pixark ui scale

cheat enablespectator – Destroys your character and puts you into Spectator mode (Used for Whitelisted Admins). There are multiple ways to configure PixARK, including startup arguments, world config files, game config files, and beyond.

At 768y we see pixel-per-pixel accurate representation of our texture, and again at 1200y if at 0.64 scale. This is (or should be) different from the server password if the server has one. This value controls how many things in the game scale, including dino/player levels, Determines whether RCON is enabled or not, Controls server PVE.

This page was last edited on 5 May 2020, at 19:14. To demonstrate, let's assume we have a texture onscreen that is 256x256 pixels large. I personally don't like how big it seems. We vow to keep our customers' needs above our own profit. Turns on noclip, the player is able to walk through walls and objects. For ease of use, we offer a great configuration UI for many of these configuration options with our high quality, one click PixARK server hosting within NodePanel.Check out our PixARK server hosting page for more information.. As PixARK is in Early Access, more information about configuration options is … Check out our PixARK server hosting page for more information. Destroys all instances of the structures of the tribe you are currently looking at. After cheats have been enabled on a multiplayer server, most commands used will need a prefix of cheat or admincheat before the command itself. As outlined in UI Coordinates, UI Scale is normalized to a height of 768px regardless of actual screen resolution. Players can scroll up through the commands and hit enter on a particular one if they wish to use that same line again, rather than retyping it.

Players can still drown, but otherwise do not die. Local game players would simply use forcetame with the same actions. As PixARK is in Early Access, more information about configuration options is being uncovered daily. Exits the current world. If you don't have this information, instructions on how to locate it is available at steamid.io. Destroys your character and puts you into Spectator mode (Used for Whitelisted Admins). Disable adblock if you have any questions.

Puts your character to sleep/wakes them up. A value of 1 equates to ~51.42 minutes, Difficulty.

ShowMyAdminManager – Enables the Admin UI. For instance, if you play with a 1920x1080 resolution, the correct UI scale would be 768/1080 = 0.7111..., and you would set that by typing /run SetCVar("UIScale", 0.7111111111) in the chat. UI Scale is the frontend extension of that to the user.


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