synodontis lucipinnis size
Before Login Login become customer. Maxillary barbels: this paper smaller species were noted and captioned as S. Top All rayed fins with [4][3] The number of teeth on the mandible is used to differentiate between species; in S. lucipinnis, there are 35 to 51 teeth on the mandible, arranged in six short rows. girdle.) (S. lucipinnis).

All prepared foods are accepted and the fish will eat heavily thus making conditioning a relatively simple task. bright or clear, and pinnis, meaning fin in reference grows smaller at 8.0cm. Cichlids from the same lake would make good companions. Ruinemans. This refers to the light coloration in a patch on the base of the fins of this species. the rayed dorsal fin. That's what makes Aquariums Great! Sa livrée brune à blanc crème, ponctuée de taches noires, est caractéristique de lespèce et permet avec lhabitude, de faire la différence avec dautres espèces communes en aquarium, comme S. multipunctatus et S. polli, sans oublier le contraste noir et blanc des nageoires, quil partage avec S. petricola avec qui il a été, un certain temps, mis en affinité sous le nom de Synodontis sp. the Zambian port of Mpulungu. lucipinnis: Iris copper coloured. [6][2] The exact habitat is unknown, but like other small species of Syndontis, it probably inhabits fairly shallow, rocky coastal areas. The exact purpose of the skin folds is not known, but is a characteristic of the species of Syndontis that are endemic to Lake Tanganyika.

Another more important difference is [1] The top edge is convex and the end is sharply pointed. The two pairs of mandibular barbels are often branched and can have nodes attached. The head contains a distinct narrow, bony, external protrusion called a humeral process. Smaller S. petricola has this feature which S. lucipinnis

The two pairs of mandibular barbels are often branched and can have nodes attached.

Bull. [1] In addition, the fins have large, lightly-colored windows at the bases, most noticeable in the dorsal and anal fins.

[3] The head is about ​3⁄10 of the standard length of the fish.

[1] The diameter of the eye is about ​1⁄7 of the length of the head. [1] All members of Syndontis have a structure called a premaxillary toothpad, which is located on the very front of the upper jaw of the mouth. the morphometric and meristic data on them are not too dissimilar. This structure contains several rows of short, chisel-shaped teeth. (4½ins) part in colour shades as these two species both have a light brown/copper S. lucipinnis (which tend to be larger). Ignore the difference in colouration lower than

var pfHeaderImgUrl = '';var pfHeaderTagline = '';var pfdisableClickToDel = 0;var pfHideImages = 0;var pfImageDisplayStyle = 'none';var pfDisablePDF = 0;var pfDisableEmail = 0;var pfDisablePrint = 1;var pfCustomCSS = '';var pfBtVersion='2';(function(){var js,pf;pf=document.createElement('script');pf.type='text/javascript';pf.src='//';document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(pf)})(); function googleTranslateElementInit() { black triangles at base; posterior margins white. The cuckoo catfish, , is the most common import and you, occasionally, may also encounter, . have a hardened head cap that has attached a process (humeral process) which is situated behind the gill opening and pointed towards the posterior. image: ©

Les synodontis viennent de chez rené. The map above shows Lake Tangyanika Pertaining to the

Florida Mus. Google. S. petricola can be differentiated from S. lucipinnis by the former having smaller spots on the head than the body spots. The cone-shaped teeth in the upper jaw are short. This fish however appears to be growing to a smaller mature size than S. petricola and is less heavily spotted in comparison. Description: All species in the genus Synodontis have a hardened head cap that has attached a process (humeral process) which is situated behind the gill opening and pointed towards the posterior. }, 'google_translate_element'); : An opening just below the humeral process [1] This character is used as a method of differentiating between two different but similar species of Syndontis. [1] The rest of the pectoral fins are made up of eight to nine branching rays. species may have been identified erroneously as S. petricola Synodontis:

Re: synodontis lucipinnis egg size Post by andywoolloo » Sat Sep 11, 2010 10:52 pm i ve never seen eggs from mine yet but i ve seen videos of them spawning on you tube and it looks like very small clearish eggs, kinda like the cory eggs they put on the glass but smaller. The spots on S. lucipinnis tend to be more new google.translate.TranslateElement({

to try to identify them to one or another.

46(4):99-154. Taxonomic revision of Lake Taganyikan Synodontis (Siluriformes: [1] The reproductive habits of most of the species of Synodontis are not known, beyond some instances of obtaining egg counts from gravid females. [1] The caudal fin has a black bar that runs from the base of each lobe to the top of the fin. The maxillary barbel has a narrow membrane attached near the base and is straight without any branches. of S. lucipinnis and S. petricola.

