sniper fury secrets

The quicker you do the job, the more you get paid. You can chat in the clan’s chat (in the clan’s menu) or in the global chat (in the main menu).

Just a tip to earn cash without using real money, play the support missions and you have to be really patient. Hw do u increase ur level? In the future, you will be able to earn them in various promotions and special promotions. It is necessary to increase the player’s level by gaining the necessary amount of OP, then pay the required amount of Gold to increase the storage capacity (which will also increase the base level). Can weapons be shared with clan members? To remove an item from the wish list, return to the item section and put it in place using the part of the equipment that already belongs to you. From what I’ve figured out, buying combat packs will get you 10+ rubies for each $100K spent. Hey. The second you can afford a new upgrade for any other your guns, do it! How to participate in promotions?

Use your hard-earned cash to upgrade your weapon or buy a new one. How to find your own? Where to look for other Holo badges? The trick is is that they COST gold to upgrade, but it’s worth it in the long run, as you’ll be earning back more than what you spend on them given enough time. Your current location in the avatar menu is indicated in the wish list with a blue-green background. This is the main way to get gold without paying real money. I need more banknotes! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I am for ever up against drones and I lose because I time out. All Answers About How To Hack Android And iOS Games. … Yes, more missions and attain higher levels to upgrade base. you have to have 2 same recruits at the maximum level to do it my friend. Make sure that you and your friend are playing under the same operating system. Why do you need to level up? If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below! I have nearly 1600 league points and my experience is showing as over the amount that should be required to get to 51. Where did my microprocessors go? I’m at 55 but it’s almost 100 million xp points to get to 56…. Seeing soldiers come and go, it seems ok if your clan members log in on a regular basis !! Available consumables - designator, BB ammo and deceleration. This feature is only available in Premium Plus.If this does not help, contact technical support. Do you have to join a clan to get the higher levels? Is there any other way to get tokens besides participating in the raids of the Clan Operation? To do this, go to the Edit menu from the clan’s section, specify a new name and click the Refresh icon.

There is no need to download anything, hacks work online and your device is safe!

Please log in or register to continue. I paid for parts, have battle packs with the parts needed and shows in my inventory but It won’t upgrade my weapon. At the end of the contract you are ‘rewarded’ with a cash payment (head shots bump up the final amount). After collecting a certain number of drawings, you will get a weapon. Clan points are the fruits of the labors of the entire clan, so they are reset to zero when you leave the clan. The status is public, so anyone who wants to can join. Banknotes can be obtained for completing tasks. Thanks a lot for your guide. How to change my player name?

Then I wait for the energy to refill and run 10 more. (not real). To assign an ally to the base defense, go to "My Base", click on the empty cell and select an ally. Google Play (Android) Weapons' and Gears' affinity & bonus. You can buy the missing gold for rubies and instantly upgrade your base. I can earn over $100K for each 10 contracts I complete. You can receive the following rewards: gold, battle packs and cards of the OP associates. Clans are an essential part of effectively progressing in Sniper Fury. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America).

You need to transfer them to level 3 or higher, so as not to lose them forever. Each level requires you to kill a certain number of enemies. How do i get rid of squadmates I got way to many and have to get rid of some, I don’t think we can get rid of squadmates. Donations are not required. Is there a way to change a clan leader? Additional buildings, such as the Barracks, cannot have a level higher than the Reactor Core, so you need to improve it first. Seem stuck. Some fighters have (like medals) single uparrow icon in them and some have more arrow icon in them. They give the following bonuses: What can be won at the Arena? You will find the Holo badges tab under Equipment Patterns.

That is, collection parts for a particular weapon cannot be used to make another weapon in another stock. Let’s get started with our Sniper Fury cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide! Senior Member. In order to get full access to all Cheats, and to the instructions for them, follow this PAGE (get full acces) and you will see what you need to do so that you can hack Sniper Fury. Using the "Call reinforcements" icon will remove them from the base slot, weakening its protection, however you can use this fighter in Special Operations. Unfortunately, that’s the only way to do it.

Now completed the Castle….

I’m stuck at lvl 50, and cant upgrade no matter how much gold I have from Base attacks to get to lvl 51, but reading all the above comments, I think its because I need to upgrade a gun in the “Castle” missions, as I cant complete the end story or some assault missions, because of the Cato Goal 5 gun. In addition, energy is restored when the level rises. Are there any hidden things (guns, gold, Rubies, ect.) You need to pass at least 7 tests in the early stages and at least 9 in the later stages, so that you can complete the stage without passing at least one test. If you’re stuck because you’re being required to upgrade your weapon then you have to do so. Don’t be hasty; set up a plan of attack before you jump in! Some bosses in Clan Operations, as well as the Reactor Core of the opposing team, do not have a head, so getting into the head is impossible. It says “You’ve already got training token. How to get a reward for a share with the boss Clan Points?

To get Clan Points, you need to deal damage to the boss. Hi Don, yes your right! I’ve got about $23M in my cash stash which is nice for upgrades and also represents about 2500 rubies. Pocket Gamer - Mobile game reviews, news, and features.

They randomly appear on the map (even in the air); Once in them, you will receive a bonus from them.They can be of such types: What about the items in the lower left corner of the screen? How to open more chapters of the assignment? Help from anyone would be much appreciated. You’re going to need all the firepower you can get. You yourself can present them to your clan comrades if necessary. Equipment can be used with an avatar to receive bonuses and additional protection.

How so? Use this time to locate all potential targets and make sure you know who to take down first. What does she mean? You can view items that you can buy. What rewards can I get in Clan Operations? What to do about it? They can be found in different locations during the game (in Battle Packs, PvP battles, Daily rewards, etc.).

What are consumables and how to use them? How to get rid of unnecessary associates? If you increase the level, you will receive not only energy recovery, but also other bonuses. After a couple of days of the game, my progress in the Arena was thrown off. I’m on level 29, I have lots of cash, gold and rubies. Ghosthunter: Kill 50 cloaked enemies with headshots. You need to kill more enemies by playing more missions and PVP(player vs player).

You can only retrieve Tier 3 by using the recovery then med kit and 4 squadmates by using the med kit. What to do with him? Go to the Stocks menu and you will automatically subscribe to all existing stocks. I am stuck at level 50 and my troops are all at 86,900 defense, how can I increase my defense more? I am also stuck on a level, I keep playing only the PvP but am unable to increase level – did anyone figure this out?


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