remington 597 problems

If the bolt still resists moving with the trigger group removed, check the guide rods. I’ve tried 7 brands of ammo and none of it was the cheap bulk ammo. It is my favorite go to field “scoped” 22. It was the only gun I have ever literally thrown away and I do not regret it one bit. Maybe Marlington can use the model 795 mechanics in their next offering?? I began the search for my first firearm a few years ago, and felt I should begin with a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 22lr. I completely stripped down the gun and clean all of the parts.

You will probably not need a Volquartsen Target hammer if you use the kit. I don’t recall any specifics but they weren’t my rifles either. Another one shoots better after I removed the Bayonet completely. Not even a piloted hole with studs hidden in the box. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is capped off with a black plastic head, which, when fully inserted into the rifle, protrudes to around just about half an inch. The Remington 597 has had an abysmal reputation for years. It only fails after several hundred rounds of bulk ammo have fouled up the receiver. Sold it at a loss. Those are my only two real complaints. My recommendation would be a trigger shoe of some sort to smooth out the feel of the trigger, and Remington need to furnish the 597 with sling swivels fore and aft, or the importer needs to factor this in.

If the bolt I owned one of these for a very short time, traded it away and focused on the 10/22. Better designs and materials both make this so. This did not appear to be a problem with my rifle, but that’s a major issue with others.

enough dirt and grime to prevent the spring from working properly.

Man what a dream. Green lost it’s way with the intro of the 522 and followed up with this…. 1.

Accurate without a scope. I’m looking forward to returning to the range and seeing how well my zero has held throughout the process. The same shooting pal joined me on this foray, and as we laid our shooting mats out for the evening, I was clicking the legs of my bipod out as my pal realised his was still in the truck 200-300 yards away. Big Green may have slid into near-irrelevance but they did right by me.

All in all, it’s not a challenge to clean or take apart as long as you have a set of Allen wrenches handy. The latch smoothly pulls back and the magazine drops free with little to no friction. when you've filled the mag should knock the rounds into alignment. For me, the 10/22 takedown is the clear winner, and the trigger on that is less terrible than on the stainless one. The first groups shot with the 597 proved that my doubts were unfounded and the heavy trigger was not going to hold back any accuracy. I do wish Demetri had shared what he used to mount the sling, as I have been considering doing that myself. To their credit Remington does very readily replace any defective magazines you have without even asking or the original one back.

Perhaps the perceived weight is is greater than the actual weight as the trigger blade is quite narrow. this is the worst 22 i ever bought.was a xmas present for wife .

Remington offers the open sighted version with a large variety of stock configurations and camouflages. The front I'm lucky if I pull the trigger and it will actually The gun’s “wield-ability” and accuracy was superb and I never once had any kind of failure — not to feed, not to eject, no FTFs. Recently found a 77 at a training center/gun store (High Caliber, Urbana illinois ). My 10/22 is just as accurate as the 597 reviewed and probably is a simpler design. It’s fun to hold, fun to shoot, and impressive to look at. However, I believe that this problem was self induced by leaving the magazine fully loaded with 10 rounds for about eight months. Several boxes of cheap AE. Originally I was going to get the Volquartsen trigger/hammer/extractor parts but the trigger in the heavy barrel version surpassed my expectations and the reliability has been nearly flawless over close to 1k rounds so I’ve left it untouched (other than threading the barrel).

Fastest best group wins.


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