speedhack cheat engine
Useful for games where you have to be quick, or when you have a long walk ahead of you and don't want to waste time.

fontsize=5 Just click the big download button above Currently there's not much there but in the future I'll be adding some extras like special ranks in the forum, custom builds, pre-releases while stuff is being verified/certified, and other stuff. However when I find the 'right' one, I can slow down the frame rate, but the game still processes at normal speed.

Obviously chrome will bitch about this, but you will be able to use the speedhack without a problem, https://wiki.cheatengine.org/index.php?title=Cheat_Engine:Speedhack&oldid=6971. else And you can of course contribute yourself by adding to the source on GitHub or become a patreon

August 20 2019:Cheat Engine 7.0 Released: New major version released. It does this by telling you to slow down your downloading software, and when the software is slowed down, the software has a longer idea of what a "second" is(setting your software to half would make it think it's double, etc). added ansicode character support for textRect, added loadFromStream and saveToStream to the RasterImage class, added readAnsiString and writeAnsiString to the Stream class, Better document the mode field of createFileStream, Added the DrawItemEvent general GUI property to Lua's callback system, Added the MenuDrawItemEvent general GUI property to Lua's callback system, Added the ContextPopupEvent general GUI property to Lua's callback system, Created a new Diagram class group which can allow you to create graphs and diagrams, Memoryrecord.DropDownValue and DropDownDescription work now (still RO), Stackview can now show by reference , previously it did nothing, the "resume thread" in the threadlist now resumes threads instead of freezing them, fixed an error popping up when editing registers with no debugger attached, getNameFromAddress will not show userdefined symbols when symbols are disabled, Waiting till all symbols have been loaded has been removed, Launching structure compare from dissect data now only needs 1 address, though it's recommended to have at least 2 each, Code completion in lua engine is now more smoother, You can now compare traces generated by the tracer, Threadlist window now has a copy to clipboard, Structure compare now digs deeper into pointers, Pointerscan import/export now works with newer types as well, Added rudimentary sort to the structure compare window (based on levelwidth only), Referenced strings now also shows if it's unicode, Formdesigner now has a context menu to add undocumented controls, added getWriteLog (Let's you get the writelog and activate it), HexadecimalView: added the OnCharacterRender and OnValueRender events.

if (UserWidth <= 800) Please report bugs and give suggestions for improvements in the bug tracker or forum

Use Cheat Engine to speed up your BitTorrent downloads It's not just for hacking games - you can also use Cheat Engine to improve the speed of your BitTorrent downloads. UserWidth = window.screen.width; This can be disabled if it causes performance issues with dbvm_setTSCAdjust(disable), implement VPID support in DBVM (performance increase), kernelmode->driverlist now also shows driver exports, kernelmode symbols now also show in the enum dll's and exports, change the way slow symbol lookup is handled, several small updates to the codecave scanner, several small updates to the hexview find window, Use defered pdb loading instead of waiting for it, Several more windows have been made DPI Aware, Add option to show processid's as decimal in the processlist, When pressing shift+space instead of space to follow an instruction you will now open a new memview window, Added *:undefined support for dropdown lists, Added init.lua files for translations to use, Some extra windows will now save their location, Exe trainer generator now lets you change the default files, The description of conditional jumps is better to understand now, Ultimap2 can now keep the tracer files and scan kernelmode memory as well if desired, Groups now get created afgter the selected item, Smartedit can now also 'smart'-edit children, You can now pick a breakpoint type without having to go to settings, and once picked it will be the default type for Toggle breakpoints until changes again, Floating point screen will now stay within the screen, Clicking execute in the lua engine will now change focus back to the editor field, Debugger interface settings will now only lock after a succesful attach, Some translation improvements here and there, DBVM changeregonbp's are now displayed in CE's interface as well, The foundlist colors can be customized now, Improved DBVM cloak performance when more than 20 regions are cloaked, Implemented DBVM based execute watch and "find what addresses this code accesses", Implemented DBVM breakpoints (They always execute afterwards, including execute bp's), Improved autocomplete so it now doesn't delete old code, fixed VEH debug not handling breakpoints when a thread is created/destroyed right at the same time as a breakpoint, fixed rounded Extreme for float and double scans, speedhack now waits for proper dll injection, improved the stability of dbvm find what * routines, fixed the hit counter in dbvm find what * routines, fixed DBVM memoryleak when disabling watches, fixed DBVM internal memory manager (more stable now), fixed internal VirtualToPhysicalCR3 when dealing with 2MB+ pagesizes, fixed executeCodeEx for more than 4 parameters, fixed static field script in mono by adding 64-bit codegeneration, fixed mono process crashing in some cases, fixed NO_CACHE memory being scanned anyhow even if it was disabled, fixed dealing with floating point values that are too big to be useful, fixed setting DR7 to a strange value when using global debug, fixed clearing DR6 when in the wrong process in kernel debug, fixed triggering kernelmode breakpoints in locations you can not properly break (no interrupts), fixed loading dbvm inside dbvm inside dbvm inside dbvm, fixed autoassembler replacing words in quoted strings, fixed processwatcher not getting a proper PID, fixed hotkeys triggering changed/unganged for types they aren't supposed to, fixed showing dr2, dr3 and dr4 types in the threadlist, getWindowList now returns the results just like ce's window list, documented OnChangeBounds for the Control class (was already there, now documented as well), executeCodeEx can now also taker just parameters without typedefs, added description field to memrec.createHotkey method, readStringEx() can now deal with partial memory reads, executeCodeEx: Fixed more than 4 parameters, fixed editbox selstart/sellength types, and added CaretPos, added HeaderSection class and document HeaderSections.


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