polish medals ww2
For deported to Siberia, Kazakhstan and northern Russia by the Soviet regime after September 17, 1939, as well to their children who were born there, For foreigners who helped and saved Polish citizens in 1917-1991 period in former Polish territory and Soviet Union, For foreigners who helped and saved Polish citizens in 1939-1989 period in opposition to German occupants (during World War II) and Polish communist government (after war). Awarded to members of anti-communist opposition movement in. Guardian Medal of the Places of National Remembrance, Medal of the 10th Anniversary of Independence. Presented to Polish military personnel and civilian employees for meritorious activities to strengthen military power of the country. POLAND: Military medal of Merit in National Defense - bronze class, with its diploma of issue, dated 1969. ), Hindenburg Cross for Non Combatants & Widows, Iron Cross (1813 - 1914) Medal Sets & Groups, Prussian Medals Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815), Prussian Medals 1816-1897 (Kaiser Wilhelm I), German & Prussian Medals & Uniform Parts (1888-1918, Kaiser Wilhelm II, WWI 1914-1918), German WW1 Trench Art Models, Lighters & Various Patriotic Items, Austro-Hungarian WW1 Cap Badges with German Themes, Austria Hungary WW1 Army, Navy & Air Force Cap Badges, Austria Hungary WW1 War Support & Humanitarian Funds Cap Badges, German Imperial Navy & Air Force Veterans & Patriotic Badges & Pins, Germany WW1 Land Forces Veterans & Patriotic Badges & Pins, Weimar Republic: Freedom Fighters Medals & Badges (Freikorps 1918-1922), Weimar Republic: German Red Cross & Life Saving Medals & Awards, Weimar Republic: Police, Fire Department & State Railroad Awards, Weimar Republic Veterans Associations & Unions Medals, Crosses & Badges, NAZI Germany Spanish Civil War & WW2 Wound Badges, NAZI Germany WW2 Medals, Crosses & Badges, German Divisional & Regimental Veterans Medals & Badges, German Veterans Associations & Unions Medals & Badges, German Veterans Associations Badges (Post 1945), WW1 Veterans Medals (Weimar Republic incl. Highest civil decoration of the People's Republic of Poland. Services to the Polish armed forces by foreign civilian and military personnel, Medal of the National Education Commission. WW2 POLAND POLISH MEDAL ORDER OF THE CROSS OF GRUNWALD - ZRZYZA GRUNWALDU The order of precedence is: 6 orders (order) in specific order of precedence (see table below); other orders in order they were received; 12 crosses (krzyż), 3 medals (medal) and 6 stars (gwiazda) in specific order of precedence; other crosses and awards in order they were received. Decoration of Honor "Meritorious for Polish Culture". A Polish Medal … Guardian Medal of the Places of National Remembrance, Special merits in promoting the idea of national memory and the distinctive activities of the commemoration of struggle and martyrdom of the Polish Nation. JavaScript is required by this website. Bestowed for outstanding non-combat meritorious achievement or service. The order of precedence was last reformed in 2007. Most of these decorations ceased to be awarded; some were awarded before the World War II only, and some in the People's Republic of Poland only; order of some of them was changed by law. [CDATA[ var tlJsHost = ((window.location.protocol == "https:") ?

