sun mingming wingspan
But Sun’s lack of athleticism and mobility made him virtually unplayable at any serious level. [9] The tumor was successfully removed on September 26, 2005. As a junior, though, George was capable of playing almost 20 minutes per game. On the court, Sun had a surprisingly nice shooting touch. He was inflexible, barely capable of lifting his arms straight up over his head. According to Sam Fortier, the only sneakers large enough for Wegner were Velcro running shoes that scuffed the team’s court, angering Wegner’s coach. The Hansbrough dunk was the exception, not the rule. In Game of Thrones, Fingleton played a giant named Mag the Mighty in Season 4, Episode 9; here he is destroying a bunch of Night’s Watchmen unfortunate enough to have been assigned defend-a-gate-from-a-giant duty. Married in Beijing, China, on August 4, 2013, both Sun and Xu are sports stars in their home country – he plays basketball and she is a handball player. Born in 1993, Wegner had feet too big for the inkpad used to create baby footprints, and he just kept growing from there. Dwayne Johnson (6’5″) with one of the tallest basketball players in the world, Sun Mingming (7’7″) The blessing they have been given—towering over everyone else—is sometimes more of a curse. Running is hard for him—as a child, he wore shoes too small for his enormous feet, seriously disfiguring his toe bones—and the acromegaly caused by a tumor on his pituitary gland prevented him from manufacturing the proper amount of testosterone, leaving him weak and unable to exert himself for significant periods of time. He played for the Maryland Nighthawks of the American Basketball Association (no affiliation with the ABA of the 1970s) and the Premier Basketball League, which made him part of the tallest basketball lineup in history as a gimmick for ticket sales that were reportedly used to pay Sun’s medical bills. Facing the best players in the nation, he blocked three shots in 10 minutes. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens Offense Need a Hard Reset, Jackson and Co. were exposed by the Steelers defense on Sunday, and it’s clear they have plenty to address if they want to compete for the AFC North.

Plus: Drew Lock invents his own dance, the wind howls in Cleveland, and a punch echoes through the ages. Election Night Previews, Prop Bets, and a Bizarre Atlantic Story. At first, legitimate basketball teams weren’t interested in Sturgess. The New Hampshire native played for Division III Maine–Presque Isle, but scored just seven points in 15 games. There was a legit recruiting battle for Fingleton’s services, and he picked North Carolina in 2000. Unfortunately, in real life, Sun lacks the strength, speed, and stamina shown when he blocks Chan and Chris Tucker’s attacks before lifting both men off the ground simultaneously. Later in the year, he joined the Washington Generals, the team that loses to the Globetrotters—unlike with Sturgess, making him a Globetrotter wasn’t quite believable enough. Here he is in England, clumsily dribbling a ball and bricking an uncontested 5-footer. George's wingspan is 8'5," whereas Ming Ming's appears to be less than his height (something that's very unusual). I can’t find stats at either of his four-year schools, but at the juco level he averaged 2.3 points per game.

Now, he eats 4,500 calories per day. In many cases, they struggle with injuries that keep them off the court and with medical conditions that threaten their lives. Otto - Longest human tunnel travelled through by a skateboarding dog, Ashrita Furman - Most Guinness World Records titles held. According to a story in The New York Times, a recent Bobroczky dunk in practice was cause for celebration among teammates and coaches unused to seeing the big man assert himself.

