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Maybe meaning whenever she kills someone with it they are still? Article one frames an aesthetic and This research investigates the standpoints of both the National Heritage Building operators and the wheelchair users pertaining to accessibility in National Heritage Buildings with regard to their respective roles as management and users. This calf head grab tradition is carried out from generation to generation by the people in Tukadmungga Village which was held at the Bhuta Yadnya ceremony a day before Nyepi day, namely the tawur kesanga renewal ceremony. It finds that competing actors all work towards the co-production of high-rise living spaces and cultures. Its most significant exchanges of goods occur, In the past fifty years, calls to address the ethical and social dimensions in the biosciences have become pervasive. Regarding cognitive capacities, when pedestrian environments are attractive and interesting, they enable the pedestrian to acquire new types of knowledge, by integrating embodied knowledge, gained through the human senses, with cognitive knowledge gained through our rational capacities, ... After exploring the researcher's own encounters, it is then important to study the visitor experience through observations of how and more importantly where visitors move within the landscape. Participants' responses or actions similarly prompted new lines of enquiry for me. Dominant traditions of theory and practice have a tendency to standardise the form and task of ethics, such as in terms of issue types (e.g. The approach builds on the work of others in the fields of visual analysis and interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA). Everyday (im)mobilities continuously emerge out of dynamic interactions between bodies, objects and environments. This study, therefore, supports other research on female tourists that highlight the differences among male and female tourist experiences, and that point to the measures women take to keep themselves safe.

There appeared to be an intimate and unstable relationship between participant and voice, whereby voices changed according to the participants’ mood, insecurities, distress and circumstance. In fact it is a complicated decision with wide-reaching implications. made in two stages: classifying the works in relation to the objects of inquiry, and organizing the material from the data in the studies, giving place to the categories: Why Michel Foucault? Run-commuting was also found to be a practice heavily reliant on other forms of mobility to actualise it and a range of end-of-trip facilities to help overcome the vast logistical issue that run-commuting poses. The research demonstrates the importance of social participation effects on the accessibility in National Heritage Buildings based on empirical evidence in highlighting operators’ and wheelchair users’ challenges toward enhancing their accessibility. Based on 35 highly diverse go-alongs from the westernmost and easternmost parts of Denmark, we illuminate challenging dimensions of go-along methods. Ma Tom gli dà cinque centesimi per tenerlo quieto, e poi dice che adesso andiamo tutti a casa e ci troviamo la settimana prossima per rapinare qualcuno e accoppare un po' di gente. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. grammatics or metalanguage—for supporting the development of ESL/EFL students’ reading comprehension skills. For more information about the German court case, and the reason for blocking all of Germany rather than single items, visit PGLAF's information page about the German lawsuit. The article begins by demonstrating this centrality of movement to contemporary life, before charting the conceptual development of the mobilities turn, and the need to understand mobility as relational. Keywords: Aesthetical experiences, direct nature meetings, forest, plant blindness, phenomenology, life-world, walk-and-talk-interviews, action research. Accordingly, this paper introduces the concept of ‘detrimental mobilities’ to explore how the shared movement promoted via walking groups may not always be inherently therapeutic and may have some detrimental impacts on the individuals who take part in these activities. Practical implications Data was collected in various ways between 2015–2016 as a five-step process. Stretching across time and space, the cumulative, reinforcing and transformative effects of these processes do not coincide with pre-defined events but nonetheless change how movement, dwelling and subjectivities are differentially experienced and embodied. Empirically, I use controversy about the development and deployment of biofuels as a means to analyse, primarily through documentary analysis and qualitative interview, how three prominent groups (non-governmental organisations, public research funders and scientists) construct understandings of ethics and then distribute responsibility for addressing those issues. For older people living in densely populated urban neighbourhoods, walking is an important mode of everyday mobility: it allows to engage in neighbourhood social life and can mitigate physiological decline, which is emphasised in healthy ageing discourses.

similarities with the accounts of time and space describing classical and medieval arts of memory and

Recommendations are made as to how self-curated photo elicitation could be used in future. Keywords: Aesthetical experiences, direct nature meetings, forest, plant blindness,


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