shaw vpn issues
They do weird **bleep** like this. The first round of testing is rather simple, establish a secure connection and verify share resources (mapped drives, secure Email ...Etc, ) are accessible while connected.

I have a somewhat different problem with my new Shaw Blue Curve gateway,  I have two Mac computers running on it and recently one of them could not connect with my outgoing mail server. Same thing here. DNS proxy is utilized for Blue Curve Internet control from the app. I utilize a couple of VPN clients without any issues. Which model(s)? I am contemplating competitors such as Teksavvy.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Understanding these common VPN issues is crucial in protecting your company’s network security. Passthrough features were originally put in to routers as a workaround for not having a NAT translation standard for VPN's, but there has been such a standard for the past decade. The only wierd thing I have noticed on the Shaw network (at least in my area) is that I cannot use the default port5500 used by VNC. -Try connection with no router, direct to PC. EDIT:  June 24, 2018 - At this stage, my speed without VPN has not improved. Have you run antivirus?   Pasted as rich text. In my case, it is a bad setting in the Arris SBG6782. But I am told from friends that their experience with Telus and VPNs are also similarly challenged. I 'think' I am having the same issue. At this time I subscribed to a Shaw 150 Mbps offering in my area. ©2020 Shaw Communications. Is your VPN client forcing other DNS servers? This is why we always bridge the crap Shaw router/modems for our business customers. I have used shaw with Hitron modem before, it worked fine. This is not and should not be a business only "feature". The Hitron modem is in very very high dem... Troublesome VPN issues with XB6 Gateway (CGM4140CO... XB6 Gateway doesn't support VPN passthrough even though ports were forwarded. That’s why we’ve categorized these common issues as the not-so-good, the bad, and the ugly to help you make an informed decision on whether or not your organization should implement a VPN.   You cannot paste images directly. I don't want to go out and buy an expensive router either and try to bridge it.

Have tried everything to identify the issue, but i am pretty sure it's a shaw problem. ©2020 Shaw Communications.

VPN issues are unfortunately outside of our support scope, so we may not be able to help you with this.

EDIT: March 4, 2018 - From my experience I note that streaming video can be slow at times. As of this writing, Teksavvy has won CRTC battles enabling customers who wish to switch to simply change modems instead of necessitating a technician to visit the residence. It took 4 days for delivery due to the pickup offices being closed due to COVID. > VPN worked for about 4 hrs before they pushed through another firmware update. Had the same issue with an ISP in the Middle East ... switched to UDP 53 (typically used for DNS traffic) and I am now maxing out my 50Mbps conn, specifically with NL, DE, SE servers (mainly European servers). This excitement was short lived though as it still continued to timeout. That modem/router has some protected browsing features that may have been interfering with your vpn. @FuriousCustomer VPN setup is not something we support with consumer accounts. There is something wrong with the Arris SBG6782. At this time, if I connect to AirVPN through Canadian or U.S. servers, the speed test results in 1-5 Mbps. I can take my laptop to neighbors house who has Shaw and it connects with no issues everytime. tried L2tp and sstp as well. For one person to have a problem might be dismissed as random, but for three to have the same issue suggests this is indeed some sort of firmware issue. Are you using your own router? As soon as I switch to port5900 it works great.

Re: Cannot access my company's VPN after switch to shaw 300 with Arris XB6 modem, please help !!! ©2020 Shaw Communications.

Auto payment and approved credit required. Troublesome VPN issues with XB6 Gateway (CGM4140COM) - Constant disconnecting and reconnecting, Re: Troublesome VPN issues with XB6 Gateway (CGM4140COM) - Constant disconnecting and reconnecting. My current work laptop will not drop the VPN when I use my phone as a hotspot. This is happening to … Windows Server 2003 or 2008?) I recently upgraded from the advanced high speed modem to the new BlueCurve Gateway modem and now I cannot access any of my VPN's when I work from home. Curious - Why do you still have a TV subscription ? Trying on my own home modem/router from shaw. Any help would be appreciated! [BC] Today - usage cut in half - 28 Days Later a $5 increase, [BC] Shaw and TELUS in bed together - Anti-competitive conduct, [BC] VPN speeds and bridged modem availability, Telus to implement usage based billing for all. Shaw does not throttle, nor filter VPN clients or servers. I am assuming that the Arris XB6 probably doesn't support L2TP passthrough and PPTP passthrough. The connection is verified and then establishes a secure connection the within a minute drops and reconnects every minute - minute and half. But, AirVPN speed increased to an all time observed high of 50 Mbps. Anyone else having issues with their BlueCurve Gateway modem not connecting to VPN's. If I cannot get this working I will need to switch back to the older style modem or switch to SaskTel. Or to a Shaw-Open public place? I have tried different devices with different operation system, Linux, Windows 7, and 10 and Android, all of them have the same problem as long as I am connecting to shaw modem at home. Desktop Audio...A Little Further Down The Rabbit Hole. Since the modem has been replaced I do not have enough information to determine other drops right now. thanks for the suggestions derSchweiz, I will try these on the weekend and see where I get. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. If you are running a VPN for business purposes, I'd recommend touching base with our Business team to better support your needs. I like Shaw but if I can't use a VPN I will be switching to Telus. Hi, tried pinging the server hosting the java app. It will be going back. Only getting about 5Mbps consistently, regardless of setup and provider. Have Shaw check the signal level to the modem. All rights reserved. Tried 2 different VPN providers and servers, tried the desktop client and router OpenVPN. Read more on this topic or keep the conversation going by answering a question or starting a discussion of your own. I added a pic of my error that I keep getting.

Do I understand correctly that Shaw is not allowing a remote employee to use a VPN client to access his employer’s network infrastructure? after more than 100 hours of working with our IT guys and waiting for Shaw tech support multiple times for their investigations, we all decided that the problem was the Shaw Modem ArrisSBG6782 firmware. Shaw has recently received negative publicity for mistreating its customers with a pay-to-pay argument surrounding their invoices. Before this, my VPN client worked fine with no issues. I suspect Shaw is using a slightly modified firmware that Xfinity in the US is using. This may be a little off topic. Are you connected at home? There are no issues receiving email in your email app or sending email in Webmail. I am trying to VPN... Do I understand correctly that Shaw is not allowing a rem... an IP-address (on the Shaw network) for the router to use for a while; the "network-mask" (to define which IP-addresses are on your local network (compare to you in your house talking face-to-face -- without any "hardware" -- to somebody inside your house, compared to upi needing to use a "gateway" (e.g., telephone, FaceTime, Skype) to talk to somebody NOT inside your house); the IP-address of that "gateway" computer from your local network to the Internet; the number of minutes that you are allowed to use the IP-address in #1, above -- the duration of the "lease".


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