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Why are you looking at me like I’m the most pitiful person in the world? Thank you again for your hard work. How… Their skin is pale in a different sense than the white skin that the nobility or royalty have. Gerard was both a historian and a political scholar. Ianna had finished training her body during the past several seasons so that she could properly wield a sword and had now moved on to basic sword training. Her eyes had been too clouded by hostility to truly look at him, she had made no attempt to listen to anything he had to say, and she had rejected any opportunity to get closer to him.

That was because, unlike anyone else, he alone had the right to rebuke Ianna for committing such a heavy sin.

He, who was more like her than any other. Pero que interesante que Ianna se interese por el nombre “Roygen” y también es interesante que no muestra interés después de esto por dicho nombre hasta que el maestro lo dice….

Thanks! Ianna wanted to beat him. It's not that I don't appreciate all the artists of this manhwa not personally I didn't realise the at style had even changed until I read the comments on a website and confirmed it for myself, because I was so interested in the plot of the story. Their only purpose is to keep the emperor entertained at night.

We’ll go over the Roanne royal family and the Bahamut imperial family today.”. Names will be updated as I translate them. He was a kind teacher who imparted his knowledge the way a benign grandfather would spin tales to put his beloved granddaughter to sleep. Almost looks like something I’d submit for work…..if only work were as much fun It was a great history and background lesson. I'm not saying she shouldn't be badass or cool. Ianna voiced her distress before she knew what she was doing after having thought that much through. Arhad Ro Ralzo Bahamut was not a part of the imperial family yet. “Philliad Sarvon Bahamut had relations with countless women, but he only acknowledged the children born to his empress. The difference is one wanted the other's warmth, and the other wanted submission. They both only cared about themselves, and were madly obsessed with each other. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Adonis: Eternal Bliss Adonis: Reminiscence Reminiscence Adonis 아도니스 아도니스: Eternal Bliss 아도니스: Reminiscence

In order, the reigning king’s name is Harios Maxium Roanne, his queen is Muziniel Roanne, and he has two concubines, Luria Roanne and Lezè Roanne.”, “The king’s children are the first and crown prince Fernando Luria Roanne, second prince Schneider Lezè Roanne, third prince Saiwè Luria Roanne, forth prince Linus Muziniel Roanne, first princess Lyxillia Muziniel Roanne, and second princess Angelina Muziniel Roanne.”, “Good, you know them well. I am so happy I found this! I am simply anticipating our lesson, teacher.”, “Haha, what happy words. You pitiful thing.”. The thing that irks me the most though is how there is an explosion of exposition every 2 chapters.

It'd just be nice if the author rounded her out a little. What was the point of looking for him when there wasn’t anything she could do as of yet? However, those who are wary assert that all the people of Bahamut, and not only the imperial family, are hostile and say that Bahamut is simply gathering her power for a large-scale war. Roanne suffered a great number of losses to the Bahamut military whenever they tried to cross the Lotso Mountains, but the kingdom merited praised for having been able to fight off the empire for hundreds of years.

It could just be their culture.”. My confusion is she regrets that she had to fight Arhan or whatever bullshit she was spitting. Spoiler (mouse over to view) Besides learning how to fight at an earlier age, she barely changed after reincarnation. I mean I guess it’s not fun to hear. thanks! Press J to jump to the feed. The only difference between them was that one wholeheartedly wanted to have the other, while the other wholeheartedly wanted to defeat him. My confusion is she regrets that she had to fight Arhan or whatever bullshit she was spitting. She could not connect Arhad to the Bahamut empire at the moment. Besides learning how to fight at an earlier age, she barely changed after reincarnation. The plot itself could be very dense sometimes as it was trying to weave in so much mythological and historical mumbo jumbo from the get-go, but I waded through it because a) I'm a sucker for reincarnation stories and wanted to see how the MC would change and b) the art was beautiful.

Do you know what that means?”, “It probably means that he either killed all of his other children before they were born or he killed all of the women as soon as they became pregnant. They both only cared about themselves, and were madly obsessed with each other. Is it still strained to the very end? His black pupils were not simply pupils. And so, Ianna Roberstein, a duchess of the Kingdom of Roanne and the strongest swordswoman on the continent, died at the hands of the Conqueror Arhad Roygen, the emperor of the Bahamut Empire. I first found the manga when it came out and it has been my favourite since then. “No. Gerard was both her teacher and her emotional support.

I've been reading this up to 120 chapters already.... Like why the heck are they taking sooo long to tell the truth about each other?

She doesn't need to come across as weak to the other characters, just show us the readers some of her human sides. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. He is unparalleled in his skill with the sword and in his control over mana. The artist changed after season 2 (chapter 54), and everything went downhill from there.

