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When one of the guest claims that it is just an orphan and they should just let him die, Oswald furiously rips the knife out of Sofia's hand and rams it into the guest's head. Gordon answers that this meeting will be their final visit and that after they are done, Gordon will leave Arkham and never waste a thought on Pyg again. Only when Gordon storms into the building after them and takes down the two turrets, Pyg's trap is disarmed and the survivors can carry the wounded Patel outside. While the two struggle, Gordon realizes the knife in the head of the guest Oswald murdered earlier, draws it and rams it into Pyg's shoulder.

The Lady | Although he claims to suffered at the hands of Gotham's corrupt system, it is currently unknown if this is true. However, he is stopped from drawing the knife when Pyg threatens to ram the next one into Sofia's head if Penguin actually removes the knife from her hand. The name of his first victim, Metzger, is the German word for butcher.

However, after the GCPD eventually uncover his true identity as southern serial killer named Lazlo Valentin, he escapes from Arkham Asylum.

They suddenly hear a noise outside and while rushing to look, Pyg ambushes Harper, stabs her in the chest and takes her hostage.

Valentin, along with other hitmen, ambush Carmine Falcone as he is about to leave with his daughter Sofia. The same day, three policemen go missing in the Narrows, the poorest district of Gotham. Cool,but i think it should be golden helmet, piglin will ignore you if you wearing gold so in think that will be cool.

They arrive in force but find only the car, soaked in blood. Soon after, Gordon learns that the media has dubbed the serial killer "Professor Pyg". Court of Owls |

Join Planet Minecraft! However, this effort proves to be too late as Pyg has already devised a plan to escape.

Fazoli then reveals that he overheard Pyg planning something in a place where there is "justice no more".

Jerome Valeska | Hobby On a table near the corpses, an card saying "Long live the revolution" is positioned. However, during an attempt on several members of Gotham's corrupt elite, Pyg is eventually defeated by Jim Gordon and arrested.

Again, Jim demands to know Pyg's true identity but once more, Pyg refuses to reveal his real name. Gordon asks whether Pyg is a policeman but he only laughs at that and asks what would make Jim think so. This version of Pyg is killed before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, making him one of the few Batman characters to be killed off before Batman's arrival, which includes. As the Professor ordered four heads, Jim Gordon deduces that there are three more corrupt policemen in the GCPD that the Professor wants to kill. Richard Gladwell |

When they do so, they find the photos of the homeless people Pyg took earlier. In order to do so, Pyg dresses himself as an Italian priest and hands out food to six homeless people in Gotham. The Mutants. Once they are inside, Pyg's trap springs into action. Headhunter | Gordon now battles Pyg on the table, further deflecting Pyg's cleaver strikes with the tray. Claiming that he hates to "cut and run", Pyg slices Bullock's throat, drops the knife and runs. With Professor Pyg striking fear throughout Gotham, Gordon and Bullock head into the Narrows to look for clues. After he was eventually captured, he quickly escaped and went missing, thus, the case was dropped.

Red Hood Gang | Mask is made from a durable urethane resin. The Gotham version of Professor Pyg, like most of the Gotham villains, blends some of the classic elements with a new twist.Like the original Pyg, this version wears that distinctive pig mask, although Gotham chooses to make him as frightening as possible by using actual pieces of a pig's face sewn together and worn over the head; a step up from the original plastic Halloween mask. Gordon rushes outside to find a small, fancy tent built on a plaza outside. Magpie | Once Jim regains consciousness, Pyg approaches him and proclaims to be a big fan of Gordon's. However, he also gives special instructions not to hand a box to Jim Gordon.

Richard Sionis | "Matches" Malone |

Surprised by the sudden appearance of Valentin, Metzger does not react quick enough to prevent Valentin from drawing a cleaver and slaughtering Metzger.

One is dead but the other, although severely injured and seemingly impaled with a metal pipe, is still alive. Nonetheless, Pyg goes to great lengths to make sure Gordon is not harmed during his attacks and manages to kill a great deal of policemen in Gotham and remaining at large. Maniax | Pyg then tells Gordon that he is one of the "good ones", mimicking the act he put up earlier when he disguised himself as Officer Fazoli. Anubis and the Hunter |

Outraged, the man punches Pyg hard, disfiguring his face by dislocating Pyg's jaw. Finding a grill, still hot, Gordon realizes that Pyg is cooking his victims. Clyde Destro | Pyg heads towards the record player and starts playing the vinyl disk "Ave Maria", much to the surprise of several inmates. Setting: An empty, white, walled room 40 ft wide and 40 ft long.

