spearfish creek trout fishing

What are your biggest regrets from 2019? They stare you in the face each and every day, mocking you until they are crossed off the list. An anglers paradise, the Canyon is home to excellent fishing and spectacular views without the crowds. This is a conversation we had recently with a small group of anglers fishing the driftless region of Minnesota. February 28, 2020 Get the fly down to the fish. Tyson Gonzales, one of our SCFS guides, gave a great recap on spring, summer, and... Yeah, we've got snow in the hills. Yes, there might be snow and some wind. But the fish do not stop eating, so you shouldn't stop fishing either. 1 – Stealth over casting distance – Most of the water in Spearfish Creek is quite fast. It was interesting that two anglers at the event were mentored by Wayne Lindstadt, who was in attendance. It’s a great rod that fishes exceptionally well at a great price! Many fishing stories were shared throughout our day together. I’ve said that there’s a fish behind every rock in the canyon, and I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. Surrounded by the Black Hills National Forest, Spearfish Creek is a fly fishing paradise and holds one of the finest populations of wild rainbow trout in the Black Hills.

Like any fish in the early Spring when the water is really cold, they can be tough to catch. Made us very proud to call this place home. I can't say that there are many, but here are five that you should check out during the winter months. Fish the fast water and you’ll be shocked at how many fish are in water you didn’t even consider fishing previously. There are many good fishing spots here, but the best areas are near Spearfish Canyon. The immediate area holds mostly brown trout. Nearby Fishing License Purchase Locations: Download the instant digital version or get a shiny one in the mail. Spending a weekend fishing, camping, hiking, and sight seeing here can make for a great escape into the wilderness, but with the convenience of nearby towns. Spearfish Creek combines this abundance of trout with easy access, incredible scenery in Spearfish Canyon, and the wide variety of outdoor recreation opportunities into one beautiful package.

Even with the great population of fish and all the water available to the walking fisherman, Spearfish Creek can be a tough nut to crack when you go there for the first few times. Call your local ninja because you will need them. It got me thinking about the great fishing movies that have graced the big screen.

Live like a South Dakota local whenever, wherever, Outdoor destinations + local stories & exclusive outdoor events. There are deeper holes which gives them more room to grow and I’m sure since there is lots of prairie grass along the creek the trout get to feed on grasshoppers and other insects that don’t inhabit the cooler canyon. A short trot west of Spearfish Canyon, Iron Creek Lake is a no wake/no high-speed watercraft lake, making it a perfect place to catch yellow perch and rainbow trout. Even in the winter, the creek typically doesn't freeze over completely, though there will be some ice.

Both stretches offer great fishing for brook trout. There’s a hundred different ways to rig this, but I’ve had good success rigging like this. Spearfish Creek is the second largest stream in the Black Hills and supplies some of the most diverse and best fishing in the Hills. Basketball-sized rocks will often have a dozen fish holding behind them. Strong midge hatches on sunny South Dakota days have made for frequent winter-time successes on the water. Along with fishing, Spearfish Creek is a peaceful spot for picnicking, bird watching and nature photography, especially in the fall when autumn foliage is in its prime. Check out our Fly Fishing in Spearfish Canyon Package and enjoy two night’s lodging, cocktails, and a full-day fishing license.

Search the water before you begin to get an idea of what bug to put on. These are our favorite spots to chase big fish in the spring: January 10, 2020

On a warm day, visitors can grab a tube and some friends to relax and float down the creek’s clear waters. Most times (even with the most dedicated anglers) people will hunker down when the weather turns and wait for it to warm up. The Premier Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Fly Shop and destination for the Black Hills of South Dakota. © 2020 RootsRated, Inc. All rights reserved. Even in the fastest of water, there’s almost always a slow edge that extends from the bank out anywhere from 6 inches to several feet, and there’s fish in nearly every one of these edges. But when we share our knowledge with others in the fishing community, and see the fruits of that labor, it’s like we are catching those fish right along with you. I believe that more fly fishing enthusiasts in the world mean more people working hard to protect our wildlife and fisheries.


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