plutonium bo2 servers

The only solution is to delete the game files and reinstall using clean files.

Looks like your connection to Plutonium was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect. Simply have the host set the difficulty to Original and you should be good to go. Fix: XINPUT1_3.dll is part of Microsoft's DirectX 9. The timeout can be changed as much as you'd like. 73 Views This topic has been deleted. You should only install one of those 2 tools.

Error: EXE_CLIENT_FIELD_MISMATCH Q: How do I host a server? There a tiny guide where i explain how to download plutonium step by step:-1 Download the piry.exe ->

These two repacks come with outdated and incomplete files making them incompatible with Plutonium. Plutonium Plutonium offers a unique Black Ops 2 & Modern Warfare 3 experience.

However like any and all software downloads you should use only trustworthy sources and not download random dlls off of the internet.

Error: Black screen when starting the game but can hear the menu music this server is new but anyone is welcome and whilst we are still new (ish) to discord, we are constantly trying to innovate the server and add new people who love to game as much as we do :). Now we take care of the zone folder, as you can see we have 3 languages installed.

Fix: This is caused by a broken or incomplete base game (Black Ops 2), if you own the game on steam use steam to verify the game files, doing so will repair it and fix the error.

JavaScript is disabled.

Do note that zombies audio is missing after round over. If this doesn't work, r_fullscreen 2 followed by vid_restart in the external game console window should hopefully resolve the issue. A:We are not entirely sure but it seems to be related to certain dvars not being set to their default value. Q: How can I join a password protected server? Press J to jump to the feed. Tu cherche un serveur market pour plutonium tu est au bon endroit.

Fix: Open command prompt in the folder that you have the Plutonium Launcher and type plutonium.exe -timeout 600 this will launch Plutonium.exe with a timeout for each file of 10 minutes. Support.

So I reinstalled BO2 Plutonium hoping I had better luck.

Start the server through the new .bat file. This discord server is for anyone who wants to just chat or wants to find lobbies in these infections. Q: Can my friends join custom matches? Fix: Origins doesn't support more than 4 players and when a 5th player joins it crashes with an out of bound exception in the gsc. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I don’t have any friends to play with unfortunately, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Fix: This error occurs when you are trying to launch an outdated version of Plutonium. A:You can safely delete the main, players, redist, sound and video folders. After your game has finished loading they can join using the console.

A Plutonium forum account A: Open the console while in the menu (not in-game) and type unlockall and then hit the enter key. Error: The code execution cannot proceed because XINPUT1_3.dll was not found. Downloads: In discord server! So I reinstalled BO2 Plutonium hoping I had better luck. I might create another guide about that later. A: Follow this guide:, Error: Unable to load import '[email protected]' from module 'binkw32.dll', Fix: You selected the wrong game directory in the Plutonium launcher. Fix: Don't start the game in offline mode. A: Press F10 or Home.

Black Ops 2 + Season Pass base game installed thru steam or other sources. So if you are starting the launcher via plutonium-launcher-win32.exe please do not. Here we do the same thing as in the last folder. NoScript). Fix: Download and install Visual C++ 20015-19 x86 redist. 0. Uncomment and edit the values of the settings you want to change. Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. Error: Fastfile for zone is corrupt or unreadable / similar error messages All .ipak files and all sp files can be deleted safely. This topic has been deleted. (Plutonium T6 Based Server for Bo2 Trickshotters, General Discussion +more) Join this Server. Notepad++ You are using an out of date browser. The timeout can be changed as much as you'd like. If you not tech-savvy then this is not for you), Computer (Windows 10/Windows Server 2019 Preferably) that's online 24/7 can handle 18 players.

Q: How can I re-open PlutoT6 its menu Q: Can I use a SKIDROW or NOSTEAM copy of the game? Fix: Your router might be too weak to handle all the traffic and drops packages. I have good internet, but my computer can pick up 5g, only 2.4g wifi.

Fix: If you receive this error it means you are using an outdated version of the game (SKIDROW/NOSTEAM) or your game files are corrupted. *2020* (EASY FIX) - YouTube Hop in to play any of those games with people! An Internet connection (where you can portforward if you are behind a NAT). Error: PlutoT6 crashes when a fifth player connects on Origins A: Yes, PlutoT6 does not modify any base game files. By default it is set to 60 seconds. Make a copy of the bat file and the cfg file and rename them. A:In my opinion it is, the files to host MP and ZM servers from the same folder with all maps and modes require roughly 1.7GB instead of 22GB and HIGHLY speeds up loading times as unnecessary files are not loaded. And make sure to enable the game log with g_log. Fix: From NVIDIA Control Panel 3D Settings->Manage 3D Settings Tab "Program apps" you are going to want to add the plutonium-bootstrapper-win32.exe as a application if you dont know where that is its here black ops 2 plutonium not working? Error: UI ERROR 5XXXX (eg 58339) Only users with topic management privileges can see it.

You are free to change those paths to whatever suits you best. This is not your IW4x dedicated server kind of way. Close. Now to the english folder inside zone.

23 days ago ( 4 reviews ) Official Serenity Discord . Open the CFG of the game mode you want to edit (eg. CREATE A NEW POST IF YOU WANT SUPPORT. A: Our PlutoniumT6 server guide. Only known dvar to cause this atm is party_maxplayers. NAT-Reflection) and that's why it doesn't know how to forward the network traffic. In order to connect it use your internal IP or if its hosted on the same machine.

Fix: This error is a known bug that is caused by a player trying to join a custom game hosted on easy mode Buried (ZM). Error: Could not load default asset '' for asset type 'ddl' Fix: Your stats file is corrupted, either use resetStats or delete your dw folder inside %localappdata%\Plutonium\storage\demonware\18397. Homer Secondary Administrator. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled (i.e. (You don't need the video & sound folders, the .ipak files nor the SP level files, this can save you a LOT of disk space.) Requirements: I dont earn anything is only a solution to continue mine server hosting. If you don't want to host MP/ZM you can delete the MP/ZM files too. Then spawnbot 17 in the console when the map has loaded.

Click on create, then copy the server key. It should auto detect dedicated_zm.cfg.

Archived [BO2] Plutonium won’t let me connect to servers. A: The console can be opened with: Q: How do I unlock all (max rank)? A: Yes, you have to port forward 4976 UDP and start the game.

Experience the best CoD has to offer, with a grain of nostalgia!


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