POLAND: Cross of Merit, gold class. This page was last edited on 10 June 2020, at 18:50. ), Hungarian Patriotic Items (Cap Badges, Pins, Rings etc), Medals for the Unification & Independence of Italy, WW1 Inkwells, Desk Weights & Various Patriotic Items, WW1 Trench Art & Patriotic Bracelets & Badges, Ottoman Empire (Turkey) Cap Badges, Rings & Patriotic Items, Austria Hungary WW1 Formation Polish Volunteers Battalion Cap Badge Eagle of Poland 16 VIII 1914, Austria Hungary WWI KuK Fort Krakaw Cap Badge Kaiser Franz Joseph 1914 1915 Patriotic WW1 Great War 1918 by Korschann, Belgium Poland WW2 Allied Cross Allies Military Medal WWII 1940 1945 Belgian Polish Decoration Award, France WW2 Partisans Cross Libertas Obsistens Pax, Poland WW1 Polish War Prisoners PoW Hungary RARANCZA 1914 1918 Polish Military Medal Decoration Great War, Poland 40th Anniversary Polish Socialism Communism People's Republic Military Civil Medal 1980 Decoration, Poland Cross Merit PRL Bronze Polish Military Civil Medal 1952 1990 Communism People's Republic Decoration, Poland Cross Merit PRL Gold Polish Military Civil Medal 1952 Communism People's Republic Decoration, Poland Cross Merit PRL Silver Polish Military Civil Medal 1952 Communism People's Republic Decoration, Poland Merit National Defence Military Medal 1966 Polish Communism People's Republic Decoration, Poland Merit National Defence Military Medal 1966 Polish Communism People's Republic Decoration Diploma, Poland Restored WW2 Cross Polonia Restituta Polish War Military medal Decoration People's Republic 1952 1990, France WW1 Saint St Mihiel Commemorative Medal, France WW1 Officer Legion Honor Black Star Benin Victory Charles Academic Palms 7 Medals set War Cross 1914, Japan WW1 Siberia Intervention Military Medal Japanese 1918 1922 Imperial Japanese Decoration Award Boxed, France WW1 Verdun Military Medal 1916 WWI 1914 1918 Revillon French Decoration Great War Award by Artus Bertrand, Germany WW1 Brunswick EA2 Ernst August's Cross of Military Merit 2nd Class, Austria Hungary State Award Cavalry Horse Breeding 1908 Military Medal Kaiser Franz Joseph Austrian KuK Austro Hungarian, Finland WW1 Commemorative Medal War Liberation 1918 Finnish Independence Military Decoration WWI Sporrong, Czechoslovakia WW2 Infantry Marksman Badge Czech Army Decoration WWII 1939 1945, NAZI Germany WW2 Spanish Cross Gold Swords Civil War 1936 1939 Legion Condor Military Badge German Maker C. E. Juncker Silver 900, Germany Navy WW1 Medal Marine Naval Flanders Iron Cross 3 bars Yser Ypres set WWI 1914 1918 Great War, Germany WW1 Ring Patriotic Iron Cross EK1 Trench Art 1914 1918 German Silver 800 Great War. ), British Medals: Queen Victoria (1876-1901), British Medals: King Edward VII (1901 1910), British Medals: King George V (1910-1936), British Medals: King George VI (1937-1952), British Medals: Queen Elizabeth II (1953-....), Other Periods (War of Independence, Red Cross, Macedonian Struggle etc. For merits of personel of Police, Firefighters, For special merits in cultivating the memory of the struggle for the independence of the Polish, For outstanding contributions in perpetuating the memory of the people and deeds in the struggle for Polish independence during World War II, Decoration of Honor "For Merit To Human Rights Protection". Distinguished contributions to the Polish culture and heritage. For recognition of military or police personnel. Other orders in the order they were received. For extraordinary achievements in defense of the Rights of the Child. Civil award for risking one's life to save another's. Awarded to both civilians and the military for their merits. For extraordinary achievements in defense of the Rights of the Child. POLAND: WW1 Commemorative military medal of the Polish Prisoners of War that were interned to Hungary. Ministry of Defence award since 2008. For those who keep remembrance about people of Polish nationality or Polish citizens of other nationalities who are victims of Soviet crimes, Nazi German crimes, nationalist crimes or other crimes against peace, humanity or war crimes, in the period from November 8, 1917, until July 31, 1990. Currently recognized state awards subject to order of precedence, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Orders, decorations, and medals of Poland, Medal of the Armed Forces in the Service of the Fatherland, Order of Merit of the People's Republic of Poland, Medal of the 30th Anniversary of People's Poland, Medal of the 40th Anniversary of People's Poland, Za Udział w Walkach w Obronie Władzy Ludowej, Medal of the 10th Anniversary of People's Poland, Regulation of the Polish President of 10 November 1992 on the description, material, dimensions of Designs and how to wear badges and circumstances of decoration, Regulation of the Polish President on 31 July 2007 amending the Regulation on the description, material, dimensions, designs, drawings and how to wear badges and the circumstances of orders and decorations, Regulation of the Polish President on 15 November 2010 amending the Regulation on the description, material, dimensions, designs, drawings and how to wear badges and the circumstances of orders and decorations, https://military.wikia.org/wiki/Orders,_decorations,_and_medals_of_Poland?oldid=4537066.


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