he wore shoes too small for his enormous feet, described by a financial supporter as “like a 60-year-old man.”, part of the tallest basketball lineup in history, reportedly used to pay Sun’s medical bills, NBATV interviewed Mavericks general manager Donnie Nelson about Sun, legit recruiting battle for Fingleton’s services, suddenly beer-thirsty version of “The Thinker”, mythically gigantic Fisher King in an episode of, died of heart failure last year at age 36, had Guinness certify him as the tallest pro basketball player in the world, as half of the world’s tallest married couple, spinning balls on his finger, and carrying shorter players on his back to dunks, barely capable of lifting his arms straight up over his head, drilling some midrange jumpers for a YouTube video, he ate seven times per day, primarily pasta, brought to America to play at the SPIRE Institute, Unfortunately, George needed size-25 kicks, The Annexation of Puerto Rico: Definitive ‘Little Giants’ Trick Play, Explained, Watch the New ‘Andre the Giant’ Trailer, With Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the summer of 2005, Sun discovered that he had a benign tumor attached to his pituitary gland. And with an unstoppable giant on the court about half of the time, Asheville was the best team in the Big South Conference. Plus, Remembering Sean Connery and ‘The Undoing’ Episode 2, The Nets Coaching Staff Grows and the NBA Draft Rumor Mill. At UNC-Asheville, George missed his first two seasons: He was academically ineligible initially, then he needed knee surgery. He has two siblings: a brother and a sister.

His career deserves to be remembered for more than just the time he got dunked on by Tyler Hansbrough.

First order of business: Who was that mysterious person we caught a glimpse of at the end? Also, despite being possibly slighly taller than Kenny, it seems like Sun can't dunk without leaving the ground. As a result, he needed five surgeries by the time he was 21. But there have been men as tall or taller than Muresan and Bol who failed to succeed at the sport seemingly designed for them. Competition there is, well, easier. Fingleton moved from his hometown of Durham, England, to Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1997 to pursue his apparent basketball potential. What makes a Guinness World Records title? With a combined height of 13 ft 10.72 in (423.47 cm), Sun Mingming, 33, and his wife Xu Yan, 29, of China, claim the title for Tallest married couple, measuring 7 ft 8.98 in (236.17 cm) and 6 ft 1.74 in (187.3 com) respectively. We use cookies on this website. How to set or break a Guinness World Records title. Sun played in Mexico and Japan, eventually returning to his homeland for a stint with the Beijing Ducks of the Chinese Basketball Association in 2009. The Globetrotters then had Guinness certify him as the tallest pro basketball player in the world—snubbing Sun, who was taller than Sturgess, perhaps as revenge for Sun snubbing the Globetrotters.

He died of heart failure last year at age 36. For my friends who are 6-foot-5, this question is expected. Just take the experiences of Sun Mingming, Neil Fingleton, Paul Sturgess, and more. In a matchup with VMI, he played for just six seconds; even though he essentially went one-on-five against a team doing everything in its power to stop him from getting the ball and to keep him away from the basket, he hit the game-winning dunk. And for the tallest people on the planet, society all but demands they play basketball, even if they don’t like the sport or aren’t particularly good at it. Sun played with several American minor league teams, including the USBL team Dodge City Legend,[1] the ABA team Maryland Nighthawks,[6] and the IBL team Grand Rapids Flight. The Globetrotters “drafted” him in 2011 alongside Lionel Messi—they had previously drafted Sun Mingming, as well as The Ringer’s own Mark Titus—but unlike Messi, Sun, and Titus, Sturgess was interested in playing. A Jazz scout told The New York Times in 2007 that Sun had “a little bit of skill,” but “can’t get up and down the floor.” When NBATV interviewed Mavericks general manager Donnie Nelson about Sun before the 2005 NBA draft, Nelson said the giant had “a lot of work to do” and implied that Sun couldn’t even play for a major college program. With eight weeks nearly in the books, let’s take stock of the playoff picture—and the factors that could shape it the rest of the way. Plus: The New York Times’ Mark Leibovich. Billed as “Tiny,” his signature move was the no-jump dunk. Fingleton’s first role was as a suddenly beer-thirsty version of “The Thinker” in a Miller Lite ad. Gheorghe Muresan and Manute Bol were both 7-foot-7, the tallest players in NBA history.

He hasn’t received any college scholarship offers to date.

Someone cut together a highlight mix of his debut, the first one I’ve ever seen in which the highlighted player records zero statistics. So off Sturgess went around the world, posing on top of skyscrapers, riding camels, spinning balls on his finger, and carrying shorter players on his back to dunks.


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