supernatural demons names list

1. According to Ruby, most demons forget what it means to be human.

His true form is as a unicorn, but appears as human form when summoned. Crowley appears as the only exception, appearing as a blood-red cloud. The demons presumably returned to Hell in the aftermath. He injected his own purified blood into the demon hourly eight times and after the eighth he recited the exorcism achieving the cure. Unfortunately the blade wasn't there and Cain gave him the Mark of Cain so he could use the ancient weapon in order to defeat her. Demons can be trapped by a Devil's Trap, they are unable to get out of the circle, to use their powers or to damage the circle. They can also work under humans through deals. They are also said to have raided Crowley's stash of souls.

Demons have no quarrel with killing or torturing their own kind to achieve their goals. The initial leader of the demon army, Azazel was the designer of the master plan to free Lucifer from Hell.

Abaddon Loyalist (deceased) 2. You think you're something special, but you're just spirits -- twisted, perverted, evil spirits, but end of the day, you're nothing but. Shortly thereafter, another Prince, Dagon, begins working for Lucifer again as the protector of his son.

The demon revived Sam, but said Dean's price was for him to go to Hell in a year and in doing so become a demon himself after forty years' torture. The demons are back to serving Lucifer, with two shown taking orders from him and defiantly rejecting Crowley as their king.

angel or necromancer. ", Once a soul becomes a demon, it gains the basic demonic powers (possession, superhuman strength, etc.) However, a big number of demons in their smoke form, soon joined by Crowley, also in his smoke form, make a collective attack on Amara to weaken her for God and Lucifer to finish her off. Violet. The Whore of Babylon's mission is to bring down entire townships, and deceive and corrupt innocent human souls so they will go to Hell and increase the demon army. Abaddon's Henchmen (unknown) 5.

Stronger black-eyed demons, such as Meg, are not barred from entering hallowed ground and one demon, Astaroth, is shown to have the ability of causing internal bleeding and extensive magical knowledge, such as when she recites a ritual to exorcise Ruby from her body. White-eyed Demons - These are Lucifer's second-in-the-command in terms of military, because they are the Hell's demon chiefs of staff. OK? Loyalty falls completely to Lucifer when Crowley does end up dead at his own hands, in order to lock Lucifer away. Demons can be killed by higher demons and also by some other monsters and creatures like archangels, angels and leviathans. Origin

Alastair's Henchmen (two deceased, one exorcised, two unknown) 9.

VariousLucifers Servants (White-Eyed and Yellow-Eyed)Chiefs of Staff (White-eyed Demons)[1]Army Generals (Princes of Hell)[1]Torturers (Alastair and Belphegor)Deal-Makers (Crossroad Demons)[1] Henchmen (Black-Eyed and Crossroad Demon) All were exorcised with Holy Water and salt and things got back to normal.

When Sam was kidnapped by demons and taken to a town called Cold Oak, Dean got there and saw Jake Talley and Sam fighting, but Jake killed Sam and ran off. [6]. The first demon ever to appear (a disaster demon in.

[1], Black-eyed Demons - These are the masses of mindless drones, because they are just soldiers, thugs, henchmen and minions. Supernatural Malachi. In "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2," however, after John Winchester's ghost pulls Azazel out of his vessel, a decaying skull-like face is visible within Azazel's smoke form.


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