spoke texting for campaigns

Use a 12-hour time, such as 9 am.

While campaign calls and texts are exempt from the Do Not Call List requirements, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act contains specific rules they must follow.

There’s a reason campaigns and organizations all Join us for one of our group demos and see for yourself. Among young adults 18–34, texting is the single most preferred channel for personal communications. Like Obama’s historic text message, making anticipated announcements via text is a great way to actively involve supporters. Maximize your subscribers by employing one or more of these enticing incentives. Back to All Guides | More Industry Guides. Any opt-out responses are removed automatically from your data.

And most are read within 5 seconds!

When you are ready to start the campaign, click the Start this campaign button in the top right.

No credit card required. To set texting hours: Open the Texting Hours tab. Connect with young people personally to win their hearts, minds, and ultimately their votes. It's a great way to practice deploying Spoke or see it in action.

Become an SMS master with industry insights, best practices and more. Let's chat about your specific needs. That’s why we let you try it free for two weeks. The efficacy of text message campaigning is one issue both parties can agree on. Offer supporters who subscribe the chance to hear it first. Your keyword confirmation, which can be an SMS or MMS message, also gives you a great opportunity to welcome new subscribers right off the bat! But there are exceptions detailed below. We’re confident you’ll love how easy it is to send text messages with SimpleTexting. Step 3: Set texting hours. A classical marketing strategy, sweepstakes have been used by politicians to generate interest, donations, and valuable contacts. Consumers have more power than ever before. segment, our team will design, launch and send your high impact text campaigns.

Try SimpleTexting free for 14 days. Select a default timezone to apply to contacts without zip codes.

Regardless of your party or beliefs, texting can also be a great way to encourage people to get active and exercise their 15th amendment right.

What are the best ways to use political text messages for your campaign?


Spoke administrators and owners are able to create campaigns from the Spoke administration dashboard. 30 volunteers needed to go door to door in South Philly this Sunday. As your experience and confidence grow, you can sign up with more textbanking organizations and candidates to expand your texting options and reach. We charge $0.02 per However, you have the option to manually assign a number of contacts to an individual texter while building the campaign.

Examples of political announcement text messages could be: election day vote count updates, running mate decisions, debate highlights, and event reminders. Search for the name of the texter. Political Robocall Restrictions. Have conversations (real fast!) Select a default timezone to apply to contacts without zip codes.

Enter a start time. Perform one of the following: For more information, see Contact overlap management. Releasing information in politics is always a carefully crafted process, and you want to make sure your message is heard when you want it to be. The polls are open until 8 p.m. Get those votes in and have your voice heard! But there’s even more who need just a bit of motivation to get interested.

By turning supporters into subscribers, you can better engage the public, organize rallies and events, and ultimately mobilize the vote.

For a few cents more per Marketing Tools Are No Match for Customer Power December 5, 2019. Before you start the campaign, double-check the previous steps to ensure you have properly entered and saved the campaign details. The Ultimate SMS Marketing Guide FREE E-Book. Leading up the election, be sure to give constituents notice of early and absentee voting deadlines. *Average initial message is usually two segments. It’s also 100% mobile friendly! If you have uploaded contacts who also appear as contacts within other campaigns, those campaigns are listed in the Campaign overlap management window.

First and foremost, ensure that you’re advertising the fact that replying to messages with STOP will unsubscribe someone at any time. Click on any candidate to learn how to join their textbanking team:

Optional — Add additional canned responses.

Text WASHINGTON to (833) 602-8038 to enter for your chance to win a personal dinner with George! Send your first message in minutes.

In 2008, candidate Barack Obama announced his VP pick of Joe Biden to nearly 3 million Americans via text messaging. Presidential hopeful Bobby Flay has chosen Rachael Ray as his VP pick. Repeat until you've finished adding the campaigns you want to exclude. It’s also 100% mobile friendly! It’s fast, reliable, and a fraction of the cost of its competitors. Politics Rewired Ready to get started?

