-off, "The Love-Matic Grampa", in which Abraham Simpson dies and his spirit falls into Moe's Love-Matic tester machine, and proceeds to give Moe dating advice to woo a woman named Betty. Groening and Simon thought it was perfect and took Azaria over to the Fox recording studio. Moe is also hinted to be Armenian in "Judge Me Tender" (2010), claiming that Armenian Idol is his favorite show. He was designed by Dan Haskett. Homer then referred to Moe as "Moammar" and Moe cringes with humiliation. However, this probably cannot be trusted as early in the season he is referred to as "Morris" by his bartender Colette. In fact, one of the few times he DID give anyone, let alone Homer, a free beer, was when he was intimidated by Homer's Zorro-esque actions regarding challenging someone to a duel after thwarting an attack at a movie theater he saw a Zorro film at.[7].


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