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"Meena"): Jeeva's wife, Janarthanan and Kalaivani's elder daughter, Pandian and Lakshmi's second daughter-in-law, Dhanam's first Co-sister and now she has a pretty baby girl.

He hates Pandian Stores family.

Mullai returns on her birthday but Kathir has gone to Mullai's house to surprise her.

Moorthy scolds Jeeva for being immature while Kathir takes upon himself to make the ends meet.

Due to this , the Pandian family faces crisis Moorthy resolves to sort the things out and goes out of the town handing over the responsibility to Jeeva.

Pandian Stores Serial is a Tamil Language Family Drama that is yet to be premiered on Star Vijay TV on 1 October 2018. His wife asks her to come to her house and stay for some days. Jeeva tells the family that he cannot marry Mullai after seeing Meena.

But somehow she reveals the truth to Kathir when he discusses about Dhanam's mother blaming Moorthy for all those Dhanam has to face. Learning this, Dhanam's family is enraged and Jaga breaks his ties with Moorthy. Pandian Stores is a Tamil language drama which airs on Star Vijay and streams on Disney+Hotstar.The show stars Stalin, Sujitha, Venkat Renganathan, Hema Rajkumar, Kumaran Thangarajan, V. J. Chitra, Saravana Vickram and Sathya Sai Krishnan. Kannan said we are eager to see baby.. Guild -ridden, Kathir meets Jaga and assures him that he will take Dhanam to a doctor . Lakshmi, the brothers' mom has a brother named Murugan whom she is not in talking terms for years.

Sheela … Stalin as Sathyamoorthy Pandian (a.k.a.

The family was now in high tension due to this. Later he conveys this to his sister-in-law Dhanam. Doctor won’t accept.

Janardhan constantly argues with Doctor.. Moorthy enquire Doctor when will we see Meena’s child? Karthir convince them.. Janardhan asked Doctor shall we see Meena’s child. Pandian Stores is a Tamil language drama which airs on Star Vijay and streams on Hotstar.The show stars Stalin, Venkat Renganathan, Hema Rajkumar, Kumaran Thangarajan, V. J. Chitra, Saravana Vickram; this story focuses on the unity of a joint family after entry of new daughters-in-law and Mullai.

On the other hand, Dhanam and Moorthy try their best to unite Kathir and Mullai who are at loggerheads.

Pandian Stores Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist, on Today the episode begins with Doctor takes Jeeva inside the Meena room… Doctor showed his daughter he became overjoyed and try to touch her but Doctor stopped him…. As time goes on, Kathir and Mullai start to befriend each other and Meena starts to adjust in the house. "Kathir"): Pandian and Lakshmi's third son and Moorthy's second younger brother also Mullai's husband and Parvathy's son-in-law, Saravana Vickram as Kannan Pandian (a.k.a. In the home all are getting ready to go to hospital.

Jeeva's father-in-law. Meanwhile, Kathir , Mullai, Meena, Jeeva, Dhanam and Kannan return.

Moorthy and Dhanam advise them to set things right between them.

But he convinces Kathir that Moorthy would return with the goods. Half-heartedly Kathir agrees.

He said she is sleeping I called her… she slightly see me..and she feels tired.. Dhanam asked Jeeva How is the baby looks like?

[6], "Pandian Stores crosses 300 episodes milestone", "TV actor Ravi Chandran replaces Venkat Suba in 'Pandian Stores, "Vadinamma bags a position in the top 5 TV shows in Telugu", "Sunil Barve and Nandita Dhuri starrer 'Sahakutumb Sahaparivar' to premiere soon", "பாண்டியன் ஸ்டோர்ஸ்: வன்மம், குரோதம், பொறாமை இல்லாத ஒரு இயல்பான சீரியல்!

The post Pandian Stores 11-10-2019 Vijay tv Serial appeared first on SunTamilTv.Com. "Meher"): Kannan's love interest, a muslim girl, Sheela as Lakshmi Pandian: Pandian's wife; Sathyamoorthy, Jeeva, Kathir and Kannan's mother also Dhanam, Meena and Mullai's mother-in-law; Muruganandham's elder sister, a paralyzed lady, S.T.P Rosary as Muruganandham: Mullai's father, Lakshmi's brother and Parvathy's husband also Kathir's father-in-law, David Solomon Raja as Jaganathan (a.k.a.

