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Castlevania Requiem: Nothing but Annette Trophy, The magic crystal (or magic ball in the original Japanese version) is a reddish sphere that materializes in the air after eliminating the boss of each stage, either under the normal or alternate routes, and which subsequently, falls to the ground for you to pick it up and clear the stage. While the Librarian's shop is relatively easy to access with a Library Card item in SotN, Aria's merchant is right at the front gate of the castle once you find him. Wait there until a bird lands in the nest and you feel your dual-shock 4 controller’s vibrating, then exit the room.

Important: It is recommended that you keep “surprising” the Master Librarian a couple of times more to get the Axe Lord Armor (Whip First, Axe Questions Later) as well as other important items like the Ring of Arcana and the Dracula's Tunic (available only after saving Richter). Don't break all the shell parts or it will go berserk.

Fly through the passage from left to right as a bat, then, when reaching the end, morph to the wolf form and walk back through it from right to left.

Once behind it, you will face a Hawk, which after being killed will drop the key you need to save Annette. It is fair to say that rising Aussie high jump ace Nicola McDermott discovered her calling early in life. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Defeat all three of the denizens of Oz.

Easiest way: If you chose to keep your starting equipment, execute the Shield Rod + Alucard Shield Combo or use your Alucard Sword [B](“Tips and Tricks”). Castlevania Requiem: Dawn of the Dead Trophy Here is a video I made to show you how you can defeat Dracula easily with Maria. Regardless of the method you choose to obtain the Axe Lord Armor, the trophy will be yours as soon as you equip it. Castlevania: Rondo of Blood: Test the Ferryman's patience. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Play as Richter and defeat Shaft in the Inverted Castle.

Dodge his spheres and turn into mist when they emit electricity. The clock will make some sounds and the roof will open, revealing a new area from where you can access the final battle. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Defeat Galamoth, ruler of space. Keep in mind that the Super Jump can be repeated in mid-air as long as you have the MP to perform the Super Jump. A Bird's Life This is because the alternate routes take longer and have more (and harder) enemies. …To Forgive, Divine Consider using armor that increases your protection against holy attacks and attack with weapons that deal dark damage.

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The enemy will not stand a chance. The Leap Stone will be floating above the ground. Check the map below for his location: Once you have the Leather Shield and either the Shield Rod or the Mablung Sword, equip both, press and at the same time and you will cast a cow spell, which will give you the trophy.

Later he'll move to the background and charge up an energy ball, just turn into mist to avoid it. Right after finishing the fight against Olrox, follow the corridor on the left side (if you come from the main tower of the Royal Chapel it is the room after the door) and when you reach the chandelier, jump and hit the ceiling (or use a spell like soul steal), a new room will open and, after entering it you will find the Fairy Card.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Hear the song of the Fairy Familiar. Load your game one more time and grind some gold coins to buy Joseph's Cloak and the Duplicator from the Master Librarian.

Wait a few seconds and Alucard will fall asleep (you will see the “Zs” above his head like in the picture below) and you will get the trophy.

This enables, among other things, the possibility of buying an item known as Duplicator, which will literally grant you the an unlimited amount of use of items (to try the peanut trophy, for instance).

There are two ways of getting this trophy.

Check the Map Below: To access this room, you will need the Blue Jewel relic (purchased from the Master Librarian), the Soul of Bat, the Echo of Bat (to get through the spike room), the Form of Mist (Vampire’s Greatest Hits); in addition to the Spike Breaker armor, which can be obtained after going through the spike room in the Catacombs located in the following part of the map: TIP: You can actually get the Silver Ring without getting the spike armor. The Silver Ring whose inscription says "... in ... Tower", is located in the west corridor of the Royal Chapel's main tower. However, the key that opens the door is obtained during the third area while being chased by the Behemoth. Finish What Kid Dracula Started The Merman Statue is located in the following part of the map: Once you obtain this relic, travel to the opposite end of the caverns and, after obtaining the relic the trophy will be yours! Normal way: Attack with the Crissaegrims or any strong weapon that is not poisonous, of electricity, fire or darkness. This shield is the first shield you will get in the game and you can find it either in the Alchemy Laboratory of the Normal Castle or as a drop from the enemies Slinger and Stone Rose. You can even grind the Intercepted trophy in this battle (Check the “Intercepted” trophy description) since it is so short. Castlevania: Rondo of Blood: Defeat Dracula as Maria.