Then, let’s begin. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. For some reason, what caught Ianna’s attention was the surname that Arhad had personally introduced himself to her with —Roygen— instead of Arhad Ro Ralzo Bahamut, the name he had taken as the emperor, or his given name, Arhad, which he had entered the Youth’s Swordmanship Tournament under. And now I have also found this translation of the novel – I am so happy and so so grateful for your work, it is so amazing and such a joy to read! I am the most satisfied person in the world right now!”.

Her training was now in full swing. However I’m beginning to wonder how much of Arhad will change based on the fact that some things from her past life are not the same….Thanks for another awesome translation! Read my previous forum comment in page 3 about the spoiler chapter 17 training on volume 5 Eternal bliss I read all the way. “Don’t get hurt and cry because of the cruel people around you.

Ianna shook her head as she rose from her seat. Her training was difficult to handle with the body of a young, eleven-year-old girl and even Ianna, with her mental fortitude, was exhausted by the time she completed it. I assume thats the humans understanding from when he was born? The Bahamut royal family was infamous for being monotonous in color. Their lessons were lessons that Ianna, who did not recall every little detail from her past, would have to take no matter what even if Gerard hadn’t been her teacher. Five hundred thrusts……. The difference is one wanted the … She erased the name ‘Roygen’ from her mind.

Yo estoy en el volumen 5, así que este comentario contiene spoilers

The next time she had seen him was after she had completely shut people out of her heart. If you enjoyed the story, please support the author by purchasing a copy of the series. Not only had it been the first time that Ianna had been hit by Gerard, but it was also her first time being treated as someone pitiful. They both only cared about themselves, and were madly obsessed with each other. But his eyes quickly fell on Shailince’s back as if he was avoiding its rays.

Then, her quill pen flinched once and stopped moving entirely. I find the hints of info on what happened in the previous life intriguing. They both only cared about themselves, and were madly obsessed with each other. I am really happy! Which was why she half-assed her lessons. The demon curled the edges of his lips into a smile and split my sword evenly in two. Ianna took a deep breath. She had already known about it, but it still brought down her mood to hear its history again after being reborn. I heard a bit about this going in, so I was steeling myself for the change in season 2. Would you continue your project to the next volume after reminiscence? “And as for the Bahamut imperial family’s appearance…….”.

This holds true not only for Philliad, but also for the previous emperors before him. All the material about demon power, mana, and the way things work seems like it would be a challenge to translate. Ianna subconsciously began thinking about Arhad. I get that you're proud of the world you created and you want the readers to know about it but honestly, it's very annoying combing through mountains of expositions with barely any plot advancement. It was because Luria had disliked Gerard for giving Fernando, a puppet ruler, good counsel and teaching him good kingship. However, the only children in the imperial family are the crown prince Taylon Bahamut and crown princess Isabella Bahamut.”. Summarize what we went over in our last class for me.” Ianna nodded when the kindly old man sitting in front of her spoke to her quietly and replied, “The continent is divided down the middle by the Lotso Mountains, and the extensive mountain range acts … Ianna narrowed her eyes and stared down at the black ink on the page that symbolized the Bahamut Empire. I don't find the story itself very compelling. I’m just curious. I can’t believe there’s a translated novel for this!

Adonis: Reminiscence (아도니스 Reminiscence :회상) is Part 01 of a Korean novel series written by Hyedori (혜돌이). They both only cared about themselves, and were madly obsessed with each other. They know that they’ll only suffer defeat if they try to get in between Roanne and Bahamut.”, “And, how is the situation between Roanne and Bahamut now?”, “Strangely enough, Bahamut has only initiated small skirmishes with Roanne these past sixteen years instead of waging an all-out war. She slowly toyed with her pen as she began writing down everything that she knew about the man. Build your future with the choices that you yourself will make, and don’t let fate decide things for you.”. How is Ianna's relationship with her family? Change ), Volume 1: The Maiden of Dawn and the Knight of the End, Volume 2: The Age of Thorns and the Map of Blue, Volume 3: The Revolving Moon and the Tale of Beginnings, Volume 1: The Warrior Who was Born on a Rainy Day, Volume 5: Commencement of the Martial Arts Tournament, Volume 1: A Magician in Male Attire and the Gold Knight, Volume 2: The Magician in Male Attire and Dragon’s Compatriot. It helps me who knows nothing about korean languange and hangul.

Ianna stopped in the middle of jotting down her dense lesson notes. “I am not pitiful. Ianna (female MC) is actually "stronger" than Arhad (male love interest). Gerard had always patted her head tenderly whenever the tears had fallen from her eyes while she clutched tightly at the hem of her dress. And was Arhad aware that his lover gave bird to his kid? What changed instead was everything around her as somehow everyone that was important in her first life suddenly started going to the same school at the same time. They both only cared about themselves, and were madly obsessed with each other. Ianna and Arhad had much in common. Summary: Ianna and Arhad had much in common.

She had always cried while holding her breath to keep her tears away because she didn’t want to interrupt Gerard’s lessons, and because she didn’t want Gerard to hate her too, as her tears had only ever drawn more hatred towards her and never any consolation.


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