shadow lake nh
Swimming Allowed, No Restrictions. with diverse flora and fauna that support the health of the lake and terrestrial and aquatic species., THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL JULY FOURTH CELEBRATION. To continue the fight against Eurasian watermilfoil infestation and other invasive species, the Shadow Lake Association is asking for a donation of $50 from each camp/home to be used specifically for: a) lake monitoring; b) controlling an infestation; and c) the boat wash program. Our Boat Wash is a state-authorized watercraft inspection and decontamination station located in the parking area of the state fishing access and is a free service for all to help prevent the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species. Status: Under Contract.

As is well known, the brook now just cuts the south end of the lake, then with augmentation there received, hurries eastward to join its sister streams.”, This became the old Route 111 in Salem NH. Shadow Lake is a 35-acre lake between the larger Canobie Lake and Arlington Mill Reservoir. Maximum depth is 139 feet (42m) To familiarize yourself with this potential problem, we suggest you watch the following two minute video and read additional information from the State of Vermont. Due to its deterioration and obsolescence, it has given the SLA its best years and is ready for retirement. If these dates change, this posting will be updated. It often takes only a tiny fragment of an invasive plant, sometimes less than an inch piece to start a whole new infestation!

to the Vermont Watershed Management Division. Eurasian watermilfoil can form dense monocultures, choking out beneficial native plant species, reducing oxygen levels, negatively altering the lake's ecosystem, recreation potential and reducing shoreline property values. The Shadow Lake Association (SLA) is a member-supported non-profit 501(c)(4) tax exempt organization dedicated to improving the understanding and management of Shadow Lake for its long-term environmental health.

Read the ‘Restoring Water Quality in the Lake Memphremagog Basin: 2015 Water Quality Report’.

You can inspect the shoreline for Milfoil, etc. This home was built in 1955 and last sold on 6/30/2020 for $346,000. VT Fish and Wildlife Baitfish Regulations  also see our webpage: FAQ’s on aquatic invasive species transport law, Know VT Law  As of January 2007, it is illegal to use and sell lead sinkers weighing one-half ounce or less to fish with in Vermont. The 200-acres of Salem Town Forest are just south of the lake; the land has over 5 miles of trails for hiking or biking that feature wetlands, a boardwalk, and local wildlife., LAKE WISE BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES for voluntary recommendations for controlling runoff and improving lake water quality. The mission of the Association shall be to collaborate with lake residents, the Town of Glover, and the State of Vermont, to learn, educate and foster best management practices around Shadow Lake, in order to preserve and promote the healthy ecology of the lake and to ensure pristine water quality for the benefit of current and future generation.

Phosphorus is the nutrient that can most adversely affect water bodies. Glover has two incorporated villages, Glover and West Glover and two lakes of considerable size; Shadow Lake (210 acres) and Lake Parker (221 acres, in W. Glover) and several ponds; Daniel’s Pond (120 acres), Clark’s Pond (a.k.a Tildy’s Pond) and Sweeney’s Pond. The Association thanks Judy Dunbar for her herculean efforts in putting this together.

No lawn debris in lake- grass clippings, leaves, etc. See our webpage Act 67 FAQ’s, VTDEC 2019 list: Vermont waterbodies known to have AIS infestations. Esther M. Swift wrote in Vermont Place Names (the Stephen Green Press’s, Brattleboro, VT, 1977.) Its waters have an average depth of 7 feet but can be as deep as 25 feet. Today 109 cottages/residents dot the lake shore. Their mission is to empower community-based watershed groups in all parts of the state to protect and restore Vermont’s waters.

It is planned that the new trailer will be put into service for the 2020 season. Former SLA director, Christine Cano, is currently serving her second term as a director of FOVLAP.

We are, again, reminded of how important this Greeter Program and hot water pressure wash program is. With continued reductions in state funding in the foreseeable future, it is questionable whether such funds will be available at a later time.

to the Vermont Watershed Management Division. The Boat Wash will open on Memorial day.

SLA is a partner with the Memphremagog Watershed Association (MWA) and the newly formed Memphremagog Stormwater Collaborative (SWC) group working together on a strategic plan to address stormwater runoff and flood resilience in the Lake Memphremagog watershed.


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