shinee debut day
7. It’s been 12 years since SHINee graced this world with their presence as a k-pop group, and 10 years since I entered the fandom. Shawols can really hear how the boys (should really be calling them men now) have matured in their techniques and sound. This was the last full album that SHINee released with Jonghyun before his untimely death. shinee 11th anniversary shinee edit shinee aesthetic jonghyun taemin minho onew key forever five in our hearts shawol shinee day shinee debut. Pearl Aqua. To me it represented the symbiosis of life. In addition to this, if you're looking for a K-pop group with skilled dancers, best vocals, and good-looking members?

SHINee members and Profile : 1.

‘Winter Wonderland’ was the only song I knew from this album (excluding the Japanese version of ‘1 of 1’). I actually did get a chance to see SHINee on stage twice at the SMTOWN concerts in Madison Square Garden (2011, New York) and Honda Centre (2012, Los Angeles). Their newest single at the time - ‘Ring Ding Dong’ - really took off, bringing the boys into the spotlight a little over a year following their debut. Yes, you read that correctly. 2. Hul... time passes... 9. After which, they released their first mini album, S.M. And what did I say about booming success?

It’s probably the most heart-wrenching thing for a Shawol…, ‘Replay’ debut stage - SBS Inkigayo, May 25, 2008, Most recent performance of ’Replay’ - SHINee World The Best 2018. Also, Minho then debuted as an actor, capturing the hearts of international fans. In 2010, he became a member of a new ballad group, SM the Ballad, formed by himself, Jay of TRAX, Jino and Kyuhyun of Super Junior. Still considered one of the best debut tracks in the industry, IMO. The SHINee dollars are replicas from my favourite act of the concert, ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree’, a comedic sketch & English performance featuring Angel Onew, Criminal Minho, Policeman Key, Entertainer Jonghyun (honestly, I’m not sure what his character was) and Lady Love Interest Taemin. Not my favourite album (EP) of theirs, TBH. In the same year of their debut, they then became the very first group to achieve the rookie "Grand Slam," winning all of the rookie awards in 2008 with zero official promotions. 2013 definitely was SHINee’s year - I mean, just look at all these album releases! Disclaimer: As all of these happened some time ago, there might be some arguments about the exact dates. . I feel like I raised these kids ㅋㅋㅋ. This album marked another change in SHINee’s musical style, being more experimental and using a combination of retro and newer sounds.

Because even to this day, fans are continuously falling in love with their debut song, "Replay," which has several renditions from the group itself, and several new-gen K-pop idols have also covered it. Additionally, the intricate and unique choreography for ‘Lucifer’ was influential in paving the way for more robust dances. Yep, I know… this was most definitely a young fangirl thing to do. ‘Everybody’ was the most futuristic/sci-fi concept for the boys, and the M/V’s choreography still remains one of the most unique ones I’ve seen: the lifts, Minho’s “cheers” expression, SHINee airplane, and all the sequences (especially the “wind-up” one)! K-pop idols don't just have to be good at singing and dancing, but as an idol, you have to show something to prove the title. 1. Introduced during the same day of their debut, SHINee doesn't have some sort of grand promotions and teasers that were released, unlike other K-pop groups. 2009 REALLY was the year of SHINee. All the power ballads & FIRE singles.


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