skynet (surveillance program)

All these domestic spying programs fundamentally violated the Constitution, FISA & 4th Amendment on a mass scale, then went under cover of secret FISC approval, secret interpretations of law & then passage of unconstitutional ex post facto laws to make them ‘legal’.

ENDTIMES: Prepare.

Dostęp do kanałów telewizyjnych dla wszystkich, bez względu na posiadany pakiet, przedłużamy do końca kwietnia.

*Cartoon Network HD i Boomerang HD będą odkodowane do 26.04.2020. INSURGE intelligence continues… (A must read) one of the best along with the INTERCEPT…. What does “paranormal” mean? According to Russ Tice, a former senior NSA intelligence analyst who had previously worked with the US Air Force, Office of Naval Intelligence and Defense Intelligence Agency, the latest claim that the NSA was rolling up phone surveillance beggared belief. As revealed by Edward Snowden in an interview with WIRED and James Bamford last year, this one is called MonsterMind. Childrens Health Defense,,,, #5G WEAPONRY: #Microwave #Radiation Tech Now Deployed #Depopulation #Warfare, #FullSpectrumDominance & #Total HumanControl (Video) #HITREASON #NATIONOFTRAITORS, #5G WEAPONRY: #Microwave #Radiation Technology Being Deployed as Depopulation #Warfare, #FullSpectrumDominance Total Human Control (Video), #ProjectOAKTREE #PROJECTLUCIFER #IBIS – #NAZIs R #ANUNNAKI: Earth is a Crime Scene #MILABS #DARPA #AI #FREEMASONS #EGYPTIANS #PHARAOHS #NWO # Old world order Anunnaki Reptilians #NIBIRU #PLANETX #ENSLAVERS #GORILLASBYNIGHT, #TargetedIndividuals Weekly Conference Calls, A Nation Betrayed: The Space Preservation Act HR2977 #Targetedtoo #Chemtrails #GeoEngineering #TargetingIndividuals #SpaceWeapons #Experimentation #Genocide #NAZIs #TakeDownProgram, Disdain and Dignity: An Old (Anti-imperialist) Story #Assange #FREEASSANGENOW #TargetedToo, Dr. Eric Karlstrom (Videos) on #Gangstalking #TargetedIndividuals, Dr. Eric Karlstrom – Life On The Front Lines — The War For The Soul Of Humanity #Gangstalking #TargetedIndividuals #TI #TargetedToo, Dr. Robert Duncan — A Simulated Reality: Brain Hacking, Synthetic Telepathy, Mind Control of Targeted Individuals. According to Russ Tice, a former senior NSA intelligence analyst who had previously worked with the US Air Force, Office of Naval Intelligence and Defense Intelligence Agency, the latest claim that the NSA was rolling up phone surveillance beggared belief.”, There is much more… if you cherish freedom and your very life, consider following them and read over their articles and support them. Based on a 2012 government presentation obtained by none other than Edward Snowden, it appears that Skynet’s primary goal is to “track patterns in communication habits and physical movements of suspects.” Of course, that these ‘suspects’ are terrorists or even remotely connected to terrorist activity is dubious at best. The tool is used to identify targets, such as al-Qaeda couriers, who move between GSM cellular networks. [1] The tool uses classification techniques like random forest analysis. That’s right, there is an NSA program actually called Skynet. So, what do you think….is Skynet self-aware and, more importantly, is this the year it fights back?eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'theghostdiaries_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',109,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'theghostdiaries_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',109,'0','1'])); The Ghost Diaries is the online home for anyone interested in the unknown or, as it's popularly known, the paranormal. Yesterday, I was so heavily #gangstalked by their AI SKYNET DARPA team, various pick-up drivers swerved into my lane on a busy highway, several times… endangering my life, as if I was some sort of prisoner (of surveillance, psyops, torture, experimentation’s that are horrendous) and I’d went too far from prison grounds. Create a free website or blog at According to, the program accomplishes a goal that is disturbingly similar to the robot initiative in James Cameron’s Terminator movies: “Like the film version of Skynet, MonsterMind is a defense surveillance system that would immediately and independently disarm foreign cyberattacks against the US, and could be used to launch retaliatory strikes as well….Snowden also stated that MonsterMind could one day be designed to automatically return fire without human interference against an attacker. Because an attacker could twist malicious code to keep away from detection, a counterstrike would be more successful in neutralizing future attacks.”. This one is called MonsterMind–yes, MonsterMind. and the Intercept report that the NSA does indeed have a program called Skynet. Participation and Partnerships Edit. It is a surveillance program and its purpose is to collect phone metadata. Will be taking callers, recording a legacy for Targeted Individuals. Share with All #CORONAVIRUS FRAUD in our HOSPITALS OUR ELDERLY ARE DYING, Mon Mar 23, 2020 President signed into law 893 Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020, Neuroweapons likely used in Cuba Attacks – Pentagon briefing, Snowden, Thomas Drake & Greenwald on #DomesticSpying #TargetedToo #TargetedIndividuals, Targeted Individuals Stuck inside an VIOLENT & VICIOUS AI SKYNET TERRORIST Simulation by the TREASONOUS VIOLENT CORRUPT CIA & DOD all UNDERGROUND ON AMERICANS. At least one journalist from Al Jazeera was reportedly placed on a terrorist watch list after being tracked by the program. nanotechnology, superfluous injury or unnecessary suffering, environmental protection, the principle of distinction, proportionality, precaution. Bruce Schneier argues that a false positive rate of 0.008% would be low for commercial applications where "if Google makes a mistake, people see an ad for a car they don't want to buy" but "if the government makes a mistake, they kill innocents. Whistleblowers say NSA still spies on American phones in hidden program Open Letter to Congress on Surveillance Abuse Please Consider Signing, TROUBLE: While We Were Distracted: The World “Roll Up Your Sleeve” World Vaccine Congress: Vaccines Will Be Mandatory! Under the project, more than 20 million cameras have been set up in … Find GOD Now, Please – I’ve been warning for years. The NSA one should note has a second program too that is very similar to the Terminator‘s Skynet.

