signs of an emotionally broken woman

She has been known to subsist on coffee and soup for days at a time, and when she isn't writing or tending her garden, she can be found wrestling with various knitting projects and befriending local wildlife. Watch Out For Warning Signs… At the end of it, after you’ve felt so painfully wounded, and your emotions have turned into a giant mess, you can feel nothing but numbness. Catherine Winter is a writer, art director, and herbalist-in-training based in Quebec's Outaouais region. Besides, you don’t have to find all the answers. Examples of situations that could trigger trust issues include abandonment as a child, romantic infidelity or a variety of forms of dishonesty. But if you have no motivation to get to those tasks, you won’t get them done on time… so they’ll accumulate, which will make you procrastinate more. Surely, it’s easier to just turn your heart off and stop feeling anything, but facing your feelings is what will help you heal from this emotional trauma. When you have people around you who drain all your light in an attempt to sort out their own messy lives, you may end up feeling that even an hour in their presence will leave you a depleted husk of your usual self. Unless we find a way to stop all our strength being sucked out of us, we can bleed out, energy-wise. But still, it seems too hard to share what you’re really feeling with someone else. Are you walking on eggshells to avoid upsetting someone – like a megalomaniacal boss or emotionally unstable romantic partner? Perhaps your relationship has been in the hole for years and it’s time to have a serious talk with your partner. Hot on the heels of a lack of motivation is the feeling of hopelessness. Pretending to be something you’re not takes an extraordinary amount of energy. This is basically just playing the part in a masquerade you don’t honestly want to be involved with, but if you’re a person who’s conflict avoidant or prone to anxiety, you’ll likely keep playing that role and hate every second of it.

Put away electronic devices an hour before bed, and either read or meditate. 8 Glaring Signs You Are Mentally And Emotionally Drained (+ What To Do About It) Life is a never-ending rollercoaster that can offer us the highest highs and the lowest lows. Those who are living lives to make everyone happy except themselves are actors as well, but the role is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You just don’t have it in you to stem the tide of emotion and you’ve probably found yourself crying in front of colleagues, friends, and random strangers. “Kabhi hass bhi diya kar bhai” is a routine thing for you. I receive a commission if you choose to purchase anything after clicking on them. Trained mental health professionals offer solutions by teaching patients stress management techniques and coping skills to help deal with daily problems. And you can forget about keeping it together if you see or hear about something tragic in the news. While blind trust can be dangerous in some situations, an inability to trust loved ones can be a sign of emotional damage. Creativity is one of our greatest abilities, and it’s what drives our species forward. Or that once you’re at work, you just stare at whatever it is you’re supposed to be working on and can’t bring yourself to do it because it just seems pointless and awful? You’ll know that you have people like this in your life because as soon as you see a text or message from them, part of you feels like it wants to shrivel up and die. Lack of trust can result from painful past experiences, including acts of betrayal. You need to rest, and replenish your resources. Emotional damage can occur as a result of mental illness, trauma or a combination of both factors, and may impair a person's ability to form relationships and handle everyday stressors. You can’t squeeze blood from a stone, and when you’re trying to exist on a sleep deficit, everything will be a thousand times worse. This numbness of yours is, in fact, a coping mechanism you use to survive possible further wounds. Problems arise when we’re doing our best to get positive reinforcement and validation from other people by doing what they expect of us, or what suits their vision of who we should be. Is it any wonder why there’s no energy to spare after trying to maintain that charade? Exhaustion – really severe, bone-deep fatigue – only adds to the burnout that so many of us suffer from. While blind trust can be dangerous in some situations, an inability to trust loved ones can be a sign of emotional damage. The last time you had an unbroken eight hours sleep was… well, you can’t actually remember when it was, it was that long ago. You may want to sleep a lot (possibly as a form of escapism), spend a lot of time alone, and get irritable when you feel any sort of obligation to do anything with your partner.

Learning to recognize the signs of damaged emotions allows you to identify problems sooner and alter the behaviors that perpetuate them. While your emotional wounds are still open, being alone with your thoughts can be extremely overwhelming. This can happen with family members as well: just because you share DNA with people, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to bond well with them, or even resonate on the same frequency….


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