Carlson Grey | Gordon claims that killing Penguin's corrupt policemen will not change a thing and while Pyg claims that it will for them, he ultimately agrees. Meanwhile, the GCPD has arrested the criminal from whom Valentin bought the pig's heads.

It is unclear if this version of Lazlo Valentin created the persona of Professor Pyg, or took the identity from another serial killer. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. Arnold Dobkins | However, the mask is tied to the pin of a grenade that Pyg dug into Nakajima's stomach so by removing the mask, they also remove the pin. Before she can take a bite, however, Gordon, who has freed himself with help from Harper, bursts into the room and shoots the two henchmen of Pyg. Sensei | Electrocutioner |

Type of Villain

Eduardo Dorrance | Jim rides in the ambulance with the wounded Fazoli. The false waiter gets back up at that and reveals to Pyg that the wage of him and his partner, whom Pyg hired as henchmen, just doubled. While Pyg is making his final preparations, Gordon arrives behind the orphanage and talks to a waiter, who reveals to him that the chef, whom Gordon believes to be Pyg, is in the kitchen.

Eventually, Pyg pushes Gordon back onto the table and Gordon rolls backwards to evade Pyg's cleaver strikes. He states that Gordon actually inspired the newest part of his plot when he stated that the rot in Gotham has infested all parts of it's hierarchy.

Pyg removes his jacket, revealing several cleavers strapped to his butcher's apron. The homeless eat but suddenly, they all fall onto the table, dead. When Gordon asks why the case against Pyg fell apart, Lucius replies that it did not - Valentin escaped. At the same time, Pyg, now clad in his pig mask once more, confronts Sofia Falcone and Penguin and forces them to join the rest of the guests in the other room.

When Pyg joins the battle and throws cleavers at you, keep taking our his henchmen, pausing only to use your Counter to toss back the cleavers. Alias

Pyg is not impressed, calmly stating that he really wishes the brute wouldn't have done that.

rename a diamond helmet to "Pyg Mask" and you get the hat. Zaardon, Groups

Using bedsheets as a makeshift rope, Pyg lures a guard into his cell and strangles him, successfully escaping from Arkham afterwards.

Mutant Leader |

Bridgit Pike | Tweaker | Arnold Flass |

Dorothy Duncan |

Barbara Kean |

Frankie Carbone |

He also invites them to come with him and they accept. Tom Dougherty | Masked

Tweed-Brothers | The chef is revealed to be Pyg in disguise and he reveals to Sofia that he made a small change in the menu, revealing that he cooked several "Gotham Meat Pies" and claiming that Sofia's guests will die for them. This proves that Lazlo was nothing more than a sadistic monster who enjoyed killing others regardless of persona.

Inside the tents are also two pigs, who are starting to eat one of the corpses when Jim arrives. He is soon joined by the GCPD and Headhunter's men, as well as Penguin himself.

Oswald outright refuses and Pyg grabs the boy Martin and threatens to kill him if they keep refusing to eat.

Bullock shoots at a person he assumes to be Pyg, but is actually revealed to be the missing officer, Officer Patel, disguised in Pyg's attire.

Jonathan Crane |

Aubrey James | At Arkham, he enters Pyg's cell and Pyg reveals that he wondered whether the murder would draw Gordon to Arkham, claiming that he hoped it would. Evil-doer In his Professor Pyg persona, he acts very theatrical and despite his heinous crimes he claims that it is for the greater good as he wants to deal with the corruption in the city, although Jim Gordon states that he gets off on it. At the hospital, Bullock recuperates from the wound.

Over the phone, Pyg has 44 boxes full of pig heads delivered to the GCPD precinct, one box for every policeman at the precinct. Once he enters to investigate, he only finds a cat but when he turns around to leave, he finds Valentin behind him, wearing a butcher's apron and a pig mask. Due to the different personas he takes on, Lazlo Valentin's true personality is unclear. He congratulates Gordon on being promoted to captain and reveals that he has decided to listen to Gordon's advice. Dwight Pollard | Pyg then continues with his performance, telling the assembled Gothamites to open the envelopes near their plates and showing signs of annoyance when they are too shocked to comply.

Carmine Falcone | He also rantingly promises Gordon that Gordon will never forget him. After you find all of his six murder victims -- always accompanied by music from the opera Pygmalion (get it -- Pyg?

Inside are two corpses - two of the homeless he murdered - dressed in fine clothes and tied to chairs.

More Texture Packs by CenturianDoctor Professor Pyg | was different to his current one.

After Pyg is subdued by the personnel, he is placed in solitary confinement and Captain Gordon is informed and immediately heads to Arkam. After the explosion, Pyg ties Gordon to a chair on the upper part of the factory while hanging Bullock to the ceiling somewhere in the lower parts.


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