selena gomez vocal range

hey! I'm studying music, so please if you're just an amateur dont talk, cause it's stupid what you're saying. Upon hearing her vocal weight, her tessitura, and per passagio is when one can gauge what she should be classified as. Her low notes below F3 are dark, low and healthy. i've heard her sing live, and trust me when i say that it's not a pretty sound. Her albums have reached the #1 spot in the United States, but she barely moves units, with only 333,000 copies of her 2015 studio album “Revival” sold to date. I've been listening to a few Selena Gomez songs recently and I was wondering if you were ever going to do a profile on her, haha. Her voice doesn't have the characteristics of a contralto. haha "Dancing ON the Stars" that would be interesting to see, I honestly think she is a horrible live singer, i think she is a contralto but who cares? Selena hasn't really demonstrated much Dexterity to even properly place her but her lower notes are too weak (so is the rest of her range) to be considered her comfort zone. Her vocal range is Bb2 - A5 - A5/C6.....She hit Bb2 live in studio....She hit A5 in full voice live and in studio too and she A5 and C6 in head voice too. Selena isn't a very good singer at all. if you look at range alone without hearing her voice, anyone could be fooled into thinking she is a contralto. There is a solid tone to her mid-range from B3 to about C#5. However, her range is still comparable to that of a light tenor.

It's so soft and out of tune..she uses much autotune !! She really did! Seriously though, whatever has you butt hurt needs to halt it's practice of the matter because you seem to have a serious rage issue. Selena is not HORRIBLE, she sings on pitch most of the time but she is very limited. Thank you for the information. Here we talk about facts. Demi lovato can sing any note better then selena gomez. Vocal Range: 2 Octaves, 6 notes and 4 semitones D3 -C6. selena can't sing... i'm sorry to disappoint you, but it's very true. Singer's by Public Rating. Seriously dude, what's with the shouting and the aggressive insults? i've seen her once time, and i need my money back ! She sings normally..... yeah .... but when it comes to the hard parts of the song, her awkward voice was like disappeared and, like as I said before, the background music and singers comes to life, which was like almost all the time. I already checked Selena's live performances a while back and I bought her latest album When the sun goes down.

She's not the worst singer in the world..she just sings songs that she cant sing live..It's really pathetic really. Selena sounds good with autotune on her cd but she really sucks live. In my opinion, I think it is fair to say that she is not a fairly good singer - auto-tuned songs, strained high notes, inability to sing notes at A5 and above without problems etc, but I feel that she has her good traits too - impressive low notes that are dark enough. Best vocals ever. I hate the unique type where someone sounds like they are singing through their fucking nose..

Pfff, her Bb2 isn't even sung it's an extremely unimpressive and weak tone. She can't sing AT ALL. I just feel that she is developing on her voice. As its been said on this site many times, the number of notes a person can hit does not equate wether they can sing or not. She is indeed of Disney  Stock, and i agree that she sounds awfully processed.

but you put miley cyrus as contralto wow! If u can't find a B2 from demi then it probably means that she doesn't have a song out where she attempted to hit that note. The 'real' vocal range of the person of course might be different. However, her belts tell a different story. She sounds more like an Alto to be me she doesn't really have that lightness in her voice. Star Adele Aretha Franklin Beyonce Celine Dion Christina Aguilera Kelly Clarkson Mariah Carey Michael Jackson So Hyang Whitney Houston A+ Carrie Underwood JoJo Lady Gaga ... Vocal Range and Profile: Rihanna. It would be very interesting. With her newest album, revival, Selena has demonstrated great improvement overall, and a lot more comfort in higher areas of belting and head voice than she ever had before. Here is the video of her hitting a B♭2. She cannot effectively use her voice live due to bad breath support and struggles to belt notes at all. To do so, she should sing properly. THAT'S A REASON TO HAT YOU.. POOR SEL,YOUR FUC*** WORDS AND THOUGHT MUST BE HORRIBLE,AND THEY ARE DEFINITELY WRONG,GET THE FACTS CLEAR. Accept this fact. And four months later I still keep on laughing like and idiot xD. you should make one of gabrielle aplin or nina nesbitt, they both great singer unlike selenur. - Duration: 3:07.

Her lack of vibrato and proper technique makes notes below E3 or above A5 sound harsh live.

Done:). Selena Gomez is the WORST 'singer' ever. And I like her last album, she's cool, she's fun, yes. Try loading this page again in a moment. ahuahuauhahuauhau I kept laughing and laughing. She should give chances and respect them. Just because u like selena doesn't mean u can say stuff about her that u think is better then demi.

She's very lucky that the record company accepted her and that auto tune is around. I'm also aware that she's inconsistent with her live performances, but she actually sounds good in most of her acoustic performances imo.Btw, her lowest note is Bb2, someone posted a video in the comments :). I mean, the backup music's all loud and the harmonizing singers rocked on stage. No one here deserved to be insulted in such a way. And for me it's incredible how low she can go as a Mezzo- soprano& that just shows me that she's way better in the lower register and that she reaches more there.. See Britney Spears,an icon,wasn't that great at singing too:) And she is only a singer.. Selena is doing music for fun,demi for passion.. 2 ways and happily 2 different kind of music directions! I can't imagine her hitting a Bb2, but if you can direct me to the songs I'll check em out :D! Britney's technique is not great, but what she does with her voices covers her technical faults. B2,do you know where that note is? So you kind of ruined yourself here. Listen to her live. She is terrible and is very lucky that Auto Tune is around.PS2 octaves, one note and a semitone, you say???

Her strongest range … The past year and a half have been takin... Another great American talent, would be the one and only Beyoncé Knowles. First, writing in caps isn't gonna make your opinion more relevant.

In fact it's a note that most contralto can hit. Struggles at basic belts like Bb4 when doing little body movement. She speaks in a series of notes in the lower 3rd and 2nd octave and I heard her sing in the 2nd register once too. She can't sing to save her cat. Vocals Gomez 928,109 views. Demi has done low notes like Bb3, something that selena hasn't attempted. It's because of her pretty face, the fact that she was already popular and can therefore become a product like Britney and Rihanna, who also aren't good singers but are very famous for what they do. It could help A lot. Anyway, I was watching some YouTube videos comparing her and Demi Lovato and all the comments were like "Selena can't sing!" For help, or to report any issues you're currently having, please visit the ProBoards Support Forum.


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