porsche 901 transmission for sale
We will use a surface shipping service of our Vintage Correct 8mm Nuts and Bolts with 14mm Hex Head. cracked housings, damaged gears, and other damage outside of common wear and tear. Comments if any, Once this information is entered, the product will be added to your cart at Our complete Porsche Transmission rebuilds include, but are not limited to, the following parts*: - OEM Porsche Synchro Rings - OEM Ring & Pinion - OEM Transmission Bearings - OEM Shift Detents - OEM Gasket & "O" Ring set. 5 speed, original gears would be AFMSZ 901/13, magnesium case ser #7197017 … PORSCHE 911 991 LIFT 3.0 T 2S 2017 GEARBOX TRANSMISSION… MOT-102686 Motul GEAR300 LS 75W90 Gear Lube, 1 Liter for Porsches with Limited Slip Differentials (930, etc) MOT102686. Since 1957. notified before being charged in the event you've ordered a part that does not Over the last 40 years, Porsche used 9xx design sequence numbers to describe their cars. THE SIMPLE LOW PRICE GUARANTEE or Best Offer. If ordering online, please make sure to choose your Year, Make and Model from the vehicle selector. Maxilite Wheels For Porsche, Alfa Romeo and Mercedes! You will be responsible for paying return shipping fees. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. Todos los derechos reservados. This way, the website will display only the part's that fit your specific model. Fits 356B, 356C and 911 and 912 up to 1989 6444230203 9014230203 NLA4230203M, 999-113-036-50 Oil Seal for 901/ 911 912 914 speedometer drive 99911303650, 999-062-044-02 STUD 8X30 For Transmission Fits 911 70-89 912 -65-69 99906204402, 911-424-735-04 Heater Lever Lock Plate for 356C, and 911/912 1965-89 91142473504. If there is a defect in material or workmanship or we shipped the wrong part, we will exchange the part at no cost to you for up to 90 days. rebuilt engines, transmissions, used parts, and shipping Credit will be issued for the purchase price of the item(s) returned. charges, handling, deposits, gift cards, special orders, Brake Rotors, Wheels, Fluids, Your email address This offer is available only at the time of purchase, both online or over the Our experienced shipping department will professionally package your Rebuilt Transmission for safe transit. Our return address is as follows: All items by us are insured for their full value. 13/16" Hub Diameter with 24 Splines SIC11600660, 901-423-369-00 Retaining Bracket for Clutch Cable and Oil Pipe. eCommerce Software by 3dcart. Competitor's price Fits 911 912 up to 1971. 5 speed, original gears would be AFMSZ 901/13, magnesium case ser #7197017 … Diapositiva actual {CURRENT_SLIDE} de {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Artículos más populares. There is no limit on the number of products eligible for this option. The vast majority of core transmission returned fall into the acceptable category. The basic design consists of a main segment that houses the gears, differential and bell-housing. Customers will be This causes the dogteeth to engage forcefully and ultimately causing the transmission to pre-maturely fail. Orders that are shipped using UPS Consulta los detalles para ver la descripción completa. Orders are shipped from our Miami, FL warehouse. times are as follows: 692-116-133-00 200mm Pressure Plate Diaphragm Spring for 356SC and 912 69211613300, NLA-116-014-00 Sachs 200mm Pressure Plate with Contact Ring. QUALITY parts at the BEST PRICING! 2) You must provide accurate Year, Make and Model details when you place your order. New products carry a minimum of 1 Year warranty. All returns will be inspected prior to credit being issued.   Algo salió mal. Copyright © 2020 California Motorsports Inc | Powered by Shopify, Rebuilt Porsche Transmissions - Complete gearboxes for sale, Original equipment for: Porsche 911 and 912 short wheel base cars 65-early 69, Description: 4 or 5 speed H pattern manual transaxle with early Porsche synchromesh and dog leg 1, Limited Slip Differential: A ZF 40-80% LSD was optional equipment, Clutch: Mechanical/cable, push clutch, 200mm single plate, 1966-1968 911 (902/0): 11:34 A, 19:32 H, 24:27 Q, 28:24 X, 1965-1969 912 (902/0, 902/01, 902/04): 11:34 A, 19:32 H, 24:27 Q, 28:24 X, Up to 7/26/65 911 (901/0): 12:34 AA, 18:32 GA, 23:28 O, 26:25 U, 28:23 Y, 1966-early 1969 911 (902/1, 901/02, 901/07): 11:34 A, 18:34 F, 22:29 M, 25:26 S, 28:24 X or 29:23 Z, 1965-1969 912 (902/1, 902/02, 902/05): 11:34 A, 18:34 F, 22:29 M, 25:26 S, 28:24 X, Original equipment for: Porsche 911 and 912 long wheel base cars late 69-71, Clutch: Mechanical/cable, (late 69 push clutch, 70-71 pull clutch), 215mm single plate, 1969-1971 (901/06, 911/00): 11:34 A, 19:31 HB, 25:26 S, 29:23 Z or 29:22 ZA, Late 1969-1971 911 (911/01): 11:34 A, 18:32 GA, 23:28 O, 27:25 V, 29:22 ZA, Transmission type(s): 914 (300.01, 300.05, 300.11, 300.12), Original equipment for: Porsche 914 70-72 w/tail shift or 73-76 w/side shift, Description: 5 speed H pattern manual transaxle with early Porsche synchromesh and dog leg 1, Clutch: Mechanical/cable, push clutch, 215mm single plate, 1970-1976 914/4: 11:34 A, 18:34 F, 23:29 N, 27:25 V, 31:22 ZD, 1970-1972 914/6: 11:34 A, 18:32 GA, 23:28 O, 27:25 V, 29:22 ZA.


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