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The court rendered its decision one month later, on May 18. is provided by the Freedom Forum as a free resource to educators and contains copyrighted material.

"It was a matter of honor for them, that they fight this to the very end.". Through the newly formed Plessy and Ferguson Foundation for Education and Reconciliation, they hope to provide more depth to textbook writers' treatment of the Plessy case, create more historical markers for little-known figures and promote use of Louisiana history as a window into the past.

In contrast, social equality, which would entail the “commingling” of the races in public conveyances and elsewhere, did not then exist and could not be legally created: “If one race be inferior to the other socially, the Constitution of the United States cannot put them upon the same plane.” In response to Plessy’s comparison of the Separate Car Act to hypothetical statutes requiring African Americans and whites to walk on different sides of the street or to live in differently coloured houses, Brown responded that the Separate Car Act was intended to preserve “public peace and good order” and was therefore a “reasonable” exercise of the legislature’s police power. Congressman Opposes Slavery Petitions.

On June 7, 1892 a New Orleans shoemaker, Homer Plessy, bought a railroad ticket and sat in a car designated for whites only. Someone had to do something fast. Plessyv. They hired Albion Tourgée, a Reconstruction-era judge and social reformer, as their legal counsel. Everything the committee plotted went as planned -- except for the final court decision, in 1896. This content contains copyrighted material that requires a free NewseumED account. "That a part of my family started Jim Crow is kind of a load to carry, " she said. Students learn about restrictions to freedom of speech in public life, then debate court cases that determined when and why those limits apply.

Plessy vs. Ferguson was the final step in erasing the policies put in place during Reconstruction. (The state Supreme Court had ruled earlier that the law could not be applied to interstate travel.) Open to the public.

After the state Supreme Court affirmed the district court’s ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court granted certiorari, and oral arguments were heard on April 13, 1896.

Updates? Plessy … The Freedom Forum expressly prohibits the copying of any protected material on this website, except for the purposes of fair use as defined in copyright laws. The Douglass students read his book to learn about the case. The committee also hired a private detective with arrest powers to take Plessy off the train at Press and Royal streets, to ensure that he was charged with violating the state's separate-car law. Plessy was immediately jailed. He also handles law, social science, political theory, and some areas of religion. Through Medley, Plessy met Bobby Duplissey, a relative from the white side of his family who had researched their ancestry all the way back to France. Today, Plessy versus Ferguson becomes Plessy and Ferguson, when descendants of opposing parties in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court segregation case stand together to unveil a plaque at the former site of the Press Street Railroad Yards.

and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens. Brian Duignan is a senior editor in philosophy at Britannica.

(requires, 'The Press and the Civil Rights Movement' Video and Lesson, Pacifist Who Burned Draft Card Loses Case, 1968, Skokie Mayor Reacts to Nazis' Court Win, 1978, 'The Press and the Civil Rights Movement' Video Lesson, Making a Change: Letter From Birmingham Jail, Supreme Court Decision in Plessy v. Ferguson, John Quincy Adams Defends the Right to Petition, Political Cartoon About Reconstruction, June 16, 1866, Tennessee Suffragists and Legislators After 19th Amendment Ratification, Newspaper Coverage of the Passage of the 14th Amendment, 1866, Newspaper Defends Wartime Restrictions on Speech, 1863, Same-Sex Marriage Legalized, 2015: Archived Papers, 'Chicago Defender' Covers Buchanan v. Warley, 1917, Newspaper Coverage of the Ratification of the 14th Amendment, 1868, Lithograph Celebrating the 15th Amendment, 1870 (Civil Rights), S.C. In a book published under the auspices of the school's writing program, Students at the Center, Demetrious Jones summed up the Plessy case: "As you can see, 1892 was a mixed-up time. Even today, he predicted, many neighbors of the new marker, at Press and Royal streets, will be surprised to learn that the corner's nondescript span of railroad track was the backdrop for a significant event in this country's history. Corner of Royal and Press streets. Descendants of the plantiff and defendant in the Plessy v. Ferguson U.S. Supreme Court case that upheld segregation visited Port Allen High School for a presentation before about 200 kids.

In 1891 a group of Creole professionals in New Orleans formed the Citizens’ Committee to Test the Constitutionality of the Separate Car Law. Plessy v. Ferguson, legal case in which the U.S. Supreme Court, on May 18, 1896, by a seven-to-one majority (one justice did not participate), advanced the controversial “ separate but equal” doctrine for assessing the constitutionality of racial segregation laws. As plaintiff in the test case the committee chose a person of mixed race in order to support its contention that the law could not be consistently applied, because it failed to define the white and “coloured” races. This was important, because at this time in New Orleans, " she wrote, "he could have been killed.".

Keith Plessy, right and Phoebe Ferguson stand on the railroad tracks at the corner of Royal and Press Streets on Wednesday where on June 7, 1892, Homer Plessy was arrested after boarding a train designated for whites only.


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