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Watch Episodes. During the stress test Borrero worked behind the counter and he was slow as molasses and couldn’t even mix one cocktail properly. ", "Cane to have a good time but the bartender was the rudest person I've ever encountered over change me i won't be going back and I will let my friends know this is not the place to go if your looking to have a good time unless you think being treated like trash and ripped off is a good time", Right after the makeover, the bar posted on social media, "We don't love it. (, In September, a month after the makeover, the bar changed their name back to The Sandbar and had a relaunch party. Bar Rescue airs at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the Paramount Network. The bar was thriving but the local government made some changes in 2010 that impacted the bar. Virtually everything inside has been covered up or replaced, some things for the better, and others not so much. Playa Island Bar vs. Sandbar. Honestly, sandbar was always the last stop during my partying at the groove days. Video related to the sandbar in albuquerque is rescued on ‘bar rescue’, Linda Lou’s is Rescued by Jon Taffer, ‘Bar Rescue’. Business crawled at a snail’s pace which forced restaurateur Matt Gentile, also Borrero’s close friend, to invest in Sandbar Sports Grill to try and save it from sinking. Where there were once table tops that could fit a large group of friends, there are now regular tables with lush, nicely upholstered aqua chairs that fit a family of four. i read about the racket and how they were in financial trouble, but i didint know they were in the bar rescue show. Sunday Night Football: Eagles Remain At the Top After Ugly Win, Venezuela: Maduro Says Country Has Gasoline for 20 Days. Check out their official website at Sandbar Grille reopens tonight, so you'll get to taste and experience it first hand. He also said they would be adding more TVs and possibly changing the name back. The bartenders served cocktails mixed with juice that was squirted out of a gun, an act that made the drink too sweet, and their beer was flat due to the improper storage of kegs. "We're going to change some of the nights, introduce specialty food nights, get rid of some of the cheap gimmicks," says Matthew Gentile, owner and operator of Sandbar Grill, who is a Hurricane himself according to LinkedIn. The kitchen personnel led by Gentile were not used to cooking with the new ingredients hence their service times were down to a crawl.

The kickballers seem to go to Mr. Moe's after their games on Friday nights, Saturday nights is usually also busy. That was the Sandbar Miami knew and loved for almost 15 years, whether you attended the University of Miami, spent your Fridays here after kickball games, or simply gathered here to watch big games with family and friends. Where there was once a shabby bar that served $2 drinks on Tuesdays and half priced pitchers during games, there is now a nice shiny bar where you can order a "Citrustini" or a "Hot Rock Sunset" for $9.25. Season 7. I think that  the new adult crew that is coming to live in Coconut Grove will not arrive until the new towers being buit there are finished and even then the sandbar or  hot rock would not be their kind of place...just my two cents. “Okay, I’ve heard both sides of this story, and Sean’s side of the story is not adding up,” Taffer said. That's when the red flags should have gone up. The renovations of the restaurant took place in August 2019 and took a little over three weeks to complete. Due to the amount of drinks, I couldn't tell you much about it. The reviews prior to the closing of the restaurant were average to negative. I don't think that the small things you mentioned would generate any type of real profit.

During each episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew perform surveillance on the bar and then confront the owner about what’s going wrong and what needs to be changed. As far as the bar goes, it closed its doors a few months before the debut of tonight’s episode. Bar Rescue. The bar was getting Jon Taffer's golden touch on Spike's Bar Rescue, a show that takes fledgling establishments and transforms them into better versions of themselves or entirely new concepts all together. For the new concept Mastroianni introduced cocktails that made use of ice spheres.

Part of me is wondering if Sandbar Grill even wanted/needed to be rescued, or if they just wanted to be on TV to get some hype? Not to mention we came back hoping for a better experience, only to be disappointed. He said that they did offer Sean 10 percent equity, but Sean never signed the document. The bar is currently owned by Mike Martinez and it is under dispute if Sean Colwell owns any of the bar. Gentile personally worked on the floor with the employees while Borrero kept himself busy playing fantasy football at the back office. The negative reviews, on the other hand, mentioned pricey drinks and “rude” bartenders. Interestingly, according to Wikipedia, several bars have failed miserably after being featured on Bar Rescue, and many others have changed back just the say Sandbar Grill has. I had never heard of such show. Thanks OP. Some may call it a bar rescued, others, a bar ruined. YouTube Tonight on Paramount’s Bar Rescue, the crew and host Jon Taffer travel to Albuquerque, New Mexico to rescue a bar called The Sandbar Brewery and Grill where the owner and an investor are in a battle over a sinking bar.

According to the episode synopsis, Taffer tries to rescue “The Sandbar” as an investor and owner battle over control of a sinking bar. So, it appears the bar closed in late 2019, just months after the makeover. This thread is archived. The bar hosts live sports, food and drink specials, and live music. Leave a comment down below to help us decide. Powered by, The Roost Bar (Broadway Club) - Bar Rescue Update, Leia's (The Grant Bar) - Bar Rescue Update, Playa Island Bar (Sandbar) - Bar Rescue Update, "Always a great place to be. Episodes & Videos. ", "The customer service is horrendous here! Let's not forget to mention that the carne asada quesadilla was on point. The bar is co-owned by Albert and Matt, and Albert is too concerned with his fantasy football team to pay attention to his bar.

