shady boy lyrics
By the way I'm higher than the Eiffel Tower tip Who believe in makin' it rain 'cause all they see is the clouds

It probably will smell like cologne made out of bits of panther Muerto Fin Gang Holler! Aside from its lyrical content, the song also went viral due to Royce’s “Hi Rihanna” line. Guard your jewels and avoid large tools Or could it be the devil? Talking funds, niggas ain't never seen stock You stepped on number two just to be number one

Gettin' my Yaowa on Us and Yelawolf like a heavy foot gas pedal push You Super Mario thugs is in the wrong room, Gotta figure here you won't get bigger if you on shrooms, So I lock her out, and now she doubt David is Stern, Then dead her in the Holiday Inn, learned that from Max B, That's why the haters envy, kinda wanna send me llamas, I made it right before their eyes, like I was Benihana's, Believe me, dopest West-Coaster breathin', Rappers need to keep it trill, give me a beat to kill, Too many people still eatin' sleeping pills, And y'all ain't even real, you 'bout to die in this cypher, And if I blink, they'll remove your snaps, This the Slaughterhouse of pain, flow brown, tight and heavy, Man, all these Olajuwons, we the dream team, And y'all gotta know why I made the cut, I'm Puerto Rican, and you can make the sticker sittin' on the door of that Phantom your suicide note, Let me know so I can buy binoculars and telescopes, Hi, Rihanna! So I can put these babies in a fetal position Rappers need to keep it trill, give me a beat to kill

And y'all gotta know why I made the cut, I'm Puerto Rican I’m roaming in the shadows and vatos can't locate me Is Nicki livin' with you? Ryan's a homicidal misfit, I write the solution of biophysics I'd be a horrible magician, 'cause I'd fuck a trick up [Intro: Eminem]

They're gettin' elbows to the penis Of Notorious, Pun and L; get the big picture?

Don't ask what the squeegee's for Somebody mention they got a Crooked, highly fiction Wanna stop it? Everything you kick weak, your spit kung fughesi I buy enough clappers to retire you factors, fire at drama

It's more like a phone booth Yeah, human oddities, at odds with us, your squad's gotta be

Cheated death multiple times without rigging the deck Don't ask me nothin' about Budden, I beat my girl too I throw up the A, I take 'em to school, I give 'em a grade And spit in his frickin' big kids meal Cause after I spill you at the light, you be in a car pool I’m roaming in the shadows and vatos can't locate me You think you seen sick? Have you ever been so panicked in this paranoid dimension I'm on a mission to get richer, the sickest lyric-kicker I see it's no escape through the gates with no trace Between Michael Rapaport and Kenny Lattimore I don't need to know you better Bitch, I'm on a trapeze with no legs in the dark Plus the vato wants to get me for fucking with his lady Now back to y'all fools I'm getting paid for these shows that I throw lately Driving slower than an old lady [Verse 5: Royce Da 5'9"] I don't know, fifth month, black and yellow insect, maybe Pure uncut Heroin Did you just put your six-inch heel through my Benz windshield?! Fuck, I'm fucking heinous, I make you fucking famous Can that chick fit a newborn dead baby inside a frickin' shoebox with a shoehorn, So I can put these babies in a fetal position. You fly, but I ain't going down on no landin' strip I shit logs and I piss river brown Can that chick fit a newborn dead baby inside a frickin' shoebox with a shoehorn [Verse 6: Yelawolf] Hood of your mask will be the Blackfoot with no passport Smothered in chloroform, so she can go get her groove on? 'Til you fuck around and get dropped You should see the kind of asses that my pole hoist Movin' keys I can relate, 'cause I live in the cage It's thundering cause I'm cussing up a storm if you wondering, SHIT!

I'm Shady Will there ever come a day when they could slay me? Seen in the studio near a needle with a mean lean Even if I wanted to quit, I ain't got no choice I’m roaming in the shadows and vatos can't locate me You know your flow is wack Airwaves the same, now the stereo's typical Man, all these Olajuwons, we the dream team

Yeah, big deal, I took some little kid's Big Wheel That you wish you would've just stayed pissed off in the first place I'm grinding up rappers are lining up jackers, I'm climbing up ladders Both parents broke, but she come from money Devour, polish it, politics Or the holy water, acid raps that'll eat these floors Eat a hole in a rhyme book, you see these horns? I know you could tell by the tone of my voice Don't play like Tyler Perry All I got was hang tight, shady wanna be shady wanna be a thug, my whole life I never knew what a healthy mom was she was always smack back, she got aids when I was four fifteen years later she ain't here no more, I was born into this life my child hood was off the hinges, I never played with toys I was playing with syringes, I wasn't born with a silver spoon the one I had had a stain, it was black from the … Now my bitch a dancer, I'm about as sick as cancer


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