SKYNET is a program by the U.S. National Security Agency that performs machine learning analysis on communications data to extract information about possible terror suspects. Because the data set includes a very large proportion of true negatives and a small training set, there is a risk of overfitting. it was then I realized that its as if I’m a dog with a zap collar and I roamed too far from the prison grounds. Quite literally, anything that deviates from normal reality. United States Globalization World Domination, United States Government, particularly the United States Military, the Central Intelligence Agencies and private corporations involved with military activitiesw, It’s Time to Declare Your Independence from Tyranny, America: Sick of #TARGETEDTOO #TARGETEDINDIVIDUAL, Lissa Humane Life BlogTalkRadio: Older Broadcasts -- Different Christian Viewpoint on Targeting, Infectious Disease Surveillance & Research: Synthetic Virus turns cells into Molecular Quantum Computers to Control Humanity, Deep State Plan for Treason: Former NASA Engineer now #TargetedIndividual #Whistleblower, Security Industry Insider Tells all: #TargetedIndividuals Placed into Hyper Simulated Reality #Whistleblower #ZTargetedIndividuals #DirectedEnergyWeapons on #Victims #NWO, Zero Hedge: Taking Back Control — One Step at a Time (Excellent Article) A must Read, Facebook Whistleblower Exposes “Hate-Speech Engineering” Group, Staffed With Chinese Nationals; NYPost., “If anything, they no longer need this particular program to parse the card catalog — meta data — and can mine the, Huggybear’s FreeConference Support Call for TIs: All welcomed. Canadian control measures – just the tip of the Earth sized iceberg? Targeted Individuals Testimonies, Advise etc. nsa #surveillance #skynet #ai #cloudcomputing #militarized #policestate #orwellian #depopulation June 28, 2019 June 28, 2019 / LissaHumaneLife According to Nafeez Ahmed , of INSURGE intelligence , a crowdfunded adversarial investigations into power, to empower people and save our planet….


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