r6 defenders with ar

Even if only one or two are detonated, nobody is confident going into a fight with only 40 health left. ".50 caliber pistol, short to medium range hand gun with heavy stopping power and penetration.

Defenders generally get issued SMGs and shotguns while attackers get DMRs and assault rifle, I believe the idea is that defenders are meant to have the advantage during CQB while attackers have the advantage during ranged engagements (hence why all but a couple 1 speed defenders get an ACOG). It's description lists it as a carbine, but for all intents and purposes the game considers it an "assault rifle" since the game doesn't differentiate between a carbine and an assault rifle (hence why the R4-C and 416-C can gain credits towards rifle-based weekly challenges) The game has an incredible amount of systems unique to it, maps that are more complex than just about any other game out there, and enough Operators and gadgets to keep players learning for a long time. What defenders have acogs? If you weren’t able to muscle your way up to Gold or Platinum last season, you might need to shake up your squad’s defense. Morgan Park is a freelance writer from Bakersfield, California that plays way too much Rainbow Six Siege for his own good. He’ll satisfy whatever role you need him for, he’s just not the best at any one thing. They’re less effective as a deterrent than Kapkan’s traps, but you can get a free kill if one is triggered. Unfortunately, his underpowered UMP45 SMG keeps him at a disadvantage in most gunfights and makes him less consistent than other intel operators. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Mira earns her reputation as the most-banned operator in Siege.

He’s not necessary, but his armor plates may just be the reason you win gunfights and, ultimately, the round. Doc. I'd quite like that GIGN MP5 to be available for attackers. In a gunfight he’s no slouch either, carrying the hard-hitting AUG assault rifle or reliable MP5K SMG. A balanced team needs plenty of tools to keep attackers at bay and weapons that can compete with assault rifles on and off the bomb site. Welcome to the Rainbow 6 subreddit, a community for R6 fans to discuss Rainbow Six Siege and past favorites. Still, someone comfortable with Ela’s Scorpion SMG can quickly roam the map and take multiple fights without reloading. Kaid’s Electroclaws can’t trick Hibana and Thermite as well as Bandit can, but he’s the perfect pick on sites with a lot of hatches. The AR-15.50 is a semi automatic home defense rifle (Often mistakenly called an assault rifle, despite the lack of automatic fire) featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege in the Operation Grim Sky expansion pack. It’s just not likely enough to justify her awkward, slow-firing SMG. High level players are generally good at seeing through Alibi’s ruse and will avoid the decoys altogether. That alone makes him indispensable in some cases. In fact, their best use is as a way to make attackers waste their frags and breaching grenades. As long as a Pulse player communicates with their team, the cardiac sensor can provide moment-to-moment updates on enemy locations with no real counter. He can aim his Pest robots toward hacking enemy drones or plant them on doorways to deny drone access to attackers. Games Movies TV Video. Another target pick, Warden can be just what a team needs under extremely specific circumstances. Members. Nobody is better at punishing carelessness than Kapkan. Range and damage have nothing to do with it if I can get one hit headshotted by an FMG9 at Glaz range. The upshot is that tossing them accurately often requires him to get in harm’s way. Siege. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Her weapons are on the weaker end of the defender pool, but her interrogation power heavily punishes teams that aren’t watching each others’ backs. Teams might use his glasses to counter a Ying main or smoke plant here or there, but his weak MPX SMG makes him mediocre in a fight. Right now, he doesn’t make much sense on any team composition. The cloaked drones are sneaky, but they’re not as durable as Maestro’s Evil Eyes. Okay yes Jäger's 416c is pretty damn close, but what about a full size AR? Doc doesn’t contribute to wall defense or utility denial, but there’s nobody that can pick fights with attackers and walk away without a scratch the way he can. I knew that jager and bandit had acogs but they got removed so who is left? Frost can be a worthy pick targeted against hasty enemies, but any team exercising a basic level of caution will shoot her Welcome Mats as they’re climbing through a window. He’s not worth the risk. Created Oct 27, 2011. All rights reserved.