There are eight spells you can use in SOTN, two of which require specific relics (wolf and bat) and one that requires the Sword Familiar. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Obtain the Crissaegrim weapon.

For the "easiest" way, just play Stage 8: Dracula - Boss Demo and once the video is over, you will get the trophy. After you defeat Dracula during the final battle (Lisa, forgive me…), your save data will show a “CLEAR” message during the memory card loading options, this enables, among other things, the possibility to play as Richter Belmont by selecting a new save data and entering the name RICHTER on it.

If at the end of the game you still do not have enough money to buy the cloak, there are some very good places that can help you farm the additional money needed (see Scientific Progress goes BOINK!) Normal way: If you choose to kill him the normal way, first off, you'll will need the Beryl Circlet, which can be found in the Reverse Entrance under the hidden room (Make it Rain). Once you get the card, activate the familiar and transform into a bat.

In this section, you will use the stage select feature to return to stage 1 and take the alternate routes while completing the remaining trophies.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Summon each Dawn Warrior at least once. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Surprise the Master Librarian. Omega_Angel Mudman: Mudman are summoned by the Lesser Demon boss in the Long Library. To unlock this trophy, you will need to complete any stage without taking damage. Check the map below for the closest clock subweapon location: How to get the Leap Stone

Castlevania Requiem: Whip First, Axe Questions Later Trophy. Repeat the process until the two fully grown chicks leave the nest, thus completing the circle of life. a room should appear in the top right part of the ceiling. For the purpose of this guide, and to obtain one of the few missable trophies in the game, it is necessary to first kill Richter in the throne room of the Castle Keep area (Normal Castle) without equipping the holy glasses given to you by Maria, hence getting the bad ending. When you see a Hawk carrying a sign, be careful as it comes an abrupt fall and you will have to jump to the right to save yourself from it. You will get this trophy after defeating Galamoth.

He will fall after a few seconds. TRACULA…?! Look for it in one of the web sites under the “Additional Resources” section of the guide and after killing it (them) you will get the trophy.

When he stops, leave the boat and jump back, he will give you something good. Close Associates Fairie: This is one of the nicer ones, she heals you when needed for both health and status. While you can get this trophy in any stage, the quickest and easiest way is Stage 1, however, be careful with the Wyvern Boss attacks, as they are quite fast and erratic, and you could get hit easily. The earliest way to obtain the Axe Lord Armor is to use the gravity boots and perform a high jump through the little opening underneath the Master Librarian's room in the Long Library of the normal castle (School of Hard Knocks). In order to get this relic, which is located at the eastern end part of the Underground Caverns, you must first obtain the Merman Statue, another relic whose only purpose is to summon the ferryman at eastern end of the caverns. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Obtain the Holy Symbol relic that allows Alucard to travel freely underwater.

The strategy with Maria and Richter is similar; however, in the case of Maria, it is recommended that you obtain the Dragon familiar from one of the chandeliers prior to the fight with Dracula. You will get the trophy once the three of them fall.

Lisa, forgive me… After that, focus on breaking the middle part so you can expose the core. In order to earn this trophy, you must obtain and equip the complete Alucart set (shield, mail and sword), an imitation of the original set with which you started the game.

Wargs: Wargs disappear after you enter the Alchemy Laboratory. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Defeat Richter using the Holy Glasses and unlock the Inverted Castle. The Jewel Sword is a sword that allows you to transform your enemies into jewels and obtain between one and four golden coins by executing the special command.


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