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They were clicked together most often. There is, however, room for another love in his life, his music. His family is settled in Sutton Coldfield and he has made light work of understanding the Black Country accent. That he receives a yearly salary of 1.2 million Croatian Kuna - a paltry £125,000, but up from £45,000 - says much for his devotion to duty. But then your brain, your body, you are like a junkie.

I've read that Slaven and his brother are very close, so I used to… Croatia are controlled by a national hero. So the thing is you need a job to enjoy your life.’ She was basically saying: ‘When you don’t have a job, you’re a pain in the arse.’”, The intonation in Bilic’s voice drifts from one end of the spectrum to the other, sometimes when you least expect it. And his touchline celebrations are Gordon Strachan and Martin O'Neill rolled into one. And I didn’t put West Ham. But then your brain, your body, you are like a junkie. “In school, if you are a good student, they were trying to make you more empathetic.

The romantic couple was dating since 2008. The Croat on how he is enjoying life at West Brom and why his wife thinks he is ‘a pain in the arse’ when he doesn’t have a job, Fri 22 Nov 2019 12.00 EST Ivana Djeldum rose to fame from her partner Slaven Bilic, a Croatian-born professional football manager and a former player. His managerial career began when he temporarily agreed to manage his hometown club Hajduk Split. All of those little situations, you have to think. Here we see the flamboyancy and individual flair that identified him as a fine player and which today singles him out as a highly rated young manager. Soon he could be recording "We Are The Champions. He touches on everything from life as a pundit and the lure of the Championship – “46 games minimum, unbelievable” – to Beethoven and how Croatia, a country of four million people and World Cup finalists last year, continue to make waves, 12 years on from Bilic’s side humbling Steve McClaren’s England at Wembley. Taking over as manager, he got the bug and sought advice from Marcello Lippi and Arsene Wenger. The romantic couple has been living together for a long time and even shares children. He said: “It’s normal in Europe. He’s boasting “I could be the guy in Armageddon who has to stop the missile from hitting earth.”. It is not like a war song. Bilic insisted on remaining at Upton Park to help the club secure their Premier League status, moving to Goodison Park the following summer. A key component of the Croatian team during their success in Euro 96 when they reached the quarter-finals, he also led the country to third place in the 1998 World Cup. It is not everything on a plate here – it’s not – but in Croatia still when you want to cross the road, you still have to watch out [for] the cars coming no matter that you have a pedestrian crossing,” he says, animatedly throwing his head towards either side of the room. Slaven Bilic is a member of the following lists: 1968 births, Premier League players and Expatriate footballers in England.. He is a guitarist, a member of Rawbau, a Croatian rock band, and is a singer, who has recorded a song for Croatia's Performance at Euro 2008. After that I didn’t interrupt.”. Three-nil. Those who know him insist his loyalty to his country is beyond question. Ivana has been his longtime girlfriend. We started well, and when you bring your new ideas of course the first week, pre-season, they all believe you but deep in their minds they need the proof, and there is no better proof than in results.”, Bilic tells a story of how in April, while kicking his heels on a flight to Manchester to do some television work, he scribbled down eight clubs who he would – in an ideal world – like to manage. When Slaven Bilic was asked recently to explain his love of football, he put it succinctly. "With the greatest respect to women," said Bilic, "football is the most beautiful thing in the world." “This is easier. When they met, she was studying tourism and hotel management. The couple is the parents of three beautiful daughters. Her partner Slaven was previously married to Andrijana Bilic. And then Turkey, Germany, China, Spain, whatever, bla bla bla and then I came home and when I signed for West Brom I was cleaning my backpack and I found that [piece of] paper.”, Being back in work and starting a new chapter after managing in Moscow, Istanbul and, more recently, Jeddah, suits Bilic – and his wife, Ivana. In our dressing room when Walter Smith was manager, there were eight to 10 Scots, so this is a piece of cake.”, Available for everyone, funded by readers. Source: Affair with Slaven while studying tourism and hotel management. Ivana had a love affair with Slaven Bilic. His allegiance to his employees was also displayed when he was at West Ham and Everton announced their intent to sign the defender in March, 1997. They are motivated. Bilic is a charitable man; in February he became a goodwill ambassador of the United Nations Children's Fund, Unicef, donating £10,000.

Born on September 11, 1968, Bilic made his professional debut as a defender from his hometown club Hajduk Split, after which he played for West Ham United. “We are good at collective sports,” Bilic says, fresh from reeling off a list of former NBA stars, including Toni Kukoc and Zan Tabak.

It is called "Vatreno ludilo" (Fiery Madness) - a title that says a lot about the man.


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