86% Upvoted. Taffer relieved Borrero of his bartending duties and the owner took it personally. Borrero himself then became part of the problem as he was too focused on other things instead of helping out in the bar. The bar opened in 2017 and was purchased by a group of investors. Last September 2016 Sandbar Grill was among the best sports bars in Miami according to Miami Eater. The main story line was that one of the owners of the bar was crap and knew nothing and was incapable of doing anything to help the staff, while the other did all the caring and pitched in.The Bar Rescue staff claimed that Sandbar Grill was hemorrhaging $7k per month, was 2 months away from closing down, and that its life as a college bar was past its prime and that it needed to re-brand itself as an upscale eatery for lunch and dinner for refined adults that have supposedly taken over Coconut Grove, while it could still remain a college hangout late at night. Wendy Williams Net Worth 2018 – How Rich is She Now? Anyone been to The Sandbar since Bar Rescue re-did it?

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In this week's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Albuquerque, New Mexico to rescue Sandbar Brewery & Grill. Inside the bar the furniture were replaced with classier counterparts. Of all those mentioned, Mr. Moe's is my favorite, plenty of seating around the large bar, usually live music or a decent DJ on weekend evenings and I like the décor/theme of Moe's. On tonight’s episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and his crew are in Albuquerque, New Mexico to rescue The Sandbar Brewery and Grill. During the staff meeting the employees admitted problems in management and Borrero’s refusal of acknowledging the ideas of his people. One of those investors put in an additional $60,000 after the initial investment wasn’t enough, but that investment came with the stipulation that if the loan was defaulted on, the owner would lose his shares in the bar. When asked if this was in an effort to kick out the college crowd, he responded "no, not at all. I write about anything and everything that catches my fancy, but mostly I try to provide the answers to the questions our readers ask every day. On March 2017 the bar was ranked at #3 on the “Ten Best Dive Bars in Miami” list of Miami New Times. Who's ready to watch @jontaffer shut it down all day long? Does not make sense. This conversation is older than 2 months and has been closed to new posts.

Either way, Sandbar in Coconut Grove will soon become as fuzzy of a memory as the nights you spent there crushing penny beers like it was your life's calling, dropping it low on the bar's makeshift stage with moves your father would be ashamed of, feeling as though you owned the world while atop of the famed lifeguard throne, looking down upon the mere dancing mortals, coming down only to refill your plastic chalice. Recently, the bar shuttered for some renovations. The latest reviews on Yelp were placed in December 2019 and the most recent review on Google was placed just three months ago meaning the bar has closed since then. The Sandbar stage has been covered up with tufted red wall seating, making it virtually impossible for you to have your fifteen minutes of fame anymore, and a source tells us that the bathrooms, the one thing that actually did need major renovations, were left untouched. The bar was getting Jon Taffer's golden touch on Spike's Bar Rescue, a show that takes fledgling establishments and transforms them into better versions of themselves or entirely new concepts all together. That's when the red flags should have gone up. The Mother of … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. According to a Reddit thread, the bar was previously called Sneakers and Sandbar, but since the show, they have renamed and began charging more for drinks. The latter was the fate of our dear Sandbar Grill, which we were under the impression was renamed "The Hot Rock," however we The U reports that the name has been changed to "Sandbar Grille." I'm also the guy who's always glued to an LCD screen of some sort. During each episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew perform surveillance on the bar and then […] And the seating is 10x better than it was before! New ownership wants your opinion. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a03f288f8fb7ab00e56f7cd748cf5e05" );document.getElementById("c3b7b17f34").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Taffer and the experts walked out of Sandbar Sports Grill and threatened not to return unless the bar was cleaned up. Oh yeah, I remember that Grove ugly sweater crawl. Did anyone else happen to see the "transformation" of Sandbar Grill in Coconut Gove to "The Hot Rock" on the TV show Bar Rescue a few weeks ago?I remember when this episode was first taped back in November there was some chatter about it in a few local media outlets and blogs, but within a month or two, they'd already re-named it Sandbar Grill again. Sandbar Grill maintains an active Facebook page which you can visit by clicking here, and also click here for their Yelp page. According to both Yelp and Google, the Sandbar Brewery & Grill is now permanently closed.

The bar top was given a leather finish, the beer kegs now wrapped in keg skins, and four POS systems now ensured fast service.

Do the college kids still hit this place heavily on Thursday night? Many people posting positive reviews mentioned good music. Sandbar Sports Grill on Bar Rescue The new demographic and regulations in Coconut Grove effectively killed off its nightlife scene and made dinnertime and … Playa Island Bar (Sandbar) - Bar Rescue Update In this week's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Albuquerque, New Mexico to rescue Sandbar Brewery & Grill. The next day Taffer was surprised to see how squeaky clean things were compared to last night.


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