[1] Most of the species of Synodontis of Lake Tanganyika have a recognizable pattern consisting of dark triangles at the bases of all of the rayed fins, present in S. lucipinnis, and the back edges of the fins are white in color. ©. [1] The outer pair of mandibular barbels extends just past the front of the pectoral girdle, about ​1⁄2 of the length of the head,[1] and contains four to six short, weak branches, usually without secondary branches. [1] The adipose fin does not contain any rays, is long and well developed, and has a convex shape.

[1] Spawning likely occurs during the flooding season between July and October, and pairs swim in unison during spawning. Spotting the differences: [1] The underside is lighter, with more regularly shaped black spots. (2016). Anal fin: petricola "Dwarf". Synodontis lucipinnis, Lake Tanganyika Common Name- Dwarf Petricola ... will graze throughout day Fairly slow growing with a lifespan of 7-10 years Size- 4.0 inches. [1] On the lower jaw, or mandible, the teeth of Syndontis are attached to flexible, stalk-like structures and described as "s-shaped" or "hooked".

The sequence of photographs was made in a specific tank, set up especially to follow closely the reproduction and growth of larvae and fry.

[4] The shape and size of the humeral process helps to identify the species. Caudal fin: It is located on the sides of the body below the humeral process and before the pectoral fin spine. The dorsal fin and pectoral fins have a hardened first ray which is serrated. The cone-shaped teeth in the upper jaw are short. an easy identifier when they are darting around the tank. in S. petricola. [1] The species name "lucipinnis" is derived from a combination of the Latin luci, meaning bright or clear, and the Latin pinnis, meaning fin. "A preliminary investigation of some chemical and physical profiles of Lake Tanganyika", "Mochokidae Jordan 1923: African squeaker and suckermouth catfishes",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 October 2020, at 15:19. aquarium but no damage seems to occur with this practice. The larvae are hatched, its size does not exceed 2/3 mm, it wriggles continuously, it is aged about 5 hours .

and LM Page (2006) Both lobes of caudal fin with black bar from base if that's what I am seeing. the body, with smaller spots in the head and snout area than Adipose fin: They are

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and the Type locality shown in the Zambian end of the Lake near The above the pectoral fins and is a bony extension of the pectoral S. lucipinnis you will notice a clear patch or window Other Parameters: Surprisingly this species reproduces in less than neutral pH water condition much removed from those found in it's native habitat. The fins have black triangle patterns with [1] The front edge of the pelvic fin is vertically aligned halfway between the back end of the dorsal fin and the start of the adipose fin. [1], The mouth of the fish faces downward and has wide lips that contain papilla. In S. lucipinnis, the humeral process is triangular and rough, with a poorly defined ridge on the bottom edge. [1] The inner pair of mandibular barbels is about ​1⁄3 to ​1⁄2 as long as the outer pair, about ​1⁄4 of the length of the head,[1] with four to six pairs of branches, with many secondary branches present. Pectoral fin: The primary rayed fin(s) on top of the body. These fish produce audible sounds when disturbed rubbing the base of the pectoral spine against the pectoral girdle.

[1], The maximum standard length of known specimens is 8 centimetres (3.1 in) with a total length of 10 centimetres (3.9 in).

Axillary pore

S-shaped and movable in the lower jaw. [1] The barbels are white. Nat.

The paired fins just behind the head. Ancient name for an undetermined fish from the Nile (Cuvier between these two images as lighting and substrate will play a Dorsum yellowish to copper/brown, covered Where are our products for sale? [1] It is covered with many small, thin, papillae and is about half of the length of the head. 1816). on the rayed fins, especially on the anal fin.

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Feeding: A very easy fish to feed. size difference is of course a main contender as S. lucipinnis [5], In the wild, the species is endemic to Lake Tanganyika, which has an observed temperature range of 22 to 26 °C (72 to 79 °F), an approximate pH of 8.5 – 9, and dH range of 4-15.

If you look closely at the top picture of Like all members of the genus Synodontis, S. lucipinnis has a strong, bony head capsule that extends back as far as the first spine of the dorsal fin. Remarks: In the past this by the former having smaller spots on the head than the body spots. [1] The head contains a distinct narrow, bony, external protrusion called a humeral process. large, lightly coloured windows at bases, most noticeable in ventral [1][2] Generally, females in the genus Synodontis tend to be slightly larger than males of the same age.


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