prove that cylindrical coordinate system is orthogonal
In the last two sections of this chapter we’ll be looking at some alternate coordinate systems for three dimensional space. May 05, 2016, Azimuth Angle × . For example, in orthogonal coordinates many problems may be solved by separation of variables. For example, the three-dimensional Cartesian coordinates (x, y, z) is an orthogonal coordinate system, since its coordinate surfaces x = constant, y = constant, and z = constant are planes that meet at right angles to one another, i.e., are perpendicular. ∞ < Since these operations are common in application, all vector components in this section are presented with respect to the normalised basis:

i Apr 21, 2016, 269 Mavis Drive A directed differential length-change dl in an arbitrary direction can be written as the vector sum of the component length-changes: where au1, au2, au3 are the base vectors. ∈ 0 ) < The chief advantage of non-Cartesian coordinates is that they can be chosen to match the symmetry of the problem. i × × r ⋅

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⋅ "I think I know enough of hate". ) < In the two-dimensional polar coordinates (u1, u2) = (r, φ), a differential change dφ (= du2) corresponds to a differential length-change dl2 = r dφ (h2 = r = u1). i


h ∈ Answers Cylindrical coordinate system is orthogonal : Cartesian coordinate system is length based, since dx, dy, dz are all lengths.


Cartesian Coordinate System: In Cartesian coordinate system, a point is located by the intersection of the following three surfaces: 1. For example, in 2D: where the fact that the normalized covariant and contravariant bases are equal has been used. ϕ A complex number z = x + iy can be formed from the real coordinates x and y, where i represents the imaginary unit. ) , ) d | and reshare our content under the terms of creative commons license with attribution required close. , You can figure out and contribute to our open source project on our git hub repo. q Mathematics CBSE class 10 2016, CE 2043 DESIGN OF PLATE AND SHELL STRUCTURES. ^ {\displaystyle \mathbf {e} _{i}\cdot \mathbf {e} ^{j}=\delta _{i}^{j}} ν + Open-source project: Open source is very very important for us that's why we are contributing to open-source development as well. J d These scaling functions hi are used to calculate differential operators in the new coordinates, e.g., the gradient, the Laplacian, the divergence and the curl. ϕ 0 ν e < Any point in this system is represented as P (ρ, φ, z). The ratio of the maximum shear angel to the minimum shear angle during machining is _________, A sphere of diameter 12 cm, is dropped in a right c ircular cylindrical vessel, partly filled with water. ∞

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3 ) Since basis vectors generally vary in orthogonal coordinates, if two vectors are added whose components are calculated at different points in space, the different basis vectors require consideration. μ

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Note however, that all of these operations assume that two vectors in a vector field are bound to the same point (in other words, the tails of vectors coincide). π Orthogonal coordinates are a special but extremely common case of curvilinear coordinates.

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A coordinate surface for a particular coordinate qk is the curve, surface, or hypersurface on which qk is a constant. The above expressions can be written in a more compact form using the Levi-Civita symbol However, in other curvilinear coordinate systems, such as cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems, some differential changes are not length based, such as dθ, dφ.

Thus, we need a conversion factor to convert (mapping) a non-length based differential change (dθ, dφ, etc.) d , r 2 k − v , ) , < The center line average surface roughness (in μm, round off to one decimal place) of the generated surface is____, A line intersects the y-axis and x-axis at the points P and Q respectively. a i ∞ They are called the base vectors. ( {\displaystyle d\ell ={\sqrt {d\mathbf {r} \cdot d\mathbf {r} }}={\sqrt {(h_{1}\,dq^{1})^{2}+(h_{2}\,dq^{2})^{2}+(h_{3}\,dq^{3})^{2}}}}, d

h d i d of the basis vectors ( ) , If these three surfaces (in fact, their normal vectors) are mutually perpendicular to each other, we call them orthogonal coordinate system. h Section 1-12 : Cylindrical Coordinates. ϕ b ϕ

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h The vector potential inside a long solenoid, with n turns per unit length and carrying current I, written in cylindrical coordinates is A (s,φ, z) = (μ0nI/2) s φ̂. ^ [ Prove that the cylindrical coordinates system is orthogonal. 2 of a vector F is: An infinitesimal element of area for a surface described by holding one coordinate qk constant is: where the large symbol Π (capital Pi) indicates a product the same way that a large Σ indicates summation.

{\displaystyle (\xi ,\eta ,\phi )\in [0,\infty )\times [0,\pi ]\times [0,2\pi )}, ( Using the line element shown above, the line integral along a path {\displaystyle (u,v,\phi )\in (-\pi ,\pi ]\times [0,\infty )\times [0,2\pi )}, ( S

In general orthogonal curvilinear coordinates the differential area ds1 (dA as shown in the figure above) normal to the unit vector au1 is: Similarly, the differential areas normal to unit vectors au2, au3 are: For example, in Cartesian coordinate system: The differential volume dv formed by differential coordinate changes du1, du2, and du3 in directions au1, au2, and au3, respectively, is (dl1 dl2 dl3): For convenience, the base vectors, metric coefficients, differential lengths, differential areas, and differential volume are listed in the following table. q 2 ) × [

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In the context of small oscillations, which one of the following does NOT apply to the normal coordinates?


For components in the covariant or contravariant bases. , 1 ν )


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