red pearl over black
Black Cherry Pearl is darker than Wine Red and will look black from a distance or dim lighting. Only todays techniques is why I am asking. Ghost Pearls give color reflection in the sun. Dont go with a red. Example, spraying a red pearl over a black will give you a deep plum purple look.

Gold Ghost Pearl Shapes painted over both black and white base coats. When I spray this kind of jumbo flake I like to coat the car with 2 coats of plain clear coat first, this way my flake can be buried in the soft clear coat. Red Spectre Pearl - 1600 Degree Temperature Threshold, Protects Base colors while adding incredible effect. At this moment I’m living in Canada and I think this will be my last year here. It’s a big file so it may take a bit to download. Just enough pearl to give the white flake look . Contact us and send us your work! This will be clear coat with .015 white metal flake, .025 white metal flake and f24 abalone ( mother of pearl) flake mixed to make it dance on Thur stir stick like candy, then follow up with 2 coats clear coat gelcoat and last coat over red. After the surgery they left me with a severe hiccup and now I’m waiting for a surgery to try to cure the hiccup problem.

Go to this site. Good luck Robby. Most likely you’ll be color sanding that out flat and buffing if it came out smooth or you may want to wait 2 days and spray another 2-3 coats of solid clear coat over that and finishing off with some hard-core color sanding and buffing. i would mix the pearl in a colorblender like DBC500 or d895 if you are using PPG products. I want a silver flake with white pearl overlay . Metal flake can be a topic on it’s own but for now I’ll just briefly touch on what size metal flake to use in your first coat of clear or in a intercoat layer. you are an excellent instructor. A forum community dedicated to Ford Mustang owners and enthusiasts. It wont look good until I can get the whole car finished and out into the sunlight We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take the time to send us pictures and feedback on all of our products. or even better... since it is a 85, how about spraying the whole thing black, back tape where the hood stripe used to be and logos, and spray them lightly in the red pearl mixed with a base clear like the DB or SG100 from HoK. On the other hand, with clear coats… when you’re spraying you’re not looking for coverage, your looking for gloss. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada.

So newbies try using an intercoat. Check out, Yellow Gold Green Indigo Kameleon Paint Pearls 4759IY, Gold Red Blue Purple Kameleon Paint Pearls 4739GRBP, Blue to Green Kameleon Paint Pearls Super Flash 4779BG, Top 5 Reasons to Use Pigments Instead of Paints, Using Pearls and Candies In Theatrical Makeup and Costume Design, Glow in The Dark Paint Pigment- Luminescent Pigments. I will appreciate if you can give me some advise on how to make the math, the estimate to charge the customer or where to get information about it.

done a bmw like this one time, turned out great. Blue Ghost Pearl for Paint, Powder Coat, Epoxy, Fiberglass, Blue Satin Ghost Pearls – Subtle Iridescent Blue Reflection, Blue Shimmer Ghost Pearl – Add Blue Sparkle Reflection To Your Paint, Gold Crystal Ghost Pearl – High Sparkle Gold Iridescent, Gold Ghost Pearl – Golden Reflection Over Other Colors, Gold Satin Ghost Pearl – For a Subtle Gold Refection, Gold Shimmer Ghost Pearl – Add Gold Reflection to Your Paint, Green Crystal Ghost Pearl – Crystal Iridescent Green Sparkle, Green Ghost Pearl – Add a Green Reflection to Your Paint Job, Green Satin Ghost Pearl – Subtle Green Reflection in Your Paint, Green Shimmer Ghost Pearl – Green Iridescent Sparkle, Mini Pro Painter Pack – 25 of our Best Sellers | Paint With Pearl, Orange Ghost Pearl – Interference Pearl adds Reflective Color, Orange Satin Ghost Pearl – Adds Subtle Orange Reflection, Platinum Silver Ghost Pearl adds Silver Reflection in Paint, Pro Painter Pack – 50 of our Best Sellers | Paint With Pearl, Purple Crystal Ghost Pearl Adds Sparkly Purple Reflection, Red Crystal Ghost Pearl adds Red Sparkle Reflection to any Color, Red Ghost Pearl – Put Red Reflection on Your Project, Shimmer Gold Ghost Pearl – Interference Sparkle Gold, Shimmer Red Ghost Pearl – Add Red Sparkle Reflection to Paint, Silver Crystal Ghost Pearl | Silver Sparkle on Any Base Color, Silver Satin Ghost Pearl | Subtle Silver Reflection, Violet Blue Ghost Pearls – Iridescent, Pearlescent Pigment, Violet Satin Ghost Pearl – Add Violet Reflective Highlights To Coatings, White Sparkle Ghost Pearls – White Shimmer. Try this in epoxy resin, polishes, sealers or other coatings for a great custom effect! Ghost pearls look completely different sprayed over varying color base coats.

If you feel that you want some additional coverage, feel free to add 1-2 or even three coats of clear over that. Then cut and buff. I've tried mixing pearls in with basecoats before and I could never get the look I was going for. They will create brilliant “midnight” color effects sprayed over black. car was black and the guy wanted something slightly custom but not too standoutish. Paint With Pearl has been around since 2005. One common mistake that beginners make is that they buy our candy pearls when they want to create a paint that changes in the sun, or as we call it, a “ghost” pearl paint job. I strongly advise you to check out the X Finishes Pearls and Flakes on Zoolaa. What’s more, the amount of pearl that you add to your clear coat and the numbers of clear or intercoat layers that you spray over your base coat will also affect your color and turn your pearl coat darker and totally change the color of your paint job. Also what size nozzle tip did you use? reckon wrote:HOK pbc-100 sparkle black pearl basecoat, top with UK-11 apple red kandy (or SG-100 & KK-11 kandy concentrate), then clear. it will affect the color of the black though. General Discussion.

This “wanting to get a wet look” will sorta make you want to lay it on heavy at times which can result in sags and runs immediately and  anywhere from 1 min – 10 min after laying your clear (sags show up a little later) so be careful. Spraying candy over black leaves the car looking black with a little glow of color when the suns on it. My suggestion, pick up a few bottles and hit the garage painting. I’m 60 years old and still have the dream of opening my own garage in my country El Salvador. They are Transparent Mica Particles With Color Reflections, which give your project an iridescent glow. For instance, if you wanted a brilliant midnight blue color, use our Blue Hue Ghost Pearl sprayed over black.

If you’re not used to spraying and have problems with gun flow and distance, you run the risk of running your clear coat with your pearl or flakes in it.


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