Additionally, know that it is illegal to buy phone numbers or contact lists and send them messages without consent. If your constituents can’t donate money, a great alternative is asking them to donate time. Give subscribers early access to fundraiser tickets, front-row spots at rallies, and other promotional perks.

As Obama did with his announcement of running mate Joe Biden, an anticipated announcement is an excellent incentive. Scale to Win offers a premium texting platform trusted by the biggest democratic campaigns for a fraction of the cost. Also, be sure to inquire about our turnkey texting program. That way, win or lose, you’ve made a difference! Powered by Help Scout, To create an interaction script, follow the instructions in.

It’s been called the most important text message in history. An activity report is provided for each campaign that details failed or undelivered messages so we can continue to cleanse your database, making future campaigns more cost effective. Who will John pick for his veep?

Obama went on to use those 3 million contacts to organize rallies, inform supporters, and generate record-shattering donations from grassroots contributors. Enter an end time.

If you’re ready to give text marketing a try, we encourage you to sign up for a free trial account with us.

Follow up instructions located here. Text marketing is guided by all things compliance . (You must already have your VAN integration set up.

If they can’t make it, be sure to alert them about important media appearances they won’t want to miss as well. Use your voice to encourage voter registration. By default, auto-assignment is turned off. You’ve seen how powerful text messages can be to a political campaign. Enter a team name in the field, and click the team name in the list. Turning on auto-assignment allows your texters to pick up the assignment automatically from the request form. No credit card required. and then review and download the results of your campaign! over the country are switching to Spoke to send millions of text messages.

And yes, it’s really free.

There are millions of U.S. citizens who still aren’t registered to vote.

Read on to learn how. Votebuilder / VAN), and click the refresh button at the far right of the screen. Use a 12-hour time, such as 9 pm. Locate the contact-list CSV file and click. Most Democratic campaigns are using ThruText now, so learning that system will help you join other campaigns. There’s a reason campaigns and organizations all over the country are switching to Spoke to send millions of text messages. Enter an initial message, optionally using custom fields (e.g.

It’s fast, reliable, and a fraction of the cost of its competitors. This will help keep them educated and your political text messages understood.

Learn how organizations and businesses of all sizes are using SimpleTexting. But when it comes to political text messages, extra precautions should be taken to ensure no campaign regulations are broken. We've got you covered with a wide range of solutions.

© Specify the number of contacts to assign to the texter. You’ll get 50 messages plus your own custom keyword.

But outside of those guidelines, you’re free to interact with your audience per campaign rules! Here are just a few places to include your call to action: Tons of supporters will subscribe to your text campaign simply because they support you. While there are many ways to collect your supporters’ cell numbers (a digital or physical sign-up form, for example), there’s one method that consistently gets the most subscribers: ask them to text you!

Enter values for the following fields: From the Contacts tab, perform the following steps: For more information on the formatting requirements for your CSV file, see Contact lists. Click Save. Maximize your success and invite your supporters to rallies, town hall meetings, and other campaign events all via text message! Organize rallies and recruit volunteers all with a simple text.

No credit card, no contract, just free. Use a 12-hour time, such as 9 pm. Click here to visit the Spoke Documentation microsite! Start typing the name of the campaign you want to use for filtering. Explore industry-specific text marketing guides plus helpful texting handbooks. Find your polling place here: http://txt.st/LUKRBX #VoteForStreep. Below, we share strategies to help your campaign get as many subscribers as possible.

For more information, see Auto-assignment mode.

All rights reserved. Optional — Exclude contacts who also appear as contacts within another campaign. #TeamRollo Charlotte. Our resilient SMS marketing platform is hugely scalable, with bulk message send volumes ranging from 100 to hundreds of thousands.

Optional — Entirely restrict conversation assignment to members of the listed teams by toggling the switch on.

The Romney campaign championed texting as well, stating that “the American public has embraced texting as an important form of communication and commerce.”.

There was a problem submitting your feedback. Want a chance to get tickets to Abraham’s fundraiser before everyone else? When you’re ready to upgrade to a paid account, just change your billing plan from the dashboard.


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