On the outside all are waiting eagerly to see Meena’s child.. Meena's father beats her up, due to this Jeeva decides to sacrifice his love and accepts Mullai's marriage proposal. The show stars Stalin, Sujitha, Venkat Renganathan, Hema Rajkumar, Kumaran Thangarajan, V. J. Chitra, Saravana Vickram and Sathya Sai Krishnan. Jeevan believes the fake clients and agrees for the order believing that Moorthy would definitely return with the goods. Finally he is successful in getting the goods and Moorthy praises him which pleases Mullai and irks Meena. Pandian Stores Serial is a Tamil Language Family Drama that is yet to be premiered on Star Vijay TV on 1 October 2018. Dhanam became excited to see Meena’s child.. Suddenly Karthir enters Kannan enquire Karthir car arrives.. Shall we go… but Karthir asked shall we go some other time.

Janardanan plans not to let Meena and the child go back to Jeeva's house and make Jeeva stay with their family and take care of their supermarket. Jeeva explains the newborn is too small …  Janardhan enquires Jeeva that did you see Meena? "Mahesh"): Kathir and Senthil's best friend and Rathi's husband, Akshaya as Rathi Maheshwaran (a.k.a. Actress Sheela Interview PANDIYAN STORES MAKING – Favourite மகன், மருமகள்? All right reserved.

Gruha Laxmi 3rd November 2020 Written Update: Divya calls Lasya to take her back from Anand Nilayam to her house. Jeeva and the family feel elated as Meena delivers a baby girl. Murugan convinces Lakshmi to accept this marriage.

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Suddenly Jeeva arrives all enquire about Meena’s child.. How is she? Kannan, Lakshmi are eager to see Meena’s child.. Lakshmi enquire Mulla did you prepare food for them.. Mulla said I prepared we go there and send them home for refreshment.. Kannan showed a toy to Mulla and Lakshmi…  Lakshmi asked Mulla to take some good cotton clothes for child.. All become overjoyed.. "Jeeva"): Pandian and Lakshmi's second son and Moorthy's first younger brother, also Meena's husband and Janarthanan's son-in-law, Hema Rajkumar (Episode 7-Present) as Meenakshi Jeevanandham (a.k.a. Pandian Stores (Pandiyan Stores) is an Indian Tamil language family soap opera that aired on Vijay TV from 1st October 2018 (1st Episode) to present, on Monday through Friday at 10:00 pm. Then she gives birth to a baby girl. Tamil Actress Sheela Rajkumar Photos – Draupathi Heroine Images, Pics & Stills Kokki Kumar - January 9, 2020 January 9, 2020 Tamil Actress Sheela Rajkumar Photos – Draupathi Heroine Images and Pictures Kathir smells something fishy about the marriage order and conveys the same to Jeeva. One day, due to some misunderstanding Janardanan ( Meena's father) slaps Kannan. When Kathir returns home at night he picks up a fight with Mullai.

Dhanam is often criticized by her relatives for not having children repeatedly, although her brother-in-laws did not let it affect her.

He asks Kathir and Jeeva to manage the situation with the remaining goods. [1][2], This story mainly focuses on the unity of a joint family after the entry of new daughters-in-law, Meena (Hema Rajkumar) and Mullai (V. J. Chitra).

Meanwhile, Mulla and Kathir celebrate on learning the news. "Kanna"): Pandian and Lakshmi's younger son (Kadaikutty), and Moorthy, Jeeva and Kathir's younger brother also Meher's love interest, Sathya Sai Krishnan (Episode 430-Present) as Meherunissa (a.k.a.

She tells them that how they used to fight with each other in the beginning and how she acted as if she cares for him to avoid the petty arguments .

One day when Kannan Dhanam Meena and Mullai are talking , Kannan asks Mullai about her love for Kathir. When Kathir comes back home, he sees Mullai but thinks that he is dreaming about Mullai. Skip to content . Jeeva marries Meena and Kathir, Mullai.

Kathir hears this and gets hurt. | Vijay சித்தி 17/01/2020 admin Cinema News , Videos Leave a comment Watch Latest Cinema News Pandian Stores Today episode full episode:மீனாவின் கரு கலைந்ததால் உடைந்துபோன ஜீவா Kathir waits for Mullai but leaves for home when it is late.

| Vijay சித்தி | Interview | Tamil Cinema News, The Lion Lady Raadhika Sarathkumar Interview | 42…, SPB Oru Kaaviyam Promos 8th November 2020 | Vijay TV…, கல்யாணம் பண்ணிட்டு கூட நடிக்கலாம் - Keerthy Suresh…, திருமகள் சீரியல் அஞ்சலி?

