soma smoothie bike

Therefore, the bike can most certainly take 700x38 tires if you don't want fenders. $1,199.99. What I like about them is that they are well made but not common so you get a bike that isn't just another cookie cutter model from a globo-bike-company. Have a looke at the lugged Tange stem they sell. 0 bids.

So I have challenged myself with something that affects the whole of life. I also wish the bottom bracket were a bit lower. Soma Fabrications is a San Francisco-based designer/maker of steel bicycle frames, and parts and accessories for the urban cyclist and adventure cyclist. Please Log in to receive a notification when this item arrives in stock. How was the ride? I kept landing on the Soma Smoothie. Learned behavior that works for the right hand is not appropriate for the left.The other arcane skill that will keep your chain on is to softpedal for the shift. $1,650.00.

I was also thinking of using the IRD crank with Campagnolo. My biggest challenge in test riding stock roadbikes, is that I am most comfortable with Campagnolo ergo shifters and it is very rare to find a demo bicycle set up with Campagnolo. If you dream of biking daily in the city, with the occasional jaunt out of town, then this bike is for you.

( Log Out /  But in an age of oversize tubes rendered in moldable carbon, it’s no wonder so many riders covet this bike for its classic looks. Pink I didn't feel they had the ride quality of a Smoothie. The geometry yields a comfortable and fast ride.
If I ever have the time I will see where it can take me.

The 50/34 and 11-28 ours came with seems a sensible choice. Everywhere I looked for a steel frame that fit me in a decent steel set, was either expensive or what I considered heavy or built for the super commuting/camping group. A properly adjusted double should not drop the chain under normal circumstances. The bike does glide over rough asphalt but that has much, MUCH more to do with 28mm tires at 95psi than anything else. for wide range doubles, the CX 70.

I then remembered that this that was awesome feeling I got 30 years ago when I fell in love with cycling. Do they work well?I like how this bicycle is accessorized. All that's going on with the front shift is that it is (or appears to be from here) a 50/34. With its horizontal, non-compact, geometry and traditional round-tube profiles the Soma looks resolutely retro. - Optional matching carbon fork w/ alloy steerer available (The carbon fork may not fit some 28c tires); matching lugged steel fork available as well Vuelta a Espana 2020: Route, start list, TV guide, Egan Bernal faces months on sidelines with spine issue. I have ridden and truly enjoy all of the above bikes, but my mind kept wandering to something steel. The Fizik Ardea saddle has more than average padding. On the one hand it is a racy roadbike, with the aggressive geometry and responsive handling that this notion implies.

I also felt like I rode on top of the bike. Ah! Its biggest draw as I see it, is the successful combination of several features that are not easy to combine. Like other bikes of this type, the Smoothie has a tall head tube and long chainstays that make for a stable ride.

I am not categorically against all chain catchers. It comes in 11 sizes. It sounds like you really enjoyed the Soma. I sold the CAAD. We have set up "Shimpagnolo" on 2 bikes and there were no problems once everything was properly adjusted. More likely it would only be a slightly smaller problem somewhat less frequently.Even with tutto Campy I would never quite trust that shift. Ride quality is quite nice. non-indexed) campy front shifting doesn't particularly know or care what derailleur & crank combo it's running on as long as the limits are set properly-- sounds like that QS front lever is the problem here...Also, not sure if you have posted about this before, but have you tried SRAM levers? It's wonderful in a way to do anything at all to an Ergopower rear at full power and get an accurate shift. It would be interesting to hear more about your impressions of the smoothie regarding speed since this is an area of biking that I'm becoming more interested. On the plus side, this is unlikely and means the possibility of it getting damaged in the first place is far lower than with a replaceable type. I've been trying to find other reviews and it isn't easy. That would be a wicked ride!I really like the Soma headbadge BTW. I have a family of two kids plus two cats.

( Log Out /  I got the 2007 model with Tange Prestige tubing and I couldn't be more pleased. I really like the relaxed geometry and longer wheelbase. I retain that habit, reinforced by the horror of picking a chain out of the nest of bolts on a TA Pro 5 Vis chainset once it gets really wedged....Best Regards,WillWilliam M. deRossetFort Collins, CO. In my size it should clock in at 4–1/8 pounds. I'd be interested to see the relationship between Merry Sales, IRD, American Cyclery, SOMA and Paké.There are a lot of things that can cause a dropped chain the first place I would look after the limit screw is the placement of the front derailleur. Carbon is the obvious choice, and I eliminated aluminum from my materials palette because I was ready to try a new feel. Anon 10:50,People us BB length to describe spindle lengths. Overall I didn’t know if this was for a 6’7“ criterium racer on long cranks and a long stem or an old inflexible century rider. Now chain drops happen to excess and expensive elaborately machined chainwatchers are fast sellers.You just have to shift differently at the front and rear. I want long ranges on comfortable yet responsive frames that don’t feel like I’m horsing them around. My guess is the tire will fit, and I can measure it tomorrow for a definitive answer.

Needs to use 57mm reach road brakes and fork to match, “Just wanted to drop you a line about how much I'm enjoying the Soma ES frame I bought from you last December! I just ordered a Soma frame. I'm staying on the Smoothie at least one more year. To inquire about use of images, please get in touch. 16 watching. I am not afraid to ride a bike for fear of chain drop and I am riding the Soma very happily.

The Soma Smoothie kept floating to the top. I got the 2007 model with Tange Prestige tubing and I couldn't be more pleased.

Voices in the shop were encouraging, but prefaced their comments with “why don’t you just get X Carbon Bike?” Late nights on the LCD screen brought me to some steel race frames within my reach. Tange tubing might not have the reputation of Reynolds or Columbus but the scales show that the Soma is no heavyweight. The ES also offers more tire clearance so you can run fatter tires (for comfort) or fit fenders. I am saying it here - probably the first and last time it will ever be uttered by my mouth (err, fingers), I have actually enjoyed some of the climbs on this bike - and worse yet, I have no idea why. Though Soma calls the Smoothie, made from highly desirable Tange Prestige tubing, a road-race frame, most racers today favor lighter and stiffer bikes (30 years ago the Smoothie would have been considered a top-level race bike). When I talk about aluminum to people learning about frame materials, I use the reference to aluminum baseball bats and their twannngggg, but in reality the frames ride very well. For the price of the Smoothie ES, I'm not as concerned about taking it out in bad conditions and enjoying the ride. There is nothing fancy about it, but neither is it ugly or boring. MtR, I'm not entirely sure. Hi, I've been looking forward to hearing your impressions of the Smoothie. An off-the-shelf plastic bike is the appropriate tool. Two teeth make a huge difference. I'd still install a chain minder (I've used the Deda ones with success, though the K-edge design is also a good one) as a matter of course until I become completely comfortable with the setup, as 8s and 9s campy front derailleurs did tend to toss the chain from time to time, and they were fussier to set up properly. I don’t want long ranges on buzzy aluminum race frames. The ES has historically sold better for us, but last year it was pretty even. Chainring clearance: 53-39t double, 52-39-30t triple A re-design with disc brake compatibility should be released in the latter half of 2021.]


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