rigard costume empires and puzzles
Get specific costumes for FREE2. Emblem effects are furthermore only applied once the costume is fully maxed (levels and skills). Power Recover 42% health for all allies Costumes are similar to a template for an alternative skin of a Hero. To apply any bonus the costume has to be leveled itself and independently of the original Hero. Game content and materials (c) Small Giant Games. The respective Hero can wear the costume to change stats, skill set, class, and appearance. Pingback: Hero Costumes Review - Empires and Puzzles Game Guide. While a Hero is active in a war or raid tournament defence he is bound to that appearance; a second Hero you own could of course take a different appearance. Costumes also permanently increase the stats of the Hero, even if the Hero doesn't change the appearance. Costumes are similar to a template for an alternative skin of a Hero. I can max Rigard Costume (3/60) or Proteus (3/60). Defense Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 669 645 However this will make Gunnar the highest Defense reduction hero among all the current 3 Star heroes. Base Stats Max Costume Bonus Rarity 3. Therefore, if you use these 5 star heroes often, and you get the costume for free, go ahead and level the costume up. 315 That is mainly to enable them to be used more flexibly and frequently. Dispels status ailments from all allies, Rigard Dapper Noble Defense Element To put into perspective, ... 6 thoughts on “ Empires and puzzles Hero Costume Review ” Pingback: List of Hero Costumes and effects - Empires and Puzzles Game Guide. Same/ Similar effect. 609 hp is 40% to 50% over 3 turns. Effect 1 Max Costume Bonus Attack & Defense modifiers have diminishing returns. Average Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 624 Dark Leveling a costume works similar to leveling a hero but is much cheaper. Do note that 5 Star hero costume requires a lot more resources in terms of food and experience to fully level them to make the costume viable for use. And why did you level a Quintus anyway? Lianna has the highest single target damage of any hero in the game. Deals 345% damage to a target, dispels all status ailments from all allies. Similar Effect. If you have more than one respective Hero, all profit from the … Cleric Deals 415% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies Dapper noble is a significant upgrade over the original Rigard, having an additional effect in the special skill. Special Skill Denotes this costume was first available. (Alternatively, you can direct users to opt out of a third-party vendor's use of cookies for personalized advertising by visiting www.aboutads.info. Hero Type All rights reserved, Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to your website or other websites. Attack Effect 3 Mana Speed Power This will be factored into whether these costumes are worth leveling or not. Definite Level up. Dapper noble is a significant upgrade over the original Rigard, having an additional effect in the special skill. Name (Becaues if you already have a deep bench, you will level these costumes anyway because you don’t have anything better to do with your resources already. Definite Level up. 3 Star costumes are pretty easy to level up, and will definitely factor this into the review. (Defense increase). Definite level up. Mana Speed Health Hero Type 544 You are still going to snipe certain key enemy heroes first. Similar Heal ratio, additional effect. Power As of January 2020, costumes are available for the following Heroes: You can find a comprehensive overview on the stats of the original and costumed heroes here. Health The costumed Hero inherits the emblem path from the original Hero. Don’t spend gems getting costumes For example you could use Sonya against Ares or Boldtusk, and use Viking Champion costume when dealing with Gravemakers etc.


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