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for servers though, the config will most likely be neccesary to grant specific players admin privalleges, however, i do not know for sure.

This command can be used to set whether or not blocks within a specified dungeon are breakable. If you update your mod please let a moderator know so we can move it back to the active section. /previewquestfailed [quest id] [position] [species] Debug Mode.

This command will hide and show (toggle the visibility of) a specified layer. I needed godmode because all my items were on the BOTTOM OF THE WORLD which instakills you.

what advancements have been made by completed missions, etc. Starbound Cheats – General commands. The time, in seconds, you wish to ban the user for.

See all ids on our. This command will toggle (enable and disable) your PvP mode.

Privacy Contact Cookie & Privacy Settings, How to Spawn Money with Commands in Starbound. The name of the command you wish to receive help for.

/kick [username / uuid] [reason] Admin Only. Some of them do not work, or are broken. Adds overpowered matter manipulator like tools! This command shows you the total amount of deaths you have had as your current character. Increase RPG Growth's level cap to 4630, also increases skills. (should), how do you do this on mac because i can't find the server.config file. Also grants invisibility + invincibility. This command will reset all universe flags (so none will be set) - things like the Outpost will be reset to their initial state after executing this command.

Note that your local username isn't the same as your server username.

The username or UUID of the player you wish to ban from the server.

The ID of the quest you wish to start, surrounded by single and double quotes ('" and "').

You can switch between different command layouts by pressing the "Table View" and "Card View" buttons.

This command spawns a monster, specified by its ID.

This command sends your character a radio message specified by its ID. Universe flags control what stage the universe in the game is at - e.g.

Optional. This command reloads your client assets.

The ID of the universe flag to set, all flags: The number of the layer to toggle visibility of, layer numbers are between 1 and 20. When PvP mode is on, you can attack other players, and other players can attack you. This command fails the quest with the specified ID (allowing you to start again).

This command will send you a message with your current celestial coordinate location. not for sure how a mac's folder is set up. /spawnliquid [liquid id] [amount] Admin Only. This command completes the quest with the specified ID. With God Mode turned on, your character cannot take damage, and has the following stats: Unlimited Hydration, Unlimited Fullness, Unlimited Health, Unlimited Energy, Unlimited Stamina, Unlimited Armor, Unlimited Cold Armor and Unlimited Stealth. See examples for help. This command kicks the player with the specified name or UUID (you can specify either) from the server.

Is there a godmode command?

When set to true, blocks are not breakable, if set to false, blocks are not protected and can be broken.

See argument information for a list of stage hands. /giveessentialitem [item id] [slot id] Debug Mode.

Default is 1 if not specified. /maketechavailable [technology id] Debug Mode. Jan 31, 2015 @ 5:54pm God Mode command? Jan 6, 2018 @ 5:10am Issue isn't dying its just falling and needing to beam down and up again to resume work on it #2. halcraft13. ClientShipWorld:c9202eeda42c23dbda3960f07f1ee8ab, Player:PLAYERUUID - this will teleport you to player with the specified UUID, they must be online. Outdated Mods have been moved to their own category! Outdated Mods have been moved to their own category! See argument information for a list of flag IDs.

Optional. This command clears the history of radio messages your character has received. Specify false here to disable protection (allowing blocks to be broken within the dungeon). Player:c9202eeda42c23dbda3960f07f1ee8ab, Nowhere=COORDINATE - this will warp you to the specified coordinate in your current world - e.g.

The ID of the item you wish to spawn. 1.go into the starbound folder, usually in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound directory, while in game press "enter" type "/admin". An example of a celestial coordinate is '4_12_-218667161_2'. The server username, client ID or UUID of the player you wish to find the celestial coordinates of.


The name of the statistic to view the value of.

This stops your mechs energy from draining however you still can get damaged. Commands requiring admin privileges have Admin Only in their description in the below table. Today we take a look at the basic use of commands in Starbound. This command enables and disables (toggles) admin mode.

Layer numbers: The lua code to run in context of the entity that's closest to your cursor. Privacy Contact Cookie & Privacy Settings, /settileprotection [dungeon id] [true / false], /spawnitem [item id] [amount] [parameters'], /spawnmonster [monster id] [level] [parameters'], /spawnnpc [species id] [type] [level] [seed] [parameters'], /spawnstagehand [stage hand type] [parameters'], /ban [username / uuid] [reason] [ip / uuid / both] [time], /placedungeon [dungeon id] [x,y] [parameters'], /previewnewquest [quest id] [position] [species], /previewquestcomplete [quest id] [position] [species], /previewquestfailed [quest id] [position] [species], This command will spawn the item with the specified ID at your mouse cursor.


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