song seung heon daughter

You are among the best! muaonline Mar 10 2011 7:51 pm But its ok ,, I will keep coming back and write new comment for him ,, he deserve that ,,, I love you always and forever my favorat korean actor ,, no my fav actor all over the world <3 from middle east love you. Black 444 was quite a strong role and very well acted. What can I say...?

young Liu Yifei (right) with her mother and sibling (Image: linkeddb). you have very cute eyes. I love you so much!!! Carmela Nov 23 2019 8:46 pm Jackie Feb 29 2012 5:29 pm Hollywood speaks of the Korean film industry as innocent love stories and this a big breakthrough. dian setiati Jan 11 2012 5:28 am ahn nyung Song Seung Heon, i love ALL your movies...watched most of them more than twice, especially When a man loves, ep 3 was filmed in GUAM and i had wished to have met you...You are awesome and very talented and ofcourse handsome...keep up the great work! I love seung-heon song.....I can't stop watching your tv drama series and movies..u are the best... Peter Jan 20 2013 7:44 pm I really like SSH acting in endless love and he is so cool n your eyes..... lisa Jan 29 2011 5:24 pm Handsome. You are so handsome and cool. Wonderful work!!! He had been assaulted by protesters during the 2019 Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests. aqwa subari Jun 01 2011 9:47 pm Anyway, I personally think that Seong looks really macho & handsome with a moustache. Hi opa Song seung..I thougt I love you at the first sight in every your drama, and then I found we a twin but difference in 4 2nd in oct 1976...yeeeh More love you twiin.. mmmmmm Jun 03 2020 8:35 am Correct me if I am wrong. All these questions can only be answered by one person SONG SEUNG HEON , the man. I just watched, He Was Cool. We are avid fan of you. There's no doubt that he's hot, but honestly his acting is not matched with his looks, don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan, and his acting got much better than his beginning, he's so great to look at, but needs to work on "the depth" on his acting, he doesn't have that power to pull the audience and convince them with his character.... LITA Jan 30 2011 11:40 pm my one and only Song Seung Heon stay cool oppa :). He *made a comeback* with a small role in the 2008 drama The Iron Empress. i love to watch all your dramas more so MY PRINCESS and your actions fits you that your so good at it. Wish to see and chat with him! I just hope to see him more in other dramas? He also adds that he would love to cohabit with girlfriend Liu Yifei first before marriage. Aja! I may not watch it but I have it queued in my lap top. <3 ur doing a really good in my princess right now ;D keep up the good work even tho you probably won't read this, FIGHTING~!

the man who could be so asoring to watch " tough guy" oppa.

Fighting! Hope you end up happiness to your real sweet heart, princess Lee Seol. lol! On drama front...who could not mention Gaeul donghwa?

Pop Sep 19 2012 9:10 am My other favorites include "Yeoleum Hyangki" "Edenui dongjjuk" "Dakteo Jin" & finally "Saimdang". Everyone agrees you are super handsome !!! You are a good actor. ; you are an "Ambassador" for your country to the world. You're the BEST KOREAN ACTOR out there. Hope you're fine!! He was so badass in East of Eden. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 88/100 (16583 votes)


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