poetry korean movie ending explanation

Chang continued by noting how Lee's background as a novelist sometimes shows through, and that "[t]here are longueurs here... that could be trimmed, though overall this absorbing film feels considerably shorter than its 139 minutes. [25] The award was eventually shared by Yoon and Soo Ae, for her performance in Midnight FM. But it is more complicated than that: the discovery of a dead teenage girl, floating in the river, turns out to be connected with her, and poor Mija, at the end of a blameless life, must shoulder a terrible new burden of horror and disgrace. Beware of spoilers. Something lands with an almighty splash in this calm millpond of melancholy regret.

[19][20] In 2020, The Guardian ranked it number 4 among the classics of modern South Korean Cinema.[21]. Mija (Yun Jung-hee) lives in a South Korean city, where she looks after her grandson, Jongwook , and is a care-giver for an old man who is half-paralyzed by a stroke. In 2011, Poetry was nominated as Best Film at the 5th Asian Film Awards, where Lee won Best Director and Best Screenplay.

Instead of a film with revenge and violence seen in most Korean noir films, it subverted expectations and delivered something like a ‘Requiem for a Dream’. Later, one of the boys' fathers insists that Mi-ja join him and the other boys' fathers for a meeting.

Though Mi-ja lives on government welfare, she has a small job taking care of a well-to-do elderly man who has had a stroke. [2] It tells the story of a suburban woman in her 60s who begins to develop an interest in poetry while struggling with Alzheimer's disease and her irresponsible grandson. [10] The film sold 220,693 tickets nationwide in South Korea. He asks them if they have ever really looked at an apple. The teacher encourages his students to look, really look, at things. All rights reserved. Another amateur poet explains to Mi-ja that the man is a policeman with a good heart, and was recently reassigned from Seoul after exposing corruption within its police force. Dripping wet, she returns to elderly man, agreeing to have sex with him. Lee won the Best Screenplay Award at the Cannes Film Festival. That was the young woman in the river.

In order to avert a full police investigation, the parents of the boys offer to pay a settlement of 30 million won to the widowed mother, a poor farmer. Comment. The body of a girl in a school uniform floats by. That night, the crude policeman from the weekly poetry readings appears with his partner to take Wook away. She is making sense of her life: that is the "poetry" which is taking place, minute by minute, scene by scene. She disappears and Do-joon walks away. This terrible event, Mija's own responses, and what they indirectly reveal about her own youth, are what define the film's tragic quality. Mi-ja begins raving about how beautiful the weather, flowers, trees, and fruit are, forgetting about the task at hand. She later returns after a journey to the bridge where Agnes jumped, and her hat flies off into the water. "[5], On May 13, 2010, N.E.W. "[17] It was included in CNN's list of top ten best movies of 2011,[18] and Chicago Tribune film critic Michael Phillips named Poetry his favorite film of 2011. Mija is made to feel she must raise the money as a duty to her son. The fathers of the other boys meet with Mija and explain they're getting up a fund to pay off the dead girl's mother. Mi-ja asks the elderly man for the money she needs, refusing to tell him what it is for.

Mi-ja does not protest. A brash man frequently reads beautiful poetry at these readings, but follows them with crude sexual jokes that offend Mi-ja. All you can do is write it. On first seeing it, I felt it might be better if it had been just about this. Mija carries on. Believe me, I know how horrifying that sounds. Later, during a visit in Japan, Lee saw a television program in his hotel room. At home, she cares for her ill-mannered 16-year-old grandson, Jong-wook (Lee David), whose divorced mother lives in Busan. After prison, he meets the severely disabled daughter of his victim, he assaults her, and this begins a relationship that seems somehow to meet their mutual needs.


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