remington versa max problems 2019

Beretta Pintail. The shells never extract and it also double feeds. Sounds good, but I might have thought you would have chosen the V3. The first three major dealers I checked online sold this same model for right around a grand. The receiver is drilled for an optic rail, and that rail is included with the package. i’d rather buy made here than italy, but they invented it. Almost all subject matter about VM is 2011-2015. But it runs like a champ. Oh, and since when is shooting birds “work”?!;-).

Has been 100% reliable with everything from light 7/8 oz loads up to 3.5", 1.5 oz BB's at 1550 fps.

Bulk Win white box from Wally World is the typical junk I throw in it. I was going to buy the maxus sporting but after seeing how sloppy it was I decided aginst it. The price you quoted on versamax sounds very hard to beat. First, like the Competition Tactical, it has an enlarged loading gate. Right now, Remington provides introduced out a tactical edition of the VersaMax. I saw the same thing on all of these guns that I saw with the V3. No issues. It never failed. Nine months into shooting them, I ordered a Remington Versa Max Tactical for myself. I have a left handed Versa Max, I love it. Remington’s V3 semi-auto in black synthetic.

Maybe try get customers back? The excess weight of any such item can become found on its fine detail page. I know I'm going to get blasted on what I said.....Lets here it... "Opinions are like elbows, everyone seems to have a couple of em. Goodbye to every pump-action shotgun I own. With the right load, they are absolutely devastating in defense against man, or even the largest of bears. Yes, that’s in line with other autoloaders of this quality. still, i’ve got 12 and 16ga 37’s and those are winchester’s expired patents.

But I’ve never put  any gun through the length and variety of testing as I have with the Versa Max. It was a little heavy, 6 pounds, and my other. The ability to alter the fit of the gun so significantly sets them above their competition. The 28-inch version feels a bit front heavy, but the 26-inch barrel is well balanced and points like a finger. Infinitely reliable, versatile, and practical. But that’s not what Marketing departments are directed to say. In my experience, you can oftentimes buy a whole lot more quality for not too much more money. Evidently, since the chamber pressures are higher at the chamber than more down the barrel, the system is even more forgiving than a normal fuel or recoil managed system. The Versa Max fits me out of the box … kinda … a little. I will start by saying that I would like to have a versamax to run a few rounds thru as they seem to be a good design..

I plan on using them to shoot trap, the FTE will mean I don’t need to bend over to retrieve shells and will no longer pelt my neighbor on the line with empties.


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