rio royal star rifled slug

These are Rio’s Royal Star rifled slugs, capable of terminal performance and fantastic power. Rio Royal Star Slug 12GA 2 3/4" 1oz 1200 FPS Low Recoil 5 Rounds per Box. The smaller the number in gauge, the larger the firearm’s diameter. JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. Royal Star line of Slugs by Rio Ammunition was specifically developed to offer extreme penetration while retaining a superb balance between the highest precision and reliability. Each slug measures 2.75 inches long and have a 1-ounce payload.

All ammunition and firearms could be only shipped to the address, which is the same as your firearm license address.

By including your email address below, we are able to follow up with you, help solve any issues, and learn from you what our community likes and doesn't like. Due to Canadian Law regulations, firearms and ammunition orders cannot be shipped in the same package. Rio 12 Gauge Royal Star 12ga 2 3/4in 1oz Rifled Slug - 5 Rounds - As hunters, we expect reliability, power, and consistency from our ammunition. Italian Firearms Year of Manufacture Look Up, Reloading Shotgun Ammo at Home (Best Press, Molds) UPDATED 2020. The Royal Star line of Slugs by Rio is exactly what you need to take down both large and dangerous game. However, you won’t even notice the difference in power unless you are shooting targets which are far away from you. There’s no question that a 12-gauge shotgun can do devastating damage to anyone threatening your home or family. That is what Rio Ammo provides. Fax: 979-277-9959 You can purchase the boxes individual just to test the slugs out and see how great they are. These slugs have the speed and power you need to take down even the most dangerous game in any type of conditions. We are constantly evaluating our suppliers and our products, and your feedback is very helpful in doing so. If you are looking for accuracy in your shotgun slugs then you can’t go wrong with the Rio Royal Star Slug. This ammunition can be used for hunting a variety of game up to the size of whitetail deer and is also great for target practice. boxes, 50 boxes per case. This is 12 Gauge Rio Royal Star Low Recoil Slug Ammo. Restricted Firearms may be subjected to longer shipping times depending on the time it takes for your provincial Chief Firearms Office to issue an approval. Once you are ready to purchase more boxes, you can just purchase an entire case that has 250 rounds in it for roughly $160. The advantage of buckshot is that you have a spread with multiple projectiles, so you are more likely to hit the target’s vitals. They have one solid piece, usually made from steel or lead, and they fire a heavy projectile that does maximum devastation to the target. For 12 gauge, it would take 12 lead balls of the barrel’s diameter to weight a pound.

All firearms, archery products, optics and accessories orders are shipped via Canada Post Service. boxes, 50 boxes per case.

Shotguns and shotgun ammunition are classified by “gauge,” which is a measurement of the diameter of the barrel. When you order this single box of ammunition from Rio you get 5 rounds. But since it is low recoil then you will have even more accuracy than the standard Star Slug. It will be just a tad less powerful that’s all. Buckshot, which is used for deer hunting and other medium-sized game, has larger pellets, which means it hits the target with greater impact and drives deeper penetration. Nothing has changed with their rifled slugs. This low recoil shell still manages to shoot a 1 ounce slug at 1,200 feet per second. These Rio Royal Star slugs carry high velocity and energy at the muzzle and great stopping power downrange. A signature is required with photo I.D. Gauge: 12 Gauge Type: Royal Star Slugs Length: 2.75 inch Shot Size: Star Muzzle Velocity: 1,410 fps Rounds Per Box: 5 rds/box – 50 boxes/case Application: Large Game Hunting Shot Type: Slugs, You must be a Canadian residents 18 and older. We ship ammunition only within Canada.