No thank you. He’s also the only hard counter to Capitão’s crossbow bolts that can deny large areas and deploy instantaneous smoke. Rainbow Six Siege has a lot of moving parts. That’s an incredible power on its own, but Jäger also has one of the best guns on defense to back him up—the 4-16C Carbine. Category:Defender - Rainbow Six Wiki - an R6 Guide. His ACOG sight helps against long sightlines, but his MP5SD won’t win most gunfights without a headshot. With the survivability of a 3-armor and his dominant ALDA 5.56 LMG, he has the perfect kit to take on multiple attackers in quick succession. Register Start a Wiki. More often, though, coordinated teams will drone her out early and take her down as a group. Mute’s denial of attacker information isn’t flashy, but a signal jammer on a doorway, drone hole, or staircase, remains the best way to keep prying eyes out of the bomb site when it counts most. If you bring Rook, everyone has more health and an almost guaranteed down but not out (DBNO). Goyo’s Volcan shields can be the most effective way to cut off a hallway when placed well, but the fact that Zofia or Ash can easily detonate them means they can’t be relied on. A capable IQ can quickly destroy the Yokais before they’re too much of a problem. Her 3-armor rating and nitro cell compliments the anchor-friendly gadget, though her signature Vector SMG chews through ammo fast and requires frequent reloading to keep up. Building the perfect defense in Rainbow Six Siege is about a lot more than picking your favorite operators. ... a community for R6 fans to discuss Rainbow Six Siege and past favorites. His ACOG-equipped MP5 lets him compete with superior assault rifles at long range. Press J to jump to the feed. On the rare occasion that he isn’t banned, Echo is a master of disrupting site pushes and covertly keeping tabs on enemy positions. Dec 10, 2017 @ 10:20pm Only 3 armor ops have acogs as of now. I’m also assuming a Gold to Platinum level of skill in the game (high enough that you’re seeking out detailed tier rankings). She’s a great pick against attackers that run off alone. Trade? Mozzie’s popularity is bolstered by his high flexibility. Her taser shield isn’t worth the trouble and her SPSMG9 machine pistol is an awkward fit as a 3-armor anchor.

On certain sites, her one-way Black Mirror windows can comfortably shift the power dynamic in the defenders’ favor. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 32.6k. Defenders with acog? Good idea, but the community isn't ready for it.

A sonic burst from his Yokai drones is still the best way to instantly stop a defuser plant. His cameras are powerful for intel and efficient at denying a defuser plant. Operators that are a burden on any team composition other than a few specific use cases. There’s no getting around it: if you want the best chance at protecting walls from breaching, you need Bandit. This list will provide you with the best defensive players the game has to offer and will give your team the edge you need to win. She becomes more powerful when the round is already moving in her team’s favor, but it always makes more sense to fill her slot with an operator that can hold their own. no defender has an AR. On top of that, his MP5 is statistically one of the worst SMGs without access to the ACOG sight. At a high level of play, it’s never a bad idea to have these operators around. The looming annoyance of Gu mines forces attackers to divert their attention from shooting to minesweeping. 1,715 Pages. Destroying them drains attackers of precious breach utility, so it’s kind of a win-win. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? By simply placing his ADS devices on walls in the prep phase, Jäger can deny up to six grenades without breaking a sweat. Defenders with specialized or selfish gadgets that are good, but not essential for a balanced team. Backing up his raw firepower are his two Evil Eyes, bulletproof cameras that see through smoke and fire lasers. Vigil has the speed of a great roamer with the added bonus of a cloaking jammer that makes him disappear on cameras. His traps force attackers to slow down, which can often throw off their established rhythm for site pushes. D&D Beyond Valkyrie’s Black Eye cameras are the best tools in Siege for surveilling enemies from any angle you can imagine. This isn’t for pros, but it’s also not for new players, we do assume a good level of familiarity with every defender. Alongside his accurate T-5 SMG, he’s a popular pick for any defensive lineup. Against highly skilled teams, he’s a must-pick on most bomb sites. The dazing effect of Ela’s Grzmot mines can help defenders win a firefight, but they don’t cover as much ground as Lesion’s Gu mines. Armed with the MP5, ACOG sight, and a few more bullets worth of health, he’s a formidable anchor that nicely completes a team that already has other defensive bases covered. Off the turret, he’s just a slower Kapkan. When he’s low on health after a hard fight, he can easily heal himself (or a teammate) back to full with his stim pistol. It’s possible to score a few kills on his turret against unsuspecting enemies, but an organized team will easily destroy the turret’s shield or shoot Tachanka from above or below its position. B – Tier Defenders. If Thatcher or IQ can’t destroy them early in the round, any hope of an ideal defuser plant covered by smoke or flashes is lost.

Jager's weapon may be based on an AR but if you read the weapon description, it states it's a Carbine. © Valve Corporation. Lesion’s cloaked poison mines deal damage, set off an audible alarm, and prevent attackers from sprinting or planting the defuser until the needle is removed. He brings value by winning fights and minimizing the health cost to his team. It’s assumed that mega popular attackers like Zofia, Ash, and Sledge will destroy Castle’s reinforced doors and windows at some point. He’s the perfect pick against skilled teams that drone every corner of the map. Caveira is the classic case of high risk for high reward. Attackers; Defenders; Expansions. Players that read the enemy team and figure out their style can often benefit from placing his traps around or away from the bomb site.

Ubisoft seems to know how bad he is at doing his job, so we’ll probably see some significant buffs to him in 2020. When it comes to site denial, Smoke is a double-edged sword.


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