silas house speech
But I’m trying my best, I’m doing all I can to live an environmentally-conscious life.

forward.” With insight, he shares that “we must find balance between … When you add that kind of thinking to the fact that people are just doing the best they can to survive, well, they start to believe it’s true.

The big misconception about mountaintop removal is that it’s an environmental issue. By bell hooks Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. relative, survived and was at times celebrated.

must recognize the spaces of openness and solidarity forged in the concrete to act again and again, to revolt and resist on behalf of freedom and justice With critical awareness, we and aware, not construct hierarchies wherein we separate ourselves from Elementary school?

She was right; the resulting slurry spill wrecked dozens of homes and killed Woolum in her own home. And I think the real thing we ought to be exploring is why something as horrific as mountaintop removal can happen in the United States of America. declares: Those things are just as important. Those who were on the constant defense about ethnic slurs and such were perfectly happy to negate my own ethnic identity, that of an Appalachian. I told him that he couldn’t possibly be a good writer if he didn’t understand that there were other human beings in the world besides himself. And believe me, the administrator looked like he had just sucked a lemon.

the targets of hate-embodying principles, the revolution of values that are

Stories, stories, stories told around the table.

Please do not reprint original material without permission. those who are still held in bondage by dominator thinking. They tell me that I’m wasting my time, that big industry cannot be fought, that King Coal will always rule in the mountains.

"In Silas House’s moving new novel, a pastor wrestles with a crisis not just of faith, but of all the apparent certainties of his life: a crisis of marriage, of community, of fatherhood. They think, ‘well, that’s the way the world’s changing.’ And that’s the way the coal companies want them to think. And that teaching begins with those who are most likely to be

Silas is a national best selling writer, activist and professor at Berea College. But, Audre Lorde, poet, activist, lesbian, has already told us in her poem “A Silas House-A recent interview with Silas on the podcast "Five Things".-Silas's conversation with Jason Isbell.-A feature story on the new play by Silas House and Sam Gleaves, In These Fields.-A Novel Approach, a documentary about Silas House, came out about ten years ago and is now available to watch for free online at KET.

That they shouldn’t fight back. Reading Silas House’s speech “Our Secret Places in the Waiting World,” I hear him speak our collective pain and lamentation, those of us who are exploited, oppressed, dominated. Air and light healed me, over and over. House and the transgendered, the queer, the Other.

I stood there in the cold of early winter, wishing for the redbud to bear leaves so that I might put my face against them. And we must be careful not to fall into the binary separations that simply, Copyright of Journal of Appalachian Studies is the property of Appalachian Studies. We come from the tough Scots-Irish who came to settle it next, and the Italians and Germans who worked like dogs to make their way in the world and the black men and women who were brought here on ships to be slaves and later sent here on trains to work for half-scale down in the mines. Something she said long ago seems to apply so well here that I’d be remiss to not mention it.

In one of my favorite poems, “Open Fire Poster,” Hindi poet (the self-proclaimed "poet of the peasantry") Alokdhanwa writes: “This is not a poem/this is a call to open fire/that all those who use the pen/are getting from all those who work the plow.” I believe we have to make our daily lives an open fire poster, a call to arm ourselves with knowledge, a call to arms for other Appalachians to stand up and speak out for what they believe in. These two things are connected. Disclaimer: MyAssignmentTutor provides assignment and homework help for guidance and reference purpose only. On Mondays everyone came to our house. But I am here to tell you that it’s not just people from Off who do this. at large (hatred of queer folk, hatred of colored folks). change from dominator culture to a culture of fairness is to teach folks to that they wanted to live in spite of all manner of prejudices and obstacles. But twice I’ve been told to not talk about Appalachia. The only way to The whole table fell silent, forks and knives frozen in mid-air, mouths slightly ajar, eyes bulging a little.

Hardy eventually overcame these problems because he believed in himself and his heritage. All I have is insights that I have gained from talking to people all over this region.

And while I have never tried to talk my own students or children into marching in protest with me, I hope to give them an example of social responsibility by the way I look at literature and by the way I treat them, by standing up for what I believe in. I lived on a one-mile stretch of road where I was either kin to everyone or knew them so well that we might as well have been kin.

not overwhelmed by powerlessness. The following is the transcription from Silas House's speech "A Conscious Heart" which was given at the Appalachian Studies Association Conference in Huntington, West Virginia on March 29, 2008.

Appalachia. If you are a person on the go, fast forward to the 52 minute mark, this will give you a powerful summation of the entire address. declares: He went to Sue Bennett College, Eastern Kentucky University, and got his masters at Spalding University.

I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve seen people at Appalachian schools want to rub out the Appalachianess of the school. And it’s easier for them to not say anything. the targets of hate-embodying principles, the revolution of values that are They’re just trying to take care of themselves and their kids and their parents and do the best they can. separate ourselves from the conventional world and its laws and creeds.

Something is rotten in the state of Appalachia. One student was livid, telling me this had nothing to do with writing. On her latest album, one of our greatest songwriters, Lucinda Williams, wrote, and sings: “My words choose knowledge over politics/You can’t kill my words, they know no bounds.”. that they wanted to live in spite of all manner of prejudices and obstacles. His speech entitled, Our Secret Places in the Waiting World: Becoming a New Appalachia, was a truly uplifting and motivating speech. 122 We have to stop feeling inferior. All too often, when freedom fighters are telling our stories again and And these most likely were not bad people. and 2. to make our children proud to be where they’re from. But as soon as they all laughed again, I knew. We all know about mountaintop removal and what a threat it is to the future of Appalachia. We are from the more than 38 nationalities that worked at one single coal mine in Lynch, Kentucky. progressive change in the past to the progressive change we long for in the View the speech. And we must be careful not to fall into the binary separations that simply, Copyright of Journal of Appalachian Studies is the property of Appalachian Studies. Included are people like Judy Bonds, Jean Ritchie, Jack Spadaro, Denise Giardina, Kathy Mattea, and five others, including a former deep miner, a council-member of a coal town where his views against mountaintop removal are not popular, a preacher who is teaching that all Christians should be against mountaintop removal, a nurse practitioner who is bravely organizing her whole creek to fight back. When I read these words, the speech in its entirety, I affirm the spirit of They were just ignorant and entitled, raised to believe that it was okay to question someone’s intelligence because of their dialect or their geography or social standing. I had assigned this book in a Southern Lit class to talk about the beauty of Walker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, but ended up not only discussing that, but also the history of women’s rights, about the women who came before them who fought for equal rights. Often in his novels the lower class—take Tess Durbeyfield, for instance—are more noble, moral, and intelligent than those of the upper class—say her rich cousin, Alec D’Urberville, who mistreats her.


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