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To improve the translation you can follow this link or press the blue button at the bottom. humorlos sein oder nur insgeheim lachen It refers to a good-looking woman.

From the monotone autotune, I can only gather the more positive but also vague meaning possible. Όλες οι κούκλες και όλα τα φιλαράκια, ετοιμαστείτε, (Μαλούμα μωρό μου, Βίκτωρ Κάρδενας, Μαλούμα μωρό μου), Εκατό στη Γιέρας αν αρχίσουμε με το λικερ, Και στη La Palma στο κιόσκι με ενα μπλαντ, Εκατό στη Γιέρας αν αρχίσουμε με το λικερ (αα).

"la buena" is harder to translate, but can be used to describe an attractive woman.

So, I went for the literal translation. And in La Palma to the viewpoint with a little blunt What Chimba [Lyrics of "Qué Chimba"] [Enter] Child, parcero, my key, the good one To'a chimbitas and all 'the parceros, get ready Because as you know, this started The guaracha, millet, the guaracha, hahaha You know what, monkey? [Поскольку, несмотря на использование опции reply... Saçma sapan anlamsız sözleri olan şarkıların ... Kinó - Жизнь в стеклах (Zhizn' v steklah).

[7] "chimbita" is a variation of chimba.

What a chimba (Okay; eo!) Don't deny him [Chorus] What a chimba (Eo!)

Don't deny him [Chorus] What a chimba (Eo!) Traduction de « Qué Chimba » par Maluma (Juan Luis Londoño Arias), espagnol → anglais Translate Qué chimba, parce. Translation clearly made by some machine ... Ира, тем, что я правильно понял, Вы меня радуете... Нет, зазорного нету ничего. All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only.

[4] Lleras is a park in Medellin and guaro is slang for aguardiente, a strong alcoholic beverage. Gp Blaze, Jador x Carmen de la Salciua ft. BlvckMatias – Nu am somn de 4 zile. Maluma, baby), One hundred in Lleras if we start with the guaro

It's in Cundinamarca, near the Andes. And in La Palma to the viewpoint with a little blunt, With a bluncito (Bluntcito), with a bluncito (Parcero) In the park we finish off with little roncito In the park we finish off with little roncito

Translate Qué chimba. (Maluma, baby; Víctor Cárdenas What a chimba (Okay; eo!) What chimba [1] "parcero" and "mi llave" are both expressions to refer to a friend. What chimba

[6] La Palma is another municipality, but not of Antioquia. The guaracha, millet, the guaracha Members; Forum; New forum topics; Recent comments; Popular Content; Getting Started . Lyrics powered by www.musixmatch.com And in La Palma to the viewpoint with a little blunt Hence, it is a "lookout" of sorts. All trailers, clips, images, music videos and titles, are copyright their respective studios, label and/or production companies. Maluma released new music video "Qué Chimba" Qué Chimba watch out below.

What chimba (Chiva) We got to Sabaneta on horseback We got to Sabaneta on horseback (Oh-oh) Deutsch; English; Español; Français; Hungarian; Italiano; Nederlands;

AtoLyricZ claims no ownership or connection to them. A lot of people take it more for the music and partying more than for actual transportation. Translation of 'Qué Chimba' by Maluma from Spanish to Greek. Wenn jmd. (Prepare him), What a chimba (Eo!)

Contributions: 51 translations, 385 thanks received, 4 translation requests fulfilled for 4 members, left 8 comments We got to Sabaneta on horseback (Horse) Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Acoustic Video), Gurnazar - Chandigarh Da Munda | (Cover Song) Akhiyaan Milaoon X Surmedani, Main Tera Kaun Hoon - Rahul Mishra and Aakanksha Sharma, Viral - Official Music Video | Money Vohra & Pushpanjali Pandey, Sharab Diye Botley Lyrics - Sangram Hanjra. [5] Sabaneta is a municipality of Antioquia, near Medellin.

What Chimba [Lyrics of "Qué Chimba"] [Enter] Child, parcero, my key, the good one To'a chimbitas and all 'the parceros, get ready Because as you know, this started The guaracha, millet, the guaracha, hahaha You know what, monkey? What a chimba (Okay; eo!) [2] "Guaracha" is used to refer to a kind of music people often listen to in their pool parties or when they go to the more tropical areas of Colombia to party. With a little blunder (My key), with a little blunder (The good one) Overall note: There is a lot of Colombian slang in this, mostly from Medellin.


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