scorpio man traits

Scorpio men can be controlling, but if you set boundaries, they will respect them. Meet a Scorpio at work about 2 mths and then left. They also tend to have high standards for themselves and those around them. One of my good friends is a Gemini and I am Scorpio. :). They are looking so perplexed 'cause their children cries when I'm looking at them even when I project a smile. if i only knew that he would hurt my feeling I could have done something. but the weird thing was that he use to text me only at night, i indirectly asked him about this and he said that he would get distracted during classes from all the texting . Being a Scorpio, I never felt attracted to either Cancer or Pisces. Scorpio men can be hard to read, but they have their patterns. Almost like reversed roles the guy usually leaves after the fun...anyway we texted back and forth a few times no signs of him showing any interest even after I let him know how im so attracted to him etc.. Relax and enjoy the ride. They are born winners and always work towards it on their own. Answer: I am a Scorpio, and I have been married to an Aries for three years, so I guess it works. He does not even come to gym . He doesn’t mind if you disagree with him, as he loves a good argument and debate.

Shopping for the Scorpio man may be a little tricky, because he may not be forthcoming about what it is he really wants. Lovemaking with a Scorpio is often passionate and lustful. I know what they say about aries women being playful and vain but I was totally crazy for this scorpio that when i broke up with him (found out he was cheating on me), that it took me months to get over him. He blows me kisses, stares at me, looks right through me. They keep doing things to keep you in their lives. maramerce from United States on July 15, 2013: I'm a Cancer, but I'm a lot like a Scorpio because of other traits I possess beyond my zodiac sign.

From my experience with opposite sex signs thats it. Let me explain this. Feeling happy, by knowing about me, thank you for giving more information about scorpio. They also appreciate someone who lets them indulge in their controlling ways and lets them choose when and where to meet up for a date. So, if he didn't want me, he could have disappeared after I stopped working there. A great deal of the above fits him though he does not have ambitious bone in his body. It is difficult to understand why this is so. Our site includes quite a bit of content, so if you're having an issue finding what you're looking for, go on ahead and use that search feature there! The only problem is that we Scorpio men are extremely sensitive inside. But in contrast, they are quite nosy themselves and love to know what is going on with other people.

What we do is right for us. We finally decied to meet up together a few weeks later. I was so fucking depressed for couple of weeks. Scorpios can be extremely severe when displeased, often saying things that feel unnecessarily harsh or final when they feel backed into a corner. As off now, I think only time will heal your situation. So, it depends on whether the different aspects in their natal chart are compatible. Well, the truth is, they may not even know, but they can’t help themselves from doing it all the same. Scorpio men are always in control, and always have an opinion, but never reveal too much about themselves. They tend to give the orders and don’t like something unless it is their suggestion. Scorpios do tend to be respectful of boundaries, however, so if you set healthy ones with him and are good about enforcing them, his controlling nature should be easier to manage. I know, being a Scorpio yourself, it will hurt you very deep. But no matter how long he has been with someone, he finds it hard to break his suspicious streak, and he is always looking for evidence that things are not what they seem. That may be hard to understand but we are ALL about the NOW. Well sad to say we end up nothing, one day he just stopped talking to me and he avoided me with no reason at all. All these years I thought I was just moody...and weird!!! Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on January 16, 2014: What a great read. You may want to seek a professional astrologer's help for that. His emotions run quite deep, and he knows that. When they fight, it necessarily need not be a world war but you get the point.

Moody and temperamental, it can be difficult to what the Scorpio man expects from love. Why does every woman I've loved walk away? Once in love, they showcase the best qualities a man can have.

This is really acurate. He called me the next day out of the blue & wanted me to come over and I took long so he got annoyed keep calling & stated I was taking to long. Though Scorpios have many desirable traits, they also have characteristics that are far less savory.

I gave up eventually because he was a lot of work. Unpredictable. Next day we again chatted till late at night and he said that we will be busy for the week .because of his college exams .and now all for about 5 days i have not heard from him. Us scorpio men want a woman willing to throw caution to the wind for us. To us Scorpios life is about personal interactions and experience. A few weeks went by things have been going great. They also have strong intuitive powers. But, before forming a relationship with this water sign, there are a few things you need to be aware of. The traits of these extremely independent guys don’t make the best team players, so it may be ideal for them to work remotely or have a secluded office away from the hustle and bustle. provides no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information found on this website.


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