swgoh best first order team 2020
You MUST MUST MUST have a healer and the best choice in this regard is Old Daka. If anybody has any suggestions of people who work well with Maul please comment. Eeth Koth: Only good against droids, even then his place is questionable. This guide is just here to help you not waste time on unnecessary characters/ships. A: Depends. Dooku: Stun on basics and special against Jedi, with counters and good synergy with Phasma render him one of the best choices. save hide report. 5 star Darth sid This is the best prioritization for the Thrawn event. It gives speed (15%) and ‘Offense Up’ to all the droids for 3 turns, increasing their damage output by a lot. First Order TIE Fighter. I also didn't want to create a list of who to farm in Cantina Battles after you get done with the main list like I did with other farming areas because the list is already so long and there are several characters along with Wedge who you should farm there. The order in which you should farm shards in each area are as follows: Below I have broken down who to farm and when you should farm them. Hopefully you have several of zetas already unlocked for several of these characters by the time you unlock Revan, but if you don't put them on in this order.

Hey guys.

The Nightsister team. Juan loves video games and enjoys giving gameplay tips and advice. Whoever has the faster Vader wins 95% of the time. If you have her she’s a better Poggle in her current state. The main focus of this guide is for character shards, but we cannot forget mods. Since he is fast, he protects your backline, he is incredibly useful against many team compositions however AoE teams render him useless. And I got 2star Royal guard,jawa,Thalia etc etc.i hate my shit team. His buff on death is not important as he is almost always killed the last. My team is KRu g11, KR g11, FOST g12, FOO g11(5/6) and FOTPg12. You will be farming several of these at the same time. Sid: He provides AoE damage, speed and DoTs. Don’t use him with Phasma as he does not complement the team composition.

FOTP: Huge damage and simply that, has high HP when 7-starred so doesn’t require that much protection. Others:Nihilus' Unique, Thrawn's Unique. KRU helps you do better in Ship Arena earlier, but TFP will have to be ready earlier for R2 event and is good for Pit Raid and Nightmare/Empire Team. Lumi: A good healer that can keep Han alive meanwhile also dishing enough damage to be considered as a threat.

You should always work on what you need in other areas of the game and only you will be able to tell when it is a good time to farm other areas and when its a good time to follow this guide.

This is our recommended list of the best characters and teams in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

However, the correct juggle of taunts and heals wrecked me once before. Seth koth gl 4

When spending my money, I always went for the cards that contained actual guaranteed characters. Zetas should be given to characters in this order. Nightsister Teams: Similar to stun teams, as of now there aren’t any better options. Last on the list, Chewbacca or Royal Guard. Luke: Has a chance to stun with his special but also provides solid DPS which the team lacks.


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