Thank you for being part of the AmmoToGo community! All rights reserved. They are used for harvesting game birds ranging from crows to geese, and vary in size from .069 inches to over .2 inches. Each slug measures 2.75 inches long and have a 1-ounce payload. But what is really interesting about the Rio slug is that it uses a plastic wad and lead projectile to make its trajectories as accurate as they are. Your email address will not be published. Two of the most common loads for 12-gauge ammunition are buckshot and birdshot. when the product arrives at your door. 250rds - 12 Gauge Rio Royal Star Low Recoil Slug Ammo Details This is 12 Gauge Rio Royal Star Low Recoil Slug Ammo. ... 9MM.223 / 5.56 45 ACP.22 Long Rifle.22 Win Mag 12 Gauge.308 Winchester 40 S&W.38 Special View All Calibers. You can purchase the standard Star Slug or the Low Recoil Star Slug. As for the two options you have available, the only real difference between them is the velocity. Ammunition is shipped separately from any firearms order. Because the pellets are larger, usually about .6 inches to .2 inches, buckshot loads have fewer total pellets. No PO boxes allowed. The disadvantage is that they have a lower shot capacity compared to many handguns. Both options add precision and accuracy when firing your shotgun. Suite 1100, PMB# 70 Required fields are marked *, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail, Magazine Tube Extensions for Remington 870, The Best Remington 870 Upgrades for Hunting, 6 Best Shotgun Sidesaddles (Shell Carriers), 10 Steps to Upgrade Your Remington 870 Express to Police Version, Best Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun Accessories and Upgrades, 10 Best Home Defense Upgrades for Remington 870, Best Mossberg 500/590 Accessories and Upgrades, Remington 870 Non-MIM (Machined) Extractor, 7 Must Have Ruger 10/22 (Takedown) Upgrades: Stocks, Triggers, 5 Best Aftermarket Stocks for Remington 870, How to Mount a Red Dot Scope to a Remington 870, 10 Must Have Upgrades for Your Remington 870 Shotgun, Remington 870 Followers Overview (Vang Comp Systems, CDM Gear, SBE Precision, GG&G, S&J Hardware, Scattergun Technologies, Choate, Nordic), Magazine Extensions for Remington 870 Shotgun (Nordic Components, Choate, TacStar, Remington, ATI), 7 Remington 870 Upgrade Ideas for Less Than $20, Magpul SGA Stock and MOE Forend for Remington 870 Review, Remington 870 Safety Buttons, Wilson Combat (Scattergun Technologies), S&J Hardware, Vang Comp Systems, Remington 870, 1100, 700 Serial Number Lookup, 6 Best Red Dot (Reflex, Holographic) Sights for Shotgun, Shotgun Shells Explained – Types Of Ammo (Birdshot, Buckshot, Slugs), Best H&K MP5 and Clones MKE T94, Z-5 Upgrades and Accessories, Remington 783 Review and Top Ten Upgrades, YouTube - Facebook - Pinterest - Instagram - Author's books on Amazon. I participate in practical shooting and 3-Gun competitions because they are the best way for me to test equipment and upgrades under stress. As we discussed above, buckshot consists of larger pellets for deep penetration, which is needed to reach a deer’s vitals. Email: [email protected], 250rds - 12 Gauge Rio Royal Star Low Recoil Slug Ammo. There are two options available for the Rio Royal Star Slug that you have to choose from. You can purchase the standard Star Slug or the Low Recoil Star Slug.

Your email address will not be published. Slugs are recommended when the shot is at a greater distance. If you are a competitive shooter or merely a hunter who frequently fires their shotgun then you will want the very best slugs available.

Gauge is determined by the number of lead balls equal to the size of the bore that would be needed to weigh a pound. The issue with 12-gauge is that it may actually be too much for home defense, as over-penetration is a real threat with this shotshell. My name is Vitaly Pedchenko, I started this blog and forum to share information, tips, photos, and advice about the Remington 870 shotgun, accessories, and upgrades. This slug is called Brenneke slug: Highly recommended ammunition for hunters or competitive shooters. If you choose to protect your home with a 12-gauge shotgun, be sure to select an ammunition product made specifically for self-defense, which are usually buckshot loads with 2.75-inch shells. This shell shoots a 1 ounce slug at 1,410 feet per second for flat shooting power. Royal Star line of Slugs by Rio Ammunition was specifically developed to offer extreme penetration while retaining a superb balance between the highest precision and reliability.

Rio Royal Star 12ga 2 3/4in 1oz Low Recoil Rifled Slug Shotgun Shells - 5 Rounds - As hunters, we expect reliability, power, and consistency from our ammunition. If you are in need of a high-quality and reliable slug for hunting large and dangerous game, look no further than the Royal Star line of slugs from Rio. The Rio Royal Star Slug is top of the line and I recommended it for the Remington 870 shotgun. Consistent Performance and Great Efficiency.

Now I also own AR-15 rifle and MP5 pistol caliber carbine. If you are only shooting at closer targets then it won’t make a difference which option of the Star Slug you use in your shotgun. They reach a muzzle velocity of 1,410 feet per second to take down everything from wild boar to black bear.


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