The serial features Stalin, Sujitha, Kumaran Thangarajan, Venkat Ranganathan in the lead roles and many new faces in the supporting roles. Share. Nine months later, during Meena's baby shower she gets labour pains. The story revolves around Pandian, his wife and her affection towards her husband’s three brothers. After their return, Mullai and Kathir share some special moments when Kathir starts to teach Mullai to ride a vehicle. Venkat Renganathan as Jeevanandham Pandian (a.k.a. They run a grocery store named Pandian stores which is famous in their locality. Moorthy returns and tells everyone that he couldn't get the goods much to Jeeva's horror. Meena gets pregnant.

Mullai is in their room waiting for Kathir. Suhasini-க்காக இந்த விசயங்கள பண்ணுவேன் - Kumaran Reveals For 1st Time! Somehow, they manage to convince Jeeva and he half heartedly leaves with Meena. When he goes there, Parvathy taunts him. Jaga): Dhanalakshmi's brother and Kasthuri's husband also Moorthy's best friend; Kamakshi's son, Meena Sellamuthu as Kasthuri Jaganathan: Jaga's wife; Dhanam's sister-in-law and Kaamakshi's daughter-in-law; Parvathy's relative, She also hates Dhanam, Sumangali as Kamakshi: Jaganathan and Dhanalakshmi's mother also Kasthuri and Sathyamoorthy's mother-in-law, Venkat Subha / Ravi Chandran as Janardhanan: Meena and Swetha's father, Kalaivani's husband.

Murugan's daughter Mullai desires to marry Jeeva. The latter Jeeva visited her daughter and arrives.. Moorthy asked did you see your daughter. Sheela Raj is on Facebook. Mulla asked why? After much convincing, Janardanan agrees to meet Meena. The Indian Express quoted the series as "A simple serial with no violence, hostility, envy!". Moorthy and Dhanam ask Jeeva to accompany Meena but refuses to go. (Main Antagonist], Sri Vidhya Shankar as Kalaivani Janardhanan: Meena and Swetha's mother, Janarthanan's wife, Jeeva's mother-in-law, Yogeshwaran as Senthilnathan (a.k.a. Pandian Stores Vijay TV Serial.

Jeeva said my daughter is sleeping and I talk to Meena she asked to go home.. Moorthy laughed… Jeeva said I took my daughter photo.. Moorthy scold him and ask him to don’t show to anyone.. Jeeva became sad.. After some time Moorthy asked Jeeva to show baby photo… both became overjoyed and saw the photo. But Parvathy forgets to give medicine for Lakshmi (Moorthy's mother) .

Pandian Stores 17th September 2020 Written Update: Jeeva feels content, Pandian Stores Spoilers, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Story, Pandian Stores 17th September 2020 Written Update, Pandian Stores 17th September 2020 Written Update Telly Update, PANDIAN STORES PANDIAN STORES FUTURE STORY, Pandian Stores Written Update 17th September 2020, Upcoming turns and twists ahead in story of Pandian Stores, Eramana Rojave 17th September 2020 Written Update: Chandrika reveals Komolika about Sneha, Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 17th September 2020 Written Update: Maha scared of Mayan, Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 3rd November 2020 Written Update: Vithal’s new plan, Shubharambh 3rd November 2020 Written Update: Mihir gets surprised seeing Rani’s gift. Pandian Stores Vijay TV Serial. He said child born with little weight so they not allow to see inside.. Jeeva alone saw her child…due to virus they won’t allow to see the child… they said the child will infect soon.. Lakshmi worries a lot… and said when will I saw by granddaughter? During this time, Kathir and Mullai grow closer. Mullai misses Kathir while he feels that he is unfit for her. The serial features Stalin, Sujitha, Kumaran Thangarajan, Venkat Ranganathan in the lead roles, and many new faces in the supporting roles.

On the day of wedding Meena ran off from her house and creates a scene in the marriage hall. Dhanam replies after 10 days.. and said Jeeva alone saw her daughter.


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