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椎名 まゆり "What made me happy today" - reply with ". It is recommended to make a different save slot before replying to the first one in order to come back afterwards and choose a different response (see, You will obtain this trophy after reaching Mayuri's Ending. Their fate after going back to the past, however, is unknown. Mayushii (Anime), Stabbed by a Rounder whilst in a taxi with Rintaro. Japanese: This trophy is obtained by replying to a certain mail that Mayuri sends you; you need to be on Mayuri's route (which means not the True Ending route) in order to receive it. You will earn this trophy after finishing Chapter 5. Age: Steins;Gate Elite is available on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. I need to see Chris-chan! After exploring Akihabara and trying to contact his friends, Rintaro finds out that only Faris remembers him. That voice tells me to 'find happiness'. Nintendo Switch PC ... Firstly i should note the true end method and all text chains are the same as the original game but emails dont have attachments anymore so no collectible wallpapers or ring tones etc. On a date with Mayuri, she says she had a very important friend that she doesn't remember who and that sometimes, she hears a voice, a voice that tells her to 'find happiness'.

"Now, on TV" - upon reading it you will unlock the trophy. Mayushii doesn't want you to do bad things...", "We should work towards world peace. "About my older sister" - upon reading it you will unlock the trophy. According to Rintaro, it made the Microwave sound silly. Several days after her funeral, Luka uses the Time-Leap Machine to go back to the day Mayuri died, with the intention of making her wish of seeing her wearing a cosplay a reality. Steins;Gate She is also an avid cosplay maker and friend of Luka Urushibara and Akiha Rumiho. She is also an avid cosplay maker and friend of Luka Urushibara and Akiha Rumiho. Okabe must choose between saving Mayuri or Kurisu. During the year 2036 in the Beta Attractor Field, Mayuri becomes Kagari Shiina's adoptive mother. All Worldlines Complete. Mayuri's eyebrows are noticeably thick. Shot by a Rounder whilst in a taxi with Rintaro. Name

This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Steins;Gate Elite PlayStation 4 . After knowing about Okabe's journey to save her, about all people's happiness he sacrificed, and about Okabe's decisions, Mayuri cries and blamed herself, running to see Kurisu. On August 21, 2010, as Rintaro goes back to the past alongside Suzuha Amane to save Kurisu's life, Mayuri stays behind with Itaru Hashida.

Shortly before the seminar, she managed to win a rare metal Upa out of a slot machine, but lost it a few moments later. Please see the. Jellified after being sent to the past with SERN's incomplete time machine. Skyclad Observer. Female You will obtain this trophy after reaching Faris' Ending, which is done by NOT sending the D-Mail at the end of Chapter 7. Weight: You will earn this trophy after finishing Chapter 1. Eye Color:

Mayuri holds Okabe's hand (Doing 'Stardust Handshake') and wondering if that important friend is the reason she is with Okabe right now, saying she wants to say thanks. There are no missable tips, so this trophy is marked as unmissable, but it goes without saying that you need to complete every chapter and ending to gain all of them. As a child, Mayuri was close friends with Rintaro Okabe, and they could often be seen together. Kana Hanazawa Her hair forms fringes that sweep from either side. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. You will earn this trophy after finishing Chapter 3. This trophy is obtained by replying to a certain mail that Suzuha sends you. Black Out of fear that something could happen to her, Rintaro tried to call out to her while when she was in the cemetery.

Anime: Mayuri, who in this worldline still works at May Queen, does not have any recollection of Rintaro. Due to Attractor Field convergence, Mayuri is destined to die on August of 2010 in the Alpha Attractor Field. "My family" ------------------- reply with ". Shīna Mayuri Once Rintaro finally reaches the Beta Attractor Field after sacrificing the life of Kurisu, Mayuri is the one to embrace him as his mad scientist façade crumbles. But now you're fine. To do that, you need to reply with ". After Kagari Shiina successfully recovers her memories after almost being hit by a truck while searching for the origin of a song she remembered, Mayuri discovers that she is her daughter from the future, and they proceed to live the several following months happily together. Status: Mayuri also does not question Daru's perverted comments and mannerisms, or is not in any way offended by them.

After hacking into SERN's database with the IBN computer, 1% divergence is achieved. Prologue of the Beginning and the End. You will know when you have to choose when the screen changes. Active I feel so stupid! This trophy is obtained by replying to a certain mail that Faris sends you. It is only visible to you.

--------------------- reply with ", "Being here" -------------- upon reading it you will unlock, "The key" ---------------------------- reply with ", "(  ゚  Д ゚  )" ------------------------- reply with ", "You’re delusional, I know" - reply with ". First Appearance Mayuri is one of the main characters of Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0. You will obtain this trophy after reaching Luka's Ending, which is done by NOT sending the D-Mail at the end of Chapter 8. You will earn this trophy after clearing the prologue and watching the opening sequence. You don't need Mayushii to be your hostage anymore. We highly recommend playing the original game over Elite if possible, as Elite makes some cuts to the story. She also wears leggings underneath her clothing.

Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), ᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁・♡・᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁᠁.

And sometimes, I hear a voice.

You will obtain this trophy after reaching Suzuha's Ending, which is done by NOT sending the D-Mail at the end of Chapter 6. Mayuri is a short girl with short black hair and lightly blue iris. 45 kg Mayuri has a great fondness for cute things like Upa cushions, and likes to give cute nicknames to familiar people, like Okarin for Okabe, being a portmanteau of his last and first names Okabe Rintaro, even referring to herself as Mayushii, being a portmanteau of Mayuri Shiina. However, after the death of her grandmother, she entered a state of PTSD that caused her to be unable to talk to others, and could be seen in front of her grandmother's grave in the cemetery most of the time. Blood Type: Future Gadget Lab After being brain-washed by Alexis Leskinen and capturing Rintaro Okabe against her will, Maho Hiyajo roams Akihabara, with no clear goal in mind. This, alongside Mayuri's recent dreams of her own deaths, makes her belief herself to be a burden to Rintaro. "Cat tongue nya" ------------------------ upon reading it you will unlock the trophy. On July 28, 2010, Mayuri attended alongside Rintaro Dr. Nakabachi's time machine seminar. Mayuri's voice was used as a user guide for the Phone Microwave. Everything is the choice of Steins Gate, El Psy Kongroo. Voice Actors Despite his best efforts to reach the Beta Attractor Field, he unknowingly grows distant of Mayuri, which she notices. ", "Finally... Mayushii was... useful... to Okarin."

Some months later, Mayuri accidentally discovered the PhoneWave's hidden function, resulting in a bunch of gelified bananas, which she called "gelnanas". All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. S;G: 16 S;G 0: 16 — 17 As the number of members of the lab increases, and, in particular, due to the appearance of Kurisu Makise, Mayuri starts to think that Rintaro does not need her anymore, and starts worrying about her future.

During the year 2036 in the Beta Attractor Field, Mayuri becomes Kagari Shiina's adoptive mother. This event leads Rintaro to travel back to the past to try and save her. As the Future Gadget Lab's experiments with the PhoneWave and the D-Mails proceed, Mayuri grows exponentially worried that they may be doing something wrong, but never attempts to stop Rintaro.

Check the trophy description of Paradox Meltdown to see the required mail responses for Kurisu's Ending.

Learned why Mayuri started making costumes. As Rintaro refuses to sacrifice Luka Urushibara's feelings and going back to the worldline where she was born as a man, they both are left with no other option but accept Mayuri's inevitable death. To earn this trophy you need to send the D-Mail at the end of Chapter 6, you will notice when the screen changes. This trophy is obtained after reading all tips in the game. Even though Rintaro time leaps a multitude of times to avoid her death, not even his best efforts can trick fate. Check it out here. Characteristics For it to happen, you need to be on the right route, which means replying with ", You will unlock this naturally when going for, You will obtain this trophy after reaching Kurisu's Ending, which is done by replying Assistant's mail with certain responses. Kagari, not wanting to be separated from her mother, opposes, but as she discovers Mayuri's reasoning to do so, decides to go herself alongside Suzuha Amane. When she attends to her work at May Queen Nyan-nyan, she wears a blonde wig tied into a long ponytail. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Steins;Gate Elite Trophy Guide By KN ... Kurisu's Ending is strictly tied to the True Ending, so doing it first will put Mayuri's Ending in between preventing you from experiencing the same ending scenes back to back. Mayuri Shiina (椎名 まゆり, Shīna Mayuri), also known as Mayushii☆, is Rintaro Okabe's childhood friend, a part-time worker at May Queen Nyan-nyan and a member of the Future Gadget Lab. Played through everything in STEINS;GATE ELITE, "Scientist??" If you have not already earned.

Shortly after Rintaro creates the Future Gadget Lab in 2010, Mayuri was the first one to join it, as she felt that Rintaro was lonely all by himself and wanted to be with him. This trophy is obtained by replying to a certain mail that Luka sends you. Learned about Luka's relationship to his sister. Megan Shipman (Steins;Gate 0 Eps.15-onwards). © Valve Corporation. Mayuri then runs away. Personal Status However, as the time limit for the Time Machine's fuel approaches, Mayuri decides to go back to the past herself to convince Rintaro to save Kurisu. You will obtain this trophy after reaching the True Ending. Romaji: ", "Hum, I don't know who it was but Mayushii feels like she had a very important friend.

Gender: You will know when you have to choose when the screen changes. Completed all endings.

These are some of the ways Mayuri dies, as seen in the visual novel and the anime adaptation: In world lines where Okabe manages to avoid any and other means of death, as well as worldlines where she can't be killed by rounders because they are uninvolved, Mayuri only dies of heart attacks like the time when Kurisu accompanies her to ComiMa.


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