powder coating process audit checklist

Adhesion is one of the most important parameters, and I would perform both a dry and wet adhesion test per ASTM 3359 Method B. Proceed to coat the sides and face of the wheel.6. Search this Site! The only part of a wheel I do not coat is the hub.This may or not be the reason you have a concern about this.. I hope that helps out and I will definitely explain it more in detail when I get a chance to write some more articles.

Check out the article on this site titled "How to Properly Ground your Parts". This process ensures that the manufacturing process can consistently produce parts that meet all design requirements. Well it would depend on what type of paint or coating is on the part. Q: What will be the checkpoints to ensure a good quality powder coating (including chemical pretreatment)? 2 removes all dust, coating, and mill scale. Just like painting, there will be a hook mark when shooting powder. I'm thinking along the lines of paint where if you have the hanger on a part that needs coverage the hanger will obstruct the coating from being applied. However, due to the powders ability to wrap around parts, the hook mark will be much less noticeable. Lets say the 2nd coat is a clear coat that also bakes for 10 minutes @ 400 degrees.

If you do not cure the chrome 100% before starting the next coat, the coating will not look the way that it should. Again, that may or may not be your concern but it may be useful for you. Are your steps assuming a bare metal part with no prior finish? So, just to recap:1. The coating inspection article explains about the chloride test, surface profile measurements, wet and dry film thickness measurement, etc. SSPC-SP 7 Brush off Blast Cleaning allows for a great amount of the original coating to remain on the surface and to roughen the surface prior to applying the new coating system. This subject is one of the important items in coating inspection process. 4. Any extra info regarding wood/MDF powder coating will be well received.Keep up the good work and thanks again. Currently, you go from Step 2, Disassemble & Clean to Step 3, Outgas. Sandblasting works great to clean off dry things like paint or other previous coatings, but when you contaminate the media with something wet like grease or oil, your parts will not come out clean, there will be grease/oil deposits which will be difficult to clean off. Preheating parts often leads to way to much powder applied to the part. Should be writing again this month so make sure to check back. What should an auditor check during powder coating process audit?

1 white metal blast cleaning. Click on below Like and G+1 buttons! Also check out the more thorough article, ", Step 7: Spray part with powder coat using a, Monitor Temperatures using an Infrared Thermometer, Cleaning and Degreasing before Powder Coating, Powder Coating: Perfect for Car Restorations, Welcome to Powder Coating: The Complete Guide, How to Build a Powder Coating Oven Part II. What should an auditor check during powder coating process audit? I would try PPG first, here is their contact page: http://www.ppg.com/coatings/industrial/Pages/contactus.aspx . 1. Disclaimer: Powdercoatguide.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. The chrome will look like it has a texture. 2 removes all dust, coating, and mill scale. To expand on your question, sandblasting would be the next step after outgassing (step 4). I have yet to coat mdf myself but it has been done and currently companies are working on lower temp curing powders for applications such as these. 1. SSPC-SP 10/NACE No. Measurements of gloss and texture might also be necessary. 2. Do I add after the first coat is cured? When do I add clear coat or a second coat of color? Coating Specification article provides you a sample paint specification that applicable both for shop and site. You would put the part in for the full 10 minutes. Copyright © 2012-2013 Inspection-for-Industry.Com. If you are powder coating for customers, the correct thing to do is to coat the entire rim. Ask the Expert Question-and-Answer Archive.

You would then put the part back into the oven and bake it again. Most paint is removed by the pressure washer cleaning step. This is a topic that I will definitely explain in complete detail in several articles, but I will explain the process briefly to answer your question. 1) I'm wondering when you hang your part to be powder coated does it matter where the part is hung from? Outgas3. The audit focuses on the manufacturing process and its related supporting functions.

5.5. Adding Quality Control To Your Powder Coating Operation. The best way to find out about these powders is to directly contact the powder manufactures. SSPC-SP 10/NACE No. SSPC-SP 6 Commercial Blast Cleaning removes all visible oil, grease, dust, dirt, mill scale, rust, coating, oxides, corrosion products, and any other foreign matter on the surface but allows up to 33% stains or shadows remain of each unit area of the surface. If you sandblast a dirty part, all of the greasy crud on the part will end in up in your sandblasting cabinet. Meaning if the bake schedule calls for 10 minutes @ 400 degrees you would only bake the part for 6 to 7 minutes. If you aiding powder attraction by preheating the part, you would be better off setting up a dedicated grounding rod if you haven't already. It will contaminate your media and be redeposited on every part that goes through the cabinet after. does it needs to be heat the stuff in 200degree before spraying the powder coat?

I heard there are some lover temperature powders or even UV curing ones but I can't find a place to buy them. Example: PPG, Tiger Drylac, Sherwin Williams, ect.

If I am coating a wheel, I will use an eye bolt through the valve stem hole